I rate this scene: The Naked Kitchen (Hong Ji Yeong, 2009)

28 11 2011

I never thought this day would come.

*throws pompoms in air* Shin goon is back!

I probably haven’t talked about the Korean side of things enough on this blog but seriously, Ju Ji Hoon truly does it for me. Like, from the moment I saw him rock those gawd-awful polka dot vests in Goong, he had me. I made one of those subconscious pacts with myself that it didn’t matter what he would do for the rest of his career, I would love and support him forever and always *gags up dinner from three nights ago*

Errrrr but then 2009 rolled around and boy was I about to be tested. Everybody’s favourite modern day Prince of South Korea was all of a sudden a convicted and self-confessed druggie. Okay, okay, okay, mianhaeyo, I exaggerate. Ju Ji Hoon admitted to the use of Ecstasy and Ketamine on two different occasions, which upon hearing at first, left many, many people heavily concerned for the actor’s future. Drugs, period, is not really the best thing to get involved in anywhere around the world but in South Korea? I seriously felt like crawling under a royal tonne of hanbok and crying my friggin’ eyes out until they darn well bled.

But thankfully, he ended up being dealt a pretty lenient 120 hour community service sentence and blessedly escaped time behind the bars. Once that was done though, it was “Off to the military we go!” as us fans flaunted our best baronial wave goodbye to our dearest, most beloved Shin goon (complete with a buzz cut! Speaking of which, please grow your hair back out soon. I much prefer soft wispy bangs in your face^^)

And now, here we stand, one week after Ju Ji Hoon‘s official discharge from the South Korean military and one day after his first post-military meeting with his fans (where apparently he crooned out a couple of my favourite songs— With or Without You by U2 and Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls… plus, he played the guitar, ahmargah gah gah~~~~~~) So I thought, what better way to celebrate than to share this super-duper, “I so wish I was Shin Min A shi !” scene from The Naked Kitchen ? (No, it’s not THAT scene when they meet early on as strangers and get all, ah, canoodley. That said, I probably wouldn’t have minded being in the pretty actress’s underwear, er, I mean, shoes then either. Hmm. If you want to suss it out for yourself, here is the youtube link.)


And that, is how you sweep someone off their freaking feet <3 (who cares if she’s your hyung‘s wife *twitches left eyebrow*)

Seriously, two years has been too long. I’m so ready to see what Yonsama can do for you, Ji Hoon shi !





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19 02 2012

You know I never did get to watch this drama. Is it a drama or a film? I think I need to do a little search….I need rebuilding after the suffering through ‘A Thousand Day Promise’ which is worth an Oscar or at least an outing in Cannes in my opinion.

5 03 2012

Ooh just noticed I had to reply to this comment, Peggy!
The Naked Kitchen is a 2009 film, nothing mindblowing nor is it sunny or lighthearted actually so if you want something from Ju Ji Hoon to cheer you up, I’d say go for Antique ;)

Re A Thousand Day Promise, just read the synopsis… is it anything like the film A Moment To Remember? Kim Rae Won has never really done anything for me but if you are saying the series is Oscar worthy, then I very well may need to give it a try!

6 03 2012

Well..actually I could watch Ji Hoon just standing there. He almost gets me like Kimura does. Have now seen a small segment of Naked Kitchen and it already portends a somewhat negative feeling. It is not light and fanciful is it. I am not a Shin Min Ah admirer at all. Everyone else seems to idolize her but I don’t see it. I guess I am eternally turned towards the male contingent in any drama or fim. (ashamed to say)
Yes Thousand Day Promise is based on same idea as Moment to Remember. Personally I liked thousand Day better than the other.It is grittier and more realistic but the deeply felt emotions are very impressive. Kim Rae Won becomes the strong rock for three families to make it through the whole ordeal. He is not happy gay and laughing at all which I looked for at first.I think he does a good acting job with this role.I don’t think it was an easy character for him to get into at all. You have to watch it carefully as there are lots of little signs that eventually connect and make everything believable. It is sad but I don’t think it is depressing.You have to see this from the very first episodes or the rest won’t make the vast differences in characters stand out later. It is a fast moving story but it is a somewhat calm and apparently slowmoving drama. Hard to explain but I was impressed.

6 03 2012

hehe Don’t be ashamed, Peggy, because if you are, then I’m guilty as well! For me, the guy is always huge factor in making or breaking the show.

Hey, I’m also not a big fan of Shin Min A either. I get that she has been in many successful series and movies and to be honest, I have liked (almost) all the things I have seen her in. I also can’t deny she her own spunk and charm and I do love her pixie like look (she kinda reminds me of an Australian supermodel called Gemma Ward) but she’s never really done anything for me personally. A connection thing I guess.

How is Soo Ae in Thousand Day Promise?

6 03 2012

I would definitely turn around and walk back if Ji Hoon sang where I could hear him. He has the voice and the feeling and the spot on bending of a note to get me every time.
I’ll probably think of other reasons to turn around and go back, but I’ll leave it at that for now. He is truly gorgeous isn’t he.

6 03 2012

Speaking of gorgeous… Have you seen the photos of Mukai Osamu in AnAn from a few months ago??????????????????????????????????

All I can say is he has the greatest everything…almost…certainly must have great control at all times……

7 03 2012

Hi jicks, :-)

re Su Ae in ‘A thousand Promises’ I thought she was totally great. I have never been falling over breathless about her but this time I could not imagine anyone else playing this role with anything like her elegance. It was so full of promise for the character at the beginning. Charm, grace, humour and obvious sex appeal for the Rae Won character. Then began the gradual degradation which was heartbreaking, but she did it with such grace that you could only sympathize and even in some places, empathize. I think a real tour de force for Su Ae and I believe there were lots of awards for this drama and the cast and she was right up there getting one for her performance.

Jicks…do look up Mukai Osamu in AnAn…you won’t regret spending the time…and you will spend time…..

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