Lucky Seven? Lucky me :)

5 01 2012








So apparently I have been living under a rock ><”

I was doing a round at Ellély‘s blog and squealed like I’ve never squealed since seeing Akanishi Jin take a bunch of gangstaaar(!!!) chickybabes out on his very own test drive  as I learned this— Eita and Matsumoto Jun are starring in a new series together beginning this month. That’s right. Eita kun and Jun kun. Remember their Kimi wa Petto days?


And now, almost nine years later…

Photobucket(^^Photo credit:  The Doramas )

Seriously, do it to me. DOOOIITTOMENOOOWWWWW (even with Eita‘s extravagantly plucked eyebrows~~ <<— Oh my, that is all I can look at. Perhaps he’s wanting hair on other parts of his body to garner the attention this time?)

[ EDIT 09/01/12: I’ve changed the direct video link. THIS is what you call a preview. Thank you Ellély for nudging me into the good stuff ;))))) ]

[ EDIT over.Lucky Seven. January 16 startto. Official site here. Bring it.

BONUS: Who popped it best? xDD




22 responses

5 01 2012

*joins in squealing*

7 01 2012

*hands over one pom pom to mil* ^^;
More excited fro Eita or Jun? ;P

5 01 2012

Ahahahahaha…I’m glad you got something out of that post :D

Damn, I watched Kimi wa Petto many, many moons ago and I can’t remember Eita being it — probably because I had eyes only for Matsujun then.

“Perhaps he’s wanting hair on other parts of his body to garner the attention this time?”

Um… XD

6 01 2012

Oh your post totally made my day, heck it has made my year already! And you know what, because I’ve pretty much discovered the good news at the last possible moment, my waiting time is next to nothing! And that suits me fine because I’m not good with anticipation in long stretches :)

Re Kimi wa Petto, I don’t think I actually paid attention to the series full stop, lol. That said, Eita has always somehow managed to leave an impression on me since even his earlier stuff when he wasn’t anywhere close to being the leading man ;)

Just curious, how big of a Jun kun fan are ya? ;PP

7 01 2012

At the height of my Matsujun fever (i.e. circa Gokusen), I’d say I was a pretty big fan (read: Youtube stalker, no Tumblr back then lol)

But like Takeshi Kaneshiro before him, I retired my affection for Jun a long time ago (gotta make room for all the other boys that the J- and K-entertainment industries are spawning. Real estate space in my heart is a bit limited at the moment as you probably know ^^;; Haha) However he will always be Sawada Shin to me *fond tear*

7 01 2012

Btw, have you seen this preview:

Jun and Eita, ripping their shirts off, and duking it out in a cage. Hmm…I might just have to reconsider my position on this drama…

9 01 2012

Oh dear mother of all things good and pure… *hits replay button X 100thousand times* *mouth gaping* *mouth gaping*… *self-destruct*
Now THAT is what you a call a preview xDDDDDD

Ellély, I am so glad we have each other now to look out for all the good stuff, lol. I’m thinking also, how great would it be if we could coach one of the boys each *evil grin*

Re Kaneshiro Takeshi, I have to say he is one of the most beautiful people on this entire planet, like, so good-looking I would feel wrong if I were to fan after him like I do with some of these other J-boys, lol. I completely understand you saying that there is only a certain amount of space in your heart as well (except, well, I don’t really have a heart, I’m just a, er, pouncer, LOL). I think as we grow over the years, out taste for boys change too? The height of my Jun-fever (sounds sickly contagious, haha) was his Domyouji days but I have to say that ever since, my favourite Arashi boy’s acting resume hasn’t been all that crash hot, which in turn has made me realise that I am one to appreciate good acting skills over good looks after all (though a solid combination is much preferred^^;;;)

17 01 2012

Jicks, the first episode is out! This is what you get in the first 10 minutes: Jun nekked in bed, Eita schooling Jun, Eita roundkicking Jun…and that’s not to mention the cage-fighting scene in the later part of the episode. Does this drama know what the fans want or what?! XDDD

“I’m thinking also, how great would it be if we could coach one of the boys each”

I’m calling Eita!

19 02 2012

Oh no, you call Mr Bad-Hair-Day-Everyday, Ellély???? Okies. I suppose I’ll take Mr Narcissist then, LOL.
I’ve been busy *coughs*lazy*coughs* so I haven’t even touched the series but the opening 10minutes is making me wanna jump on it right now…
Have you seen much else of it? How is the actual storyline?

20 02 2012

Jicks, you’re alive! :DDDDD

Well, I watched the first episode with subs and I can see why some people are saying the drama’s a leeetle boring. The characters are fun — I like them a lot more than the characters in Hungry — but the setup is very typical of most Japanese detective dramas. And I’m not the biggest fan of this genre. I might change my mind after watching the next two episodes, that is if I ever get around to watching them because I’m all about Shut Up Flower Boy Band these days. Yes, I know its name sounds a little unfortunate, not to mention stupid, but thankfully, this drama does not live up to the suckitude its title implies.

I don’t know how much you liked Lee Min-ki in Dal Ja’s Spring but he has a two-episode cameo here that’s got 98% of Tumblr crying (literally) for more. (Speaking of which, I now have a reason to watch Dal Ja’s Spring.) Maybe you could give this a go if J dramas fail to inspire you this season? *waggles eyebrows suggestively*

21 02 2012

LOL, I am still around! I’v just been… lazy… even too lazy to type comments ><"

OMG I LOVED Lee Min Ki in Dla Ja's Spring!!!!!!!! tumblr always goes off when stuff like that happens, but this Shut Up Flower Boy Band sitch is news for me, been googling it and it totally sounds like something I would enjoy. These pop / idol music / youth / college / high school based series are proving a winning formula. Must investigate pronto, thank you for sharing! :) :)

Jun's last few dramas in general have been a miss for me, in fact, nothing has really left an impression on me since his Hana Yori Dango days (well, at least not for the right reasons, LOL) Eita every now and then does seem to accidentally walk into the wrong drama, but still he tends to find a way to make things work for the most part (totally speaking from a non-biased point of view _ _) Will still watch this though. Esp since I do like a good detective drama. Have you seen Eita in Unfair? :)

16 01 2012

I kinda stopped being updated on japanese dramas these days so this is really HUGE news for me, lql! Even though I’ve stopped fangirling over Jun and Eita a long time ago this still does bring back a load of good memories with a possible chance of relapse ^^ Anyhow, this has to be real good or else I’ll be a sad panda.

19 02 2012

lol, I think that commercial was enough to send me into relapse already.
Like you, I’m nowhere near as up to date with my J-doramas these days, in fact, dramas in general, but every now and then something like this comes along and reminds me to pick my game up.
Anyways, have you had the chance to watch any of Lucky Seven yet?

21 01 2012

I’m not as up-to-date on Jdoramas, and especially all things Eita, as compared to you so when I found out about Lucky Seven through a friend, I thought to myself, “I wonder if jicks knows about this… Well, her Eita-dar must be pinging so I bet she does..”
Sorry, dude. If I’d known, I would’ve spam your page like crazy with pics, posters, trailers, etc. ahahah

Yah, that shirtless, duking it out in the ring is something for the eyes, right?! :)

19 02 2012

*covers face* I’m so ashamed actually! I’ve been slacking, I think because for a while I was very underwhelmed with alot of things that I was watching, and also my brain was becoming numb to reality so I decided to detox.

But yah, feel free to share any topless goodness of you-know-who with me anytime and I sue as heck promise to return the favour with, you know, you-know-who ;))

22 02 2012

Flailing with you!!!

I have watched all five episodes so far and I really really enjoyed it. Surprisingly so. I love Jun, and love Eita. And combining them in this dorama is just too much for meeeee…

23 02 2012

I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying it!!!!!! It’s always reaffirming to hear positive reaction about a series that you have such huge anticipation for. Can’t wait to get on this one, woot!! (Btw, Team Eita or Team Jun? ;P)

28 02 2012

Oh gosh, difficult difficult choice. Okay, overall team Jun since this Juniper has been my constant since my Gokusen-then-Arashi fangirling days. But in the dorama, although Jun is soooooo adooooooorrbs (his character is), my love for Eita is showing through. I like his character so much. I won’t spoil it for you though! :) Excited for when you finally get to see it^^

1 03 2012

You are so giving me a super vibe for this dorama! I am dying even more to see it now xDDDDDDDD I know you being a diehard Arashi fan and hinting that Eita may just be a teeny tiny bit better than Junny-kunny-wunny speaks volumes.

I’m on it!

25 02 2012
Ender's Girl

Heyyy Eita was in Kimi wa Petto? Hountoniii? Both he and Jun looked like a bunch o’ dweeboids in the KwP stills that you posted! But their latest bro piccie = LOVELY, JUST LOVELY!!! (Err what do you think of Eita’s upper-lip fuzz, jicks? I rather like it! hee hee)

As for your Bonus question — oh kewl this is like those Yahoo “Who Wore It Best” fashion face-offs! Wouldn’t it be great if you could start a similar series and readers would vote and stuff? xD If you asked me, I’d say your Junny wore it better… even if his shirt’s a bit wrinkled, at least it’s tucked into his trousers, plus the white belt gives a nice accent-o. And the maroon pants match the bowtie’s color better, IMO. Nicer hair, too ;D (Although I’m also thinkin’ that Eita’s getup would be a bigger hit with the hipster crowd ^^;;)

Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers that Lucky Seven meets all your squee-worthy expectations, jicks, mil, Ellely, YG and twentynineandcounting !!! ;D

28 02 2012

Hi, EG! Thanks! So far, it has exceeded my expectations; I was surprised at how much fun I have had watching it. And ooh, Naka Riisa – her character.^^

1 03 2012

Don’t worry, I’m sure wouldn’t be too concerned if the entire world didn’t know he starred in Kimi wa Petto, LOL. To answer your question, I am digging da mo’! Diggin’ it to the MAX. He had it in the earlier stages Soredemo than he elimininated it halfway through and I almost cried. Not sure if I more like that fact that he can actually grow a decent chunk of fuzz actually, gaha.

I like Jun boy’s outfit beht’a too! For exactly the reasons you described, hair included! But this voting idea thing sounds like a good plan. Will consider it deeply…. I’m thinking it would be an easier way to create more regular updates for my failing blog, LOL -_-;

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