Quote It: Kashiwagi Shuji

17 03 2012


“Human beings are creatures of regret.”

Kashiwagi Shuji ( Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta, episode 1. )


I for sure as heck didn’t regret watching Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta, not because it was a great series because it really wasn’t, but because that Haruma boy was just so gosh-darn-perfect in it… well, to look at, at least. The ending theme alone with all the crisp white and sunshine goodness is enough to warrant anybody’s ticket fare.

The series kicks off with a half naked Miura Haruma frolicking around with his vibrating… alarm clock~~ xDD That’s always a good start to any series. He plays a popular high school biology teacher (er, sensei, you can unzip my genes anyday *rapid eyebrow twitch* lololol, Kashiwagi Shuji who is pretty much set on marrying fellow teacher, Uemura Natsumi (played by Toda Erika.) Both are widely loved at their school and hey, can you really blame the students?

Anyways, it’s obvious that Kashiwagi sensei is running late for work, however for the love of Fog Bars and kawaii little toyboys, that will become the least of his concerns. Within moments, he discovers there is an equally naked female body in his bed, and mother of crap, it turns out to be one of his students. Chotto matte. Haru chan, we have a problem.

And this was where the series lost me— why the bjesus would anyone cheat on Toda Erika?

Miura‘s shows us in Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta that his acting is steadily improving but I did feel that the role was a tad premature for him. To be fair, yes, he is a young adult but come on, he was merely 3 or 4 years older (if that) than half the actors and actresses who played his students. It doesn’t matter how well someone grasps a role on a technicality basis, if you don’t look the part, it’s going to be difficult convincing the audience.

Not only that, the whole adultery / deceiving-the-whole-world-about-it stigma in the beginning didn’t complement his demeanour at all. And the fact that his character exuded so much care for Saeki (the female student who Kashiwagi sensei *air quote open* slept with *air quote close*… watch and you will understand the air quotes) was borderline creepy. Baby, she is YOUR STUDENT! STOOOOODEEENNT !!! People can go to jail for this kinda thing!!! Like how some of us are gonna be shackled away forever for breaking into your changeroom! I’m guessing you must’ve taken inspiration from your (our??) beloved Yamaguchi sensei, but boy, when you look like that, you need to be extra careful about the way you behave around members of the opposite sex. Only Yankumi can pull off that kinda shiz. Double standards, yes, but when an older male gets a little closer than the norm to a younger female, we just don’t take it quite as well.

Buuuut, saving grace, the last couple of episodes, from the moment Shuji realises Natsumi is the one for him is the moment we realise that Miura baby can most definitely take on a head-of-the-household, romantic leading role— and do it freaking well. It was Project Redemption watching the boy gaze so lovingly at Toda Erika and their own little genetic protégé (btw, this child is gonna be a total gene pool success ( ̄□ ̄;)…hmm, I’ve talked alot about genes today…~~) Let’s just hope next time they minus out the extramarital affairs and all the other shady beeswax.

Give us Miura Haruma, the boy you want your daughter to bring home.




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