The season of giving <3

25 12 2011

^^Aaaaaaawww…. you heard chibi Dorama King! :P
(Btw, I took the above photo from a blog then added my own bits to it… however, I thought I’d saved the link to said blog but I didn’t! Or I somehow managed to lose it!~~ I am always one to share credits so if you come across the page this image of a very kawaii Kimura came from, then please alert me so I can place credit where credit is due. Onegaishimasu.)


Another year is dawning upon us, so here’s wishing everyone the most joyous, the most peaceful, and the most beautiful festive season. And may your dorama-watching become bigger and better than ever!

Now since Christmas is traditionally supposed to be a very giving time of the year (and no, I do not mean prezentoes you can wrap up and affix a big shiny bow to,)  let’s take a look at some of my favourite stars who are more than just rich, genetically blessed (or surgically modified~~) pretty faces. By this, I mean they haven’t just lent their faces to a charity organisation, which yes, is a powerful gesture, but I’m talking about the ones who actually get in there and mingle like a total non-celeb. It’s what you call goodwill, and it really is all about the goodwill, so spread it around this festive season just like these following guys & gals ;)


Joe Cheng and Mike He for World Vision

This is actually the pic that initiated my inspiration for this Yuletide post^^ To be honest, I love them and all but I would have never imagined Taiwanese actors Joe Cheng & Mike He to be such active ambassadors for such a good cause. And I don’t at all mean this in a bad way, I guess it’s just that I’ve always predominantly seen them as, you know, idol stars that delusional fangirls squeal after desperately wanting to extract their DNA for some sort of voodoo potion that some creepy bearded quack swears will marry them faithfully for eternity or something *coughs* I so have not fallen for that *coughs* *chokes*~~>_>;;;… But as I chanced upon this image of two-thirds of Taiwan’s most drooled after BFF trio in India, my heart melted… just that little bit more… for Joe. Mr Cheng, your acting projects may not always be spot on, sweetie, but seeing you behave oh-so-naturally and comfortably with the children easily makes me overlook all the crap that you’ve ever made me watch in my lifetime of yours.

Here’s wishing you many happy returns in the drama world, the singing world and… the fashion world, since you do, ah, doll up rather nicely xDD 聖誕快樂!

Maggie Cheung Man Yuk for UNICEF.

*breathes biggest SIGH ever* *eyes glistening with stars* As if this woman isn’t perfect enough already.

Since being appointed goodwill ambassador for UNICEF China last year, the legendary actress has journeyed through several provinces in the country to care for and help educate the masses of underprivileged children and women. How she manages to still look so freaking glamorous along the way, I don’t know, but what I do know is this woman is simply flawless.

I also know it would be nice if Ms Maggie Cheung were to star in a new movie soon. And by that I don’t mean little cameo appearances *coughs* Hot Summer Days *coughs* (which, she was still effortlessly THE best thing about the whole darned film,) nor do I mean super artistic film installations *coughs* Ten Thousand Waves *coughs* because given my geographics, I will never find a way to see the glorious piece of work  TTT_TTT…

Then again, the mysterious aura thing works for me, too. Either way, Merry Christmas to one of the best actresses our generation has ever seen. Your heart is a gift to those you are helping just as your acting talent is a gift to the world of cinema. Please, keep up the good work… and maybe just think about releasing something new soon ;)

Kim Nam Gil for Plan B.

Pornstache and all (as doozy would put it ;PP) Kim Nam Gil seems to possess all the hardworking and “I want to give back to the community” characteristics that would make any charity organisation proud— and he has, having volunteered his time with an array of charity projects, from Indonesia to Japan to his good old mother nation of South Korea. He gets in there often and in a very, very hands-on fashion— but none of it feels forced to me at all. I mean, it genuinely feels like he wants to help— no wait, he needs to help. It’s like there is this burning fire inside him that makes him uncontrollably want to do so. Seeing him physically carrying loads, helping build homes, playing with the children, caring for the children… for all that, I can definitely look past that sly, slinky ‘stache. You know what, I actually don’t mind it. There. I said it. I like that caterpillar stamp of hair above the man’s upper lip.

Kim Nam Gil shi, I sincerely can not wait to see you this time next year for you will have completed your two year service in the Korean military. Like many, I am eager for your return! So, hope you are happy and well in the army, and Merry Christmas :)


Kim Hyun Joo for Good Neighbours.

You guys know I love this girl— and it’s not just because of her down-to-earth prettiness.

As it is, the actress often participates in various charity projects anyways, but after a series of personal tragedies last year, the amazingly talented Korean actress Kim Hyun Joo fled to Bangladesh with Good Neighbours (for which she is the goodwill ambassador,) and rediscovered her inner strength and love for life—which you can see clearly reflected in her smiles. During her nine day stay, she helped bathe the children, led recreational classes and on top of all that, donated the entire sum of the condolence money received from her late father’s funeral to the Bangladeshi people.

Hyun Joo shi, you are truly beautiful inside and out. May your heart be filled with all the joy it can hold, and you continue to bring us characters that are just 100% sassily relatable. Merry Christmas to you! ♥


Won Bin for UNICEF.

So, you thought this man was just a mere mix of average so-so looks, a semi-okay body, a bit’a acting talent and a teeny, tiny flicker of bravery… no, wait ><“, chotto matte ! Gomen, gomen, I was thinking about [ insert random Johnny boy ]~~lol, j/ks. Okay okay, cheap stabs over *twitches (overly plucked) eyebrow*;DD Ahem.

The moment one discovers that Won Bin exists is also the same moment one realises that not all men were created equal, for this man is a total freak of nature possessing all the physical traits that a Design-Your-Own-Boyfriend app would charge you the most for. He also has a spectacular body of work approved by both critics and fans, PLUS he showcased us all a whole lotta bravery when he enlisted for the frontline serving for the Korean military. As E.G. put it best: hear that you K-ent draft dodgers? ~~ bahahahaha.

But in case that doesn’t suffice all your estrogen needs, here is something to inflame your hormones to want to mother his babies even more. Won Bin is a total humanitarian, having been appointed ambassador for UNICEF Korea in 2007. He has since involved himself in numerous campaigns and spent time in several Third World countries, personally nursing severely malnourished kids by feeding them vitamins and even carrying out some of their vaccinations.

A photo does tell a thousand word but why the eff just stop at one. Here is a beautiful compilation video of images from the beautiful man’s experience in East Timor (seriously, goodwill has never looked so good):

Won Bin shi, if you can hear me, please, have yourself a Merry Christmas… and find yourself your own perfect partner, won’tcha (OMG, imagine how perfect she would be…) ? And enjoy continued success with all your work. You deserve it. AND (speaking of)! …Don’t leave us hanging out too long for your next acting gig, ne ? ;P


And that’s it of the people who I admire for more reasons that one! Actually, I did find out that Choi Ji Woo dedicated some time in Swaziland last year but I’m not so sure I love her now as much as I used to (i.e. back in the Beautiful Days / Winter SonataStairway To Heaven days… *high-pitched wail*aaaaahhh!!!**… I just confessed one of my dirty little secrets~~ Yes I WAS a Princess Ji Woo worshipper. Do you have a problem with that?~~) Sure I decided not to use her but feel free to read about her experience here :)

I also tried and tried to dig up traces of any Johnny boy emitting any signs of unconditional kind-heartedness… but to no avail. Hmm. I wonder what that means *twitches other (overly plucked) eyebrow*

Anyways, if karma really does exist, then the gorgeous human beings in his post (chibi Dorama King included!^^) are living proof that doing good deeds truly does bring you— and everyone around you— very good things.

Give a little bit of your heart out, not just during Christmas but all year round, and watch the love spread— it really is infectious :)

☆~Merry Christmas~!☆




17 responses

26 12 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

I know for sure that Kim Nam Gil is always giving his time and efforts in a genuine desire to help children. Also Kimura and Nakai and the rest of the SMAP group have been concentrating all this year to help the people who were devastated in the earthquake and tsunami. They got a group of the Jboys together for a huge fan event to donate money etc. also they have been visiting the areas that were ruined and washed away and they gave together and individually of their own money. Tthey definitely are very private in donations so you don’t hear too much about what happens there.
I don’t think too much or too highly of idols and ‘stars’ who go to take photos for publicity for themselves and plenty of that goes on. The ones you have mentioned get in there and help for real.
The New Year will be good I am sure. Had good health news personally. I am cured after six long years. I am fine and pleased and life is good..

Ever onward!

4 01 2012

Heya Peggy,

Awesome news on your good health status! Health is one of the most precious things in life and to have it is a true blessing. I sincerely wish your your wellbeing— hope things will only get better, xox.

Ah, I knew those SMAP boys were out there doing their part for the earthquake victims but didn’t know they were actually the masterminds/organisers behind the fundraising event. Warms my heart to hear. I’ve kinda always imagined Kimura to the type who would donate his time and money in a way that was as low-key as possible, kinda like a misunderstood diva in a drama series, lol. While I agree that sometimes some celebs may kinda use charity as a means to draw attention to themselves I think it is also important for the ones with bona fide star power to put their names and faces to a commendable organisation because their influence can really help change the world. If you have super powers, use them for good! :)

Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year! I know I am :)

26 12 2011

Merry Christmas!!!
I live your post. It does truly capture the true meaning behind this holiday season. It’s also great to see celebs with big hearts who actually care & work hard & aren’t just doing “fake” charity.

4 01 2012

Hey NeeNee,
I see you’ve had a name change! Well, nothing better than doing so for a fresh start to the year, ne? ;P
Hope your Christmas was nice and merry. Happy blogging and dorama watching for the year ahead! *raises glass*

10 01 2012

I figured it was a lil nicer than wolforion20…and starting the new year fresh is always a good idea. I think…
I did have a nice and merry xmas, I hope yours was good as well. Happy blogging and dorama watching to you as well!

30 12 2011
Ender's Girl

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you jicks, and to everyone here!!!! ;D ;D ;D

This is a super awesome Christmas post, and I’m thrilled you thought of writing about Asian stars who are really going out of their comfort zone and making a difference in this world. After you burn away the stardom and acting accolades and industry gloss, this is what truly matters, ne? So nice to hear about celebrities giving back not just monetarily but investing their time and effort into a worthy cause — especially those who’ve been at it consistently (and not just whenever there’s a new film or album to promote), because then you’d know that they’re not just riding the bandwagon but are (as Peggy said) for real! Like, for real in a non-Madonna and totally Brangelina way, lol

Oh, Maggie is amazing! And wearing that simple black top and ponytail/bun she is still the epitome of effortless, understated elegance. What a beautiful person inside and out. (How nice if she and Tony could just… I dunno, team up for Unicef or sumthn to read a story to kids in a remote village in China, heh heh heh. The story could be… I dunno, a wuxia tale about star-crossed warrior-lovers, maybe? heh heh heh)

“for all that, I can definitely look past that sly, slinky ‘stache. You know what, I actually don’t mind it. There. I said it. I like that caterpillar stamp of hair above the man’s upper lip.”

Lolololol!!!! xD I may not be a huge fan of the man (for the said ‘stache above, and ‘coz of… Frozen Flower lol), but I’m pleased to hear he’s so committed to his humanitarian work.

The biggest surprise (a pleasant one though) was Joe Chen — I thought he was just that ISWAK guy. Who knew ryt??? ^^;;

“So, you thought this man was just a mere mix of average so-so looks, a semi-okay body, a bit’a acting talent and a teeny, tiny flicker of bravery… no, wait ><”, chotto matte ! Gomen, gomen, I was thinking about [ insert random Johnny boy ]~~lol, j/ks. Okay okay, cheap stabs over *twitches (overly plucked) eyebrow*;DD Ahem."

HAHAHAHAHAHA WAY TOO FUNNY MEHN!!!!!!!!!!!!! But omigoshygosh, Won Biiiiinnnnnn…. And the photos in the video were lovely, I just wish there’d been real live footage as well so we could see exactly how he supplied a year’s worth of electricity to an East Timorese village by just SMILING. *swoon drool swoon*

Mebbe it’s time we joined the Peace Corps or sumthn, ‘coz then we’d at least have a 1 in 83483978378 chance of bumping into him in some random mountain village giving vitamins and vaccinations (although it wouldn’t exactly be random, knowing us, hehe :D)

And… oh thank you THANK YOU for chibi Dorama King!!! This was prolly circa his Asunaro Hakusho days — or maybe even earlier. And if I ever come across the original site where you found this piccie, I will def. let ya know! ;-)

Now as for them Johnnies… wow now that you mentioned it, they don’t seem to be as visible doing charity work as their K/Tw counterparts, do they? But you know how they say charity begins at home, and for these Johnnies, the Jimusho has been their home since forever, right? I guess growing up with Johnny-san isn’t exactly the best kind of training for generosity and humanitarian work, haha. But at least they all did the March of the Fairies — er, I meant the Marching J Caravan of JPop & Hope — for the Tohoku survivors. That has to count for sumthin, yeah? =D

4 01 2012

Ooo I lurve your Tony & Maggie for UNICEF idea! That would be THE BEST campaign ever- I would so support them more than I would with Roger Federer :)
I walked past a DVD rental store the other day & hanging in the window was a GIANT In The Mood For Love poster— usually not one to shoplift but I swear I had the urge right there on the spot to break the glass with some mad ass ninja skills, grab the banner (gently, because I wouldn’t wanna wreck their booootiful faces) and do a runner. Tony & Maggie really should just be together forever making babies, I mean, movies! ^^

Re Won Bin’s smile, man… I think because it doesn’t happen all too often (& I’m not having a go at him in any way at all,) when he actually breaks into a smile, I don’t know about you but I just go blank for a moment or two and go all gooey. He can definitely feed me vitamins any day, lol.

Thank you in advance for the chibi Kimura pic heads up! :)

Re Johnnies, I know I make fun of & joke about them all the time and all but honestly, I know just because someone’s work isn’t visible doesn’t discount any part of a person’s goodwill at all. And from the bottom of my heart, I do adore them! Especially moreso following the birth of the Marching J campaign. Many of the boys have put in huge sums of money, goods and effort into the community, many of them visiting shelters around the country and instilling joy and hope back into the community. You could truly tell by reading their messages and hearing their voices that they really did care about the earthquake victims.

In fact, it was truly amazing, period, to see the Japanese bond together so cohesively and so passionately through such a devastating time. Just goes to show that love & unity is the strongest weapon to overcome anything life may throwatcha <3

5 01 2012

Love the good vibes on this page. You had a good thought to do this one my dear.
Latest re Kimura is the SanTaku show. They drove up to Iwaate and stayed with the people there. Had a big baseball game with them and in general they got the people up and doing stuff to enjoy themselves. There was a nice pic. of Kimura in a baseballl uniform. and he is back to being slim again after the last drama..Must be something special about the Iwaate people. there was a special Doc. about an American jazz artist who visits Japan a lot, and he went up there and wrote a special piece for the LOCAL Jazz group and he played piano with them at a concert put on . People came from miles for that. and they were good.
It is not easy to find anything about these disasters on US TV. Everything here now is politics. Definitely not interesting any more…just mean personal infighting.

It’s good to sort the chaff from the wheat on these pages. Life is good.

6 01 2012

Kimura in baseball gear????? Please linky linky me, Peggy!!!!!! I tried youtubing+googling but I think I am losing my stalker touch^^;;

It’s so nice exploring this charitable side to the one & only Dorama King, hihi. And thank you for your praise too on the post :) I just kinda felt it was fitting, especially since the world has been going through so many monumental natural disasters and social/political/economical storms. It’s a must to remember that good will does exist, and in abundance :)

7 01 2012

Jicks, I will do a search to find that photo again. I think I found it on the Channelsmap site but it was also a link.

9 01 2012

*sits behind computer waiting… & drooling* hihi ;PP

Peggy, are you a frequenter on these fan sites? I used to but nowadays I really don’t get so much time (I’m losing my ability to time-manage my life efficiently! Plus it’s not always easy for me to determine the good from the bad ones in terms of virus-y stuff et all >_>…)

10 01 2012
Peggy PC is playing terrible tricks on me. Can’t get on to sites and most of the time no connection to internet. this may bot reach you. Hope for best.
Waiting for tech guy.

21 01 2012

What an awesomely meaningful post, jicks! Totally agree with you on the “if you have super powers, use them for good”!

19 02 2012

Yo, thank you doozy!
Here’s to all our super powers making a positive difference to the world! *raises soju shot glass* Cheers! xDD

19 02 2012

Jicks dear I cannot get back to that baseball picture of Kimura. I lost stuff when my PC went awol and most of it remains vanished.
Have just watched a Kdrama called ‘A thousand Day Promise’ It is the first one that Kim Rae Won made after leaving the military. At first I wondered why on earth he would choose such a sad and depresiing story. However I stayed with it and found it was not actually depressing even tho it is sad. The writing is perfection and the direction likewise. The cast is great and altogether I think it one of the best, if not the best, dramas I have seen in a few years. I have posted elsewhere and stated that this is like reading a wonderful novel and the characters just rise up out of the pages as you read. I hope you will see it and enjoy it also.

26 01 2012

Dear jicks,
Well at last I think my PC is cured. It really has been expensively sick.:-(
…. I have had no luck searching for the pic of Kimura in the uniform. However I know I saw it on the Channelsmap site so I will continue to look for the link each time I visit. Actually I am not the fangirl type but it is a very nice place to hear the News of SMAP and their concerts and dramas etc. No nasty criticisms allowed or bad rumours. Just a pleasant posting place. I think my favourite site is a California one where some drama fans post and discuss the latest or maybe even very old dramas and films. Some of us are just ornaments on Earth’s shelf and I am surely the dustiest one..but we do enjoy our supposed expertise about Korean and japanese dramas….
This blog is also one that warms my heart .The world does need a little help nowadays and good feelings are quite a strong weapon.
Blessings to all. Peg.

19 02 2012

Hey Peggy!

Hope your PC is all clear from now on, not only can they can be sooooo expensive to fix but often technicians can’t entirely pinpoint what is wrong with them either.

I used to be a huge frequenter of fansites and forums but nowadays, with the existence of social networks, I waste half my time staring at my friends’ news updates, lol. But definitely, there are some bands/celebs that I most enjoy following their news on, SMAP being one of them (amongst many other JE boys~~)^^

And Peggy, age doesn’t have a factor in being able to share our thoughts and love on the Asian drama and pop culture world at all! I’m only glad I can impart some sort of joy and entertainment, however large or small it is. Your comments always bring a smile to my face and just as importantly, fresh outlooks and insight into my life. So please keep the love coming! :)

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