You know it’s A Crazy Little Thing Called Love when I make the effort to make wallpaper.

8 10 2011

ORRMAHGAWD I have waited all my life (well, not quite, more like, 12months~~) to see this movie xDDDDDD


Thanks to mud‘s guidance, I was finally able to watch this crazy little gem of a film. To be honest, there were some things about the story that did make me frown (e.g. the way they portrayed fairer skin to be more beautiful, the fact that Nam‘s friends didn’t get themselves makeovers, the fact that Top was a total peanut by making his best friend swear to never hit on a girl who never liked himself anyways… I mean seriously? Would bug-eye Sato Takeru evaah attempt to stop Miura Haruma chan from hooking up with a girl? See? Yeah I didn’t think so… ( ̄□ ̄;))

But what annoyances the film may have projected was more than made up for by the uber-kawaiiness of the star couple (oh Miura dearie, you be’a watch out, lol j/ks. Don’t worry, I’m still, er, looking out for ya ;X ) and the guileless simplicity of their story that so many of us can relate to. You know you had that one person during your high school years who you would go out of our way to catch a glimpse of, that one person who made you go just a teeny tiny bit giddy (or turn into a heffa of a giggling lunatic in my some people’s cases >_>;;;) And we did. We absolutely did do what Nam did. We squealed, we stalked (I’m talking furreal old-school style i.e. pre-facebook assistance,) we looked to the stars and even in the times before the tress-tasticness of Gatsby pots and Fog Bar sprays, when we knew that one special person would be around, we would make sure our hair looked gooood.

If I had to pick one favourite moment from A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, it would have to be… the moment when Chone and Nam are on the bridge and Chone tells Nam that lame joke about the two squids getting married *GRINS ALL KINDSA STOOPID* (then freaking Top comes along and ruins the day ><“”””” If we were back in high school, I so would’ve smeared invisible super-glue all over Top‘s chair and hurled a ping-pong ball at his face… and stolen his lunch MUAHAHHAAHA)

Oh, and by the way, we like apples xDD

Anyways, here are a few wallies I’d like to share. Made from the heart, lol. Enjoy :)


Extra: I had a last minute urge to add some speech bubbles to the last one. Not sure if it’s everyone’s cuppa tea but here it is nonetheless. P’Chone and P’Nam FTW!




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9 10 2011

I have to agree with all the things that made you frown! hahaha..
Top making his friend swear not to hook up with the same girl is sooooo high school. But i think some jdorama has cases like that too, I remembered that Aragaki Yui’s character Mika in Koizora also faced the same situation as P’shone when her best friend made her promise not to entertain the guy she likes. Is it that normal for high school students anywhere in the world? :p

11 10 2011

Top making his friend swear not to hook up with the same girl is sooooo high school.
^^Ah, like, totally! LOL But as strangevision mentioned in her comment, I think Top definitely knew (or at the very least had an inkling) that Chone and Nam had feelings for each other (recall what Top said to Chone on the bridge just before Nam slipped over) and his ego just wouldn’t be able to cope seeing them together. I guess sometimes when you are that young, you can have a tendency to be a little more self-centred. I do believe though that regardless of age, there are certain “rules” when it comes to dating/hooking up with members of the opposite sex (i.e. you shouldn’t touch a friend’s ex or mess around with people they are related to) but at the same time, I think if they were older, it would have been nice to see Top accept and push the two to be together— that’s what truly loving someone and being a true friend is all about, right? I guess in retrospect he will see!

But yeah, I think you might be right with it being normal with high school students in general acting a little like Top… not all of them but certainly from the stories I hear these days, stuff like that does exist. Forever has in fact, I think I may have personally been involved, er, I mean witnessed such a situation or two in my lifetime, LOL.

9 10 2011

YAYYYY!!!! I love your wallpapers!! They’re so pretty<3 The bridge scene was one of my favourites too. I've totally tacked on Thailand as one of the countries I must visit at one point in time solely for that bridge. The landscape was stunning there. I have to find out where it is…

But my fav fav scene had to be the one where Nam finally confesses and then she realizes her horrible timing and falls into the pool but gets out on her own. Yeah, I cried my eyes out for Nam's heartbreak. It was so in line with what a first love is like and how it should end. They're suppose to (for the most part) be imperfect and messy, which makes it all the more bittersweet. The whole reunion–on a talk show no less– was too over the top and unrealistic for my liking, though I'm totally willing to overlook that bit because of the awesomeness that is Nam & Shone. I would have been more satisfied if they had ended it with Shone leaving his album with her and they move on to become better people.

Which brings me to my next point… rumor has it that they're working on a sequel? I'm not sure if this is still a rumor, but I sort of don't want this to happen. I'm all for more awesome chemistry between the leads, but I want a separate story for them to play around with.

On another note, any Thai movie recommendations? Or any movies recommendations in general?

11 10 2011

Glad you like the wallies mud!!!!!! Heck, if it wasn’t for you, I’d still be moping around trying to find the movie, so please, consider this a thank you gift ^_^ I rarely search for such things on YouTube because I just assume they won’t have it with their super tight copyright regulations but OH MY whoever upped it is a legend xDD

You should absolutely go!!!!!! I have quite a many friends and colleagues who have visited Thailand and I’ve not heard one bad thing about the country. Apart from everything being super affordable and the food being delicious, they tell me that the people are super friendly and hospitable. Actually, I first had the urge to go after watching Princess Hours— I wanted to go zip around the country with Shin goon on a tuk tuk— but then… Ju Ji Hoon, er, went off the map and I forgot >_>;;;;; But now, absolutely, I would go just to suss out that gorgeous area where that bridge is. And make sure I was wearing non-sensible shoes/sandals so I would slip then just hope that the nearest boy will piggyback me home… but then again, I would probably end up just slipping off the bridge, LOL. Anyways, if you find out where the bridge is located before I do, please do let me know! (and vice versa, I will give you a holla fo’ sho’!)

It was so in line with what a first love is like and how it should end. They’re suppose to (for the most part) be imperfect and messy, which makes it all the more bittersweet
^^Beautifully said, and, I could not agree more ^_^

And oh yeah, “The 9 Years After” scene, in many ways I do wish they’d left that off because I don’t think it did that much for the story or the characters for that matter. It was just plain…. awkward. I don’t know if I missed something but were there any references throughout the film that made us believe that Nam wanted to end up in fashion? Also, confessing on stage for the first time after 9 years, I mean, although his words were sweet— “I’ve been waiting for someone to come back from the US” <<<—seriously, *GAGS* *MELTS*… I didn't feel like it was in character for them to broadcast it live on a television show. I think I much prefer your version of an ending :) I'm thinking maybe they could've just bumped into each other by chance one day, Chone is out and about with his camera taking scenic shots and all of a sudden, a girl accidentally enters one of his frames. Then, their eyes just meet, they smile and then FIN~ ^_^

I haven’t dug that deep about a potential sequel!!!!! For the love of mankind, I sincerely hope they don’t do it unless they can guarantee a superior sequel. And we know that is a rarity. I mean, had The Matrix not had the two successive instalments made in the trilogy, I think the first Matrix film would just be that much more superior in the film world but in many ways, I think the Reloaded & Revolutions took something little away from the original. Same with the whole Gokusen franchise. I seldom even like the idea of reuniting the actor and the actress— just let fans remember them for what made them memorable in the first place (one of my exceptions of course would be Eita & Ueno Juri… I just keep getting a sense of unfinished business^^;)

Thai movie recs? I’m sorry, I wish I could help but including Crazy Little Thing, I have watched a grand total of 4 Thai movies (+ a coupla of Tony Jaa flickies, but do they count? xPP) Two horror ones— Shutter and Alone— both of which were brilliant, and also this arthousey flick called Eternity, which I appreciated and enjoyed for it’s beauty but I would strongly suggest you not watch this if you are having a sleepy day (not because its boring, it actually does stimulate your thoughts… it’s one of those “quiet contemplation” films… but there is just so little dialogue and soundtrack, and what there is just sounds so tranquil, that when you are in a dark cinema, it sets a pretty good atmosphere to doze off in~~) BUT!!!!! Of course I have been researching now that I have been struck with Thai fever!!! (Seriously, I was browsing through the food court on my lunch break today deciding what to have and lingered around the Thai place alot longer than usual. Noticed also the guy behind the counter was very, very cute^^;) Bangkok Traffic Love Story and Hello Stranger seem to be quite good. Both are on YouTube :)

Oh, and I guess Mario Maurer’s filmography wouldn’t be a bad place to start either ;)))

16 10 2011

I watched Hello Stranger last night, gotta say I loved the first half. The main girl was basically living my dream when she was doing her tour of Korea in the name of dramas=DDD I Although personally I would also want to hit up some those places that 1N2D has filmed at. But then around the weddding part it went too melodramatic for me. Like seriously???

Questions that popped up were….what sort of friends lie to tell the main guy that the ex girl is getting married? I can only think of it as a lie because if you didn’t know for sure and this was an obviously recently broken up couple, why mention anything that you aren’t sure of? And they have this random shouting scene in the middle of the road, which was sorta unexpected because did she really expect him to say he loved her after merely a few days of being together? It’s not like she didn’t know his obvious ex issues. What happens to their Porsche at the end? And his parking lot break down was also too over the top… And I may be noticing a trend for grandeur second chances using time passage as a facilitator and the media as an outlet for public confessions. Again, maybe I’m not as idealistic as the average romcom watcher, but I would have liked to see it end on a more positive cliffy note, something along the lines of the kdrama Soulmate’s ending would have been perfect.

Soulmates btw is about as awesome & cool as any drama can come close to being. It’s short too, so if you have the time, give it a go!

18 10 2011

I think all that Korean drama reminiscing is a large reason that drew me to Hello Stranger!!!!! I’ve skipped the part in your comment mud you marked as spoilery because I intend on watching the film. When I’m done I’m come back and read it and discuss in-depth together ;)))))

Ah, Soulmates! You’re not the first person to recommend it— sounds like it’s kinda an underrated series, as in it never got huge ratings and it isn’t always mentioned amongst “best series” talks but when people go to describe it, it’s always exactly the way you say it to be. And since you do speak of it so highly, I’m thinking I must make time for it^^ (time, oh, time… when will someone grant me the gadget to help pause it every now and then ;)))

9 10 2011
Ender's Girl

OMOOO 2 things:

(1) YAY YAY YAYYYYY you watched it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

(2) I took yer wallies, I took ’em ALL!!!! Now Imma use them on my lappie, one for each day of the week! (But since there are 6 wallies, that means on Sunday I can put Miura back on, lolol)

I squueeeeeeeeeed at your wonderful graphics — as I always do — but this one batch in partikkyulerr was extra spesh, ‘cuz I’m still def. feeling the Crazy Little Love till now — for Nam and for Shone, but mostly for Maurer hahaha — from the top of my crazy little head all the way down to my crazy little tingling toes. I agree it’s not a perfect movie (for all the reasons you guys have outlined above), but on so many levels it was STILL way more satisfying than Kimi ni Todoke, or any other teen romcom I’ve seen Japan churn out in recent years.

Oh, the bridge scene was downright lovely (and nope, it doesn’t show from the 3 out of 6 of your wallies that this was your fave scene =P), but I have to agree with mud that the [SPOILER] confession scene [ / END SPOILER] was my ultimate fave. Bawled my bloody eyes out Y__Y

Anyway, I doubt I’d have much success if I ever tried creeping up on Shone/Miura (er, the two seem to be interchangeable lately, heh) with a plateful of squid and that “lame” squid story. For some reason it would only come across as a pervy pickup line or smthn, and I can already imagine Shone/Miura going, “Please, noona, I’m only 18” (or 22/21, w/c are their real ages anyway, whatvr) before jumping off the bridge lolzzz. (I guess I don’t need to say that I never had much success bagging the boys back in high school hahaha)

Mwahahahahaa @ the analogy with Miura and “bug-eye Sato Takeru”!!!!! *pounds deskkkk* (I seriously had to open another tab just to have something else to look at ‘coz I could not stop laffin’ reading your [unfortunately apt] description.) Mebbe the boy needs a makeover of his own, ne? xP (But nothing too Johnnyfied, I hope!)

11 10 2011

LOL, it wasn’t even a conscious effort to have 3 out of the 6 icons depict the bridge scene!!! I swear! I swear!! xDDDDD hehe, thank you for the compliments lovely! But I must say it doesn’t take that much energy to make something look good when you plonk Mr Mario’s face on there ;P (Oh, and btw, may The Day Of Rest be with you, lol)

I have to agree the confession scene was definitely up there. Felt so bad for Nam! I kept wanting to pinch Chone to get him to return her feelings on the spot because you could SOOOOOO SEE IT in his eyes. Which brings me to the scrapbook scene, esp when they flashed back to the part after Chone gives the flowers to Nam on behalf of TOP… ARGH, the look on his face… did we NOT just want to give the boy a hug?? Also loved the scene near the end-ish where Nam reconciles with her friends and they sing and bawl their eyes out Y_Y But for all the teary moments, there were so many funny, lovely, heart-warming moments. So glad I watched it, it is truly a satisfying movie- everything Kimi ni Todoke wanted to be (but kinda failed ><""" Hmm, maybe Japan can remake it and put Miura in it *twitches eyebrows*)

Don't worry about the lack of being able to bag boys back in the day either— you definitely ain't the only one ;) (in fact, I still may issues today *SHY SHY* *creeps up on Miura Maurer* ahahaha)

30 12 2011
Ender's Girl

^ LoLOLoLLL why is it that all we can do around cute guys is creep up on them, or pounce on them heehee ;-)

And I’m SO with you and doozy on the Miura remake of CLTCL!!!!!! :D

Btw I can’t believe Maurer has been to Manila twice this year and I never went to see him in person ahahaa. He’s endorsing a clothing line and is slated to do a romcom with one of the teenybopper stars early next year. And apparently he’s been charming the local press as well with his down-to-earth ways (he built loos for the Bangkok flood victims!) and grasp of English (which is rare for other Asian pop stars when they come visit us, from F4 (except for Vanness!) to SuJu, heh.

Here’s a writeup from one of our broadsheets —

4 01 2012

I never knew the creep was in me either until I started the blogging life and while at first it was unsettling to accept, I’ve now come to full terms with it— that is how we rolllllll— AND it’s a good life, LOL :DDD

I just Youtubed some clips of Little Mario speaking in English and boy is that accent keeewt! *hides cougar claws* *wink* Next time Mr Mario is in town, please go suss him out in person, I mean, DO IT! DO IIITTT FOR MEEEEEE!!!!! LOL. Usually people like him are 10 thousand times more pleasant to the eyes in person so what have you got to lose *evil grin*

Btw, I clicked on that link and it says “The FastCGI pool queue is full” so boo! I guess I’ll just try back laterz (but I really wanna see Mario lovin’ a loo! ^O^)

10 10 2011

Weee, you watched it! :D

I agree with what you said about how the movie emphasizes that fair skin is beautiful and dark skin is ugly. It’s an Asian thing I guess. Same thing goes for here in the Philippines. The fair people are usually more popular than dark skinned ones.

Yeah, I thought it was a bit unfair of Top asking his friend to stay away from Nam. I think he realized that the two of them had feelings for each other and couldn’t stand the idea of being left out. Ah well – I suppose we have to keep reminding ourselves that they’re just highschool students and that most of them can’t handle rejection very well at that age.

One of my favorite moments was when Nam confessed. It was just so sad (and funny – the way she fell in the pool. But mostly sad …). But I didn’t start crying until she saw P’Im on her way out. I broke down when Nam hugged her. I can imagine the feeling of being torn between feeling broken hearted and having to be happy for your friend T__T But of course, I loved all the comedic moments in the movie too (like when Nam’s friends managed to turn her yellow, LOL)

Btw, your wallpapers are awesome. I love the one where Shone is holding his camera up :D

11 10 2011

strangevision, I am so happy I finally watched this!!!!!!!!!! I remember reading about it on your blog some time back and have been craving so badly ever since to see it. So worth every bit of the pain waiting, lol.

Without a doubt fair skin has always been viewed as more beautiful amongst the Asian community, and yeah to this day alot of Asia women still avoid the sun like the plague but… I guess it would’ve been more, I don’t know, socially responsible, to NOT have Nam change skin colour. Either be pale from start to finish or be dark from start to finish? Then again, it is such a light-hearted movie,it really doesn’t bother me that much in the end- take it all in good spirits :) Besides, we wouldn’t have had the hilarious yellow skin moment, lol (& then, aw, Chone checks her forehead for a fever…~~)

I must say though, the make-up crew did a pretty amazing job making over the very pretty Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul… could barely tell she was the same person at all.

Yepyep, the moment when Nam hugged Pin was the point I broke, too… then even seeing her cry non-stop gasping for air in her bedroom at night… gaaah Y_Y

Lastly, thank you for the compliments on the wallpapers I created— it means alot especially coming from you :)

15 10 2011

*saves everything* :D

Glad you liked it! I agree with your comments, though. I noticed those too, but Me = Shallow so all those flaws just went down the drain. These two are the cutest! XD Aww high school all over again XD

18 10 2011

hehehe, nice to know you like the wallies :) And I’m totally with you right there on The Shallow Club! *stalks your tumblr page for topless/unbuttoned shirt Mario Maurer goodies* xPP

Thank you also for the “Go Ahead!” on Hello Stranger. Thai cinema, watch out, ‘ere I come!!!

15 10 2011

By the way, I’m recommending the Thai movie Hello Stranger! :D

6 11 2011

jicks, I was craving for a romcom and since there hasn’t been any good from kdramas lately, I thought of ye post on this movie. Googled the title, and was pleasantly surprised to find it so easily online. Yeesssh!

Anyway, I just saw this movie and I like it lots! Thanks for your rec! Love the purty wallies too!

It’s been hard to find the “com” in romcom and this movie did the trick. There were quite a few moments where I literally laughed out loud. There were some very sweet scenes as well, especially the ones with Nam and her friends. Friendship, FTW!

Ditto to all the comments. I, too, didn’t like the way fairer skin and longer hair represented “beauty” but did appreciate the fact that the movie showed us that Chone likes Nam before her makeover. Also, I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one who shed a tear or two during Nam’s confession scene coz all of a sudden, I was crying and I was like, “the heck? Why am I crying? wah~” Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol did a nice job in that scene, making her heartbreak feel so real. Awesome chemistry with Mario Maurer.

Not a fan of the unrealistic ending either but at least it’s a happy one with our couple together because I was desk-poundingly frustrated when Chone just dropped off the scrapbook at Nam’s door and walked off while she was crying her heart out.

Also happy to see that the “understand? I love you.” teacher got her boat. Heh.

So I browsed through this post when you first published it and saw mentioning of Miura, and ya know what, that was who I thought of the whole time while watching this movie, although not saying that Mario Maurer was bad or anything coz yeah, he’s very very easy on the eyes… I’m just saying I’m with ya on the Japan remake and casting Miura thing. ;)

22 11 2011

doozy! YI’m glad you got taken down by ACLTCL, too! LOL. Oh, I feel the same pain as you, the moment when Chone just drops off the scrapbook like he was just delivering the milk, seriously I could’ve speared my head through the screen. But I guess seeing Chone stand so strongly by his word to his friend makes him that much more likeable. I also agree that it was great seeing Chone like Nam before her makeover— kinda enjoyed the part when he went to check her forehead temperature for indications of fever/sickness when she showed up at his store yellow, lol xD

Also happy to see that the “understand? I love you.” teacher got her boat. Heh
^I loved this part of the story, too! Loved the teachers, in fact, the side characters were all very likeable, period (expect maybe for silly man Top, grrrrr) which really contributed to the success of the film.

Hmmm.. a Japanese remake? And Miura as the star? No way I was insinuating that, lol *clears throat* (Gaaaahhh I can see it already! I can see it already! Lil Haru-chan sitting on da bridge with his hacker notebook, er, camera… eating takoyakiii~~ xPP)

30 12 2011
Ender's Girl

“Hmmm.. a Japanese remake? And Miura as the star? No way I was insinuating that, lol *clears throat* (Gaaaahhh I can see it already! I can see it already! Lil Haru-chan sitting on da bridge with his hacker notebook, er, camera… eating takoyakiii~~ xPP)”

Hahahahaha love this!!!!!!!!! :D And the squid became octopuses lololol! (at least he’d still get to tell that funny “cephalopods holding hands” story of his ^^;;) Man oh man this remake is gonna be awesome… so long as Miura STAYS OFF the hair bleach and silly leather jackets lolzzzz xD (but he can def. def. def. keep the hoodies :-P)

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