I want to work for Shiseido Japan.

26 02 2012

When you click onto the Shiseido UNO facebook fan page, this is the image that fills your computer screen… >>>


…I seriously think I almost died (and by now I have no shame >_>;) The poster is so metrosexually delicious that as a squeeling fangirl woman, I want to purchase this men’s UNO Skincare Tank range. For myself (you never know, maybe I’ll become as pretty as them.) Like, look into each of their eyes (one at a time~~) and just feel what they are trying to say to YOU. Just feeeeel.

*closes eyes* *soul wonders off into nether universe* *drooling*


Baby Miura: Noona, I know I am younger but that doesn’t mean I am inexperienced. I’m a man. You’re a woman. Please believe me, I know how to use my UNO products.

Eita san: I will not let anything stand in our way— no matter the size, no matter the texture, no matter how long it lasts, no matter the amount of hair… nothing. Nothing will stop us from having UNOfabulous hair together.

Shuny kun: Oh baybay. I can see it in your face. Let’s do it. You want me. You want me to do it right now. Here, let me show you how to use these UNO products.

Buki: Oh doozy san, this is my first time. Please lead the way… show me how to use these UNO products? Onegaishimasu ? (Shout out to doozygomen, couldn’t help but entwining you into this^^)


*soul returns to body* *opens eyes (to reality)*

Ah, there may be a chance I’ve misinterpreted their feelings but you know, sometimes the hormones get a little, ahem, foggy (feel free btw to share what you guys sense the boys are really trying to say.)

New CMs and another appearance on Oshareism would be more than ideal. In the meantime, a big thank you to Ellély for feeding me the news on these four boys’ latest fogtastic adventures in the first place ;) And I shall leave you with a few more piccies from the Shiseido Japan website (click for full size image. Last pic actually taken from non-stop crusade‘s tumblr. I want to say also the  boys all have nice ankles. Domo, domo.)




EitaOguri ShunTsumabuki SatoshiMiura Haruma. Together. Look good. Good. Very, very good-O :DD



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2 03 2012

O.M.G. So.Much.Gorgeousness.


What did you say? I’m too distracted…

“Buki: Oh doozy san, this is my first time. Please lead the way… show me how to use these UNO products? Onegaishimasu ? (Shout out to doozy— gomen, couldn’t help but entwining you into this^^)”

Oh.. you don’t even gotta ask, mah baby Buki. Come this way with me..

jicks, no need to apologize.. In fact, I’d like to thank you for bringing me into this. Domo arigato!

“I want to say also the boys all have nice ankles.”

Nice ankles, nice hair, nice hands, nice pinky fingers… you get my drift.. :)

By the way, I was bored in class so decided to visit the blogosphere when I saw this post. And lemme say that it was VERY hard to contain my giggles and my drools.

If you work for Shiseido Japan, you should have a take-your-friend-to-work day.

2 03 2012

hihihihihi doozy! I knew you would react just as criminally as me, LOL. I sincerely hope you didn’t scare your classmates off, hahaha. There have been times where I am reading blogs and comments and stuff at work in the tea room and burst into uncontrollable hysterics and it’s so hard to explain yourself without sharing with my colleagues what it is that is so tickling me like crazy!

Now that you’ve mentioned it, yeah everyone’s hair is looking just as good as one another this time ’round! And the hands factor… am I biased to say that I like Eita and Haru-chan’s hands the most? *cocks left eyebrow*

If you work for Shiseido Japan, you should have a take-your-friend-to-work day.

^^Dude, I would totally hook you up with a lifetime executive all access pass to the building. I could even try to create a position for you, you know, as someone’s super exclusive personal assistant :DD

2 03 2012

When I saw the posters, I seriously blanked out for a moment and didn’t even know what was going on in lecture..

Yes, yes.. Please hook me up. Thanks, chingu!
I want to be a VVVIP. Or if that’s not possible, I’d even work for free if I get to be that somebody’s personal assistant, emphasis on the personal. ;)

5 03 2012

No problem-o, personal assistant it is, consider it a done deal! (I’m sure the, er, assisted, will be more than happy ;))

2 03 2012

My goodness! I have to re-read eveything because I couldn’t understand it at first, they were killing me with those stares…

5 03 2012

Hey akda!

haha, glad to know you, ah, enjoy the goodies!
Lucky for you, you can go back and re-read it, now that I am re-reading it I realise I wasn’t actually conscious of the context of what I was typing. Too bad I hit “publish.”^^;

Btw, gotta a fave? ;D

9 03 2012
Ender's Girl

jicks you KILLED me!!!!!!! This post… the photos… the poses… so UNOgasmically goood!!!!!!!!!!! xDDD

I was seriously playing the Fogboys’ lines in my head, complete with their voices and blocking and background music ahahaha. jicks you’re a genius (Jin-yuss? er, let’s not ruin this post shall we? lol), those lines felt SO real, SO in character! =P I can’t say which one was my fave ‘coz I love them all — although imagining Buki directing his lines to doozy with that angelic, trusting face of his made me burst out in a fresh wave of giggles. And ZOMG I don’t know how you NAILED Shun’s thought bubble — I almost gasped at the blatant smexiness heating up his face. (That sexy jerk! lol) ROFL @ Eita’s hair reference. And ohhh Baby Miura… who is younger but not inexperienced… and definitely past the age of consent — er, consent to use UNO products that is — there he goes making noona blush again! (Baby I wanna FOG you so bad) lulz x__O

I was staring so long at the main poster that I almost forgot to appreciate the other photos hihihi… GUHHHH the boys in their striped shorts, they look like — like — candy canes lol. And I do agree their ankles deserve equal merit and that Miura and Eita have the best hands, but Miura wins Best Butt, hands down!!!! XD

hormones… still… superfoggy…. can’t… unfog them…

17 03 2012

hahahah E.G., I knew you would enjoy it as much as me!!!^O^!!! Have to admit, the thought bubbles came to me quite easily, I guess I just study the four guys too much *Wicked Witch cackle*

Btw, you totally made me go look at THE boy’s butt… (this is so bad^^;;;…) but… I see… I see whatchu sayin’! I SEE (and I LIKE~~) !!!!!!

(P.S. Jin-yuss <<<— I love this to the max! How do you come up with these things xP)

23 09 2012

This site is such a treasure trove, I’m discovering all these goodies NOW. Loved these UNO ads, so precious.
But more than that, the captions. Nearly weed myself wheezing laughing. Must.Breeeathe.
I am a Shunnie and Eita loyalist, honest but my eyes keep wandering to Miura…s butt. Too. xD

26 09 2012

LOL, glad to be of amusement XD Aren’t these UNO Fog Bar ads the best thing to ever come out of, well, this entire universe? I seriously would bear hug the one at Shiseido Japan who made this happen. Never flailed so hard in my life.

I’m not usually a butt kinda girl, but since everyone has been pointing it out, I gotta say Miura does certainly impress in that region.

Once upon a time I was a Shun loyalist too… but then came a few dodgy series in a row that left me questioning if he should just stick to supporting roles since that seems to be where he shines most. Alas, Rich Man Poor Woman is luring me back. Would give an arm to see him and Eita in a series together.

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