This is so much better than any other boyband dance routine that I’ve ever watched (=∀=);

28 03 2012

Honto ni, honto ni.

*coughs* Johnny K *coughs* *chokes*…

Here is the new UNO Fog Bar CM!

No more field trips to London, no more The Beatles-esque costumes, no more di-gue-ding-dings, but still, it’s <333333333 to the absolute MAX.

I want to say though, Buki, you can grow all the facial hair you want but you can not conceal that babyface!

And, ARGH(!), (semi)Breaking News(!!) Shunny-kunny-kun-kun-kun… when the crap did you get married? I thought you were the more “attainable” one..! TTT___TTT

But now… *looks at Fog Bar boys’ relationship statuses* … this is how it is..?


LOL. Just joking (also, gomensai, couldn’t help myself with the graphics^^;) I KNOW WHO IS STILL ON THE MARKET ( *locks Sato kun away in Neverland dungeon* *cues Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer tune* ♫ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ “Noona, dear, is coming to town..!” ♫ ♪ ♩ MUAHAHAHAHA xDDDDDD) 

Anyways, please watch the making of  the CM. It’s possibly more enjoyable than the actual CM itself:

*dies@the 17sec mark* (Can the boy get any cuter???)



5 responses

29 03 2012


…. is literally my reaction when I scrolled down and saw your Facebook graphics.
(I love you, jicks)

*wipes away tears*

The four of them are so doofy and adorable! Why are they so cute?!
Shiseido should hire these boys/men forever and ever..

29 03 2012

To add:
Looking at the graphics again, I kinda wish I had a different avatar coz now it looks like Micky is looking dreamily at Buki but Buki is like, “what the heck is going on?!” ahahah

6 04 2012

ahahaha Good call! However… may I present to you another story. Micky Yoochun is eyeballing Buki and thinking, “Look at this guy *pfft* I can totally take him on and win doozy’s heart.” (^_~) You guys could start the JK-dorama love triangle of the century (I want a cameo starring roll btw, I want to be in the background chasing after lil Haru chan with Eita’s Fog Bar spray with Eita trailing me with one hand shuffling his hair and one hand outstretched trying to retrieve the bottle from me, LOL.)

And I’m glad you enjoy the graphics :) Question is, if Buki and Micky were on the same room, who would you go for? ;P

12 04 2012

“JK-dorama love triangle of the century (I want a cameo starring roll btw, I want to be in the background chasing…”

jicks, you don’t have to be in the background.. you can be in the show and then we’ll have two love triangles!! How awesome would that be? I’m pretty sure people will be tuning in to watch. ahahahha

“if Buki and Micky were on the same room, who would you go for?”

Oh dear.. that’s like asking me to choose between macarons and red velvet cupcakes.. both of which are delicious treats.. I dunno.. I can’t decide… so hard..

16 04 2012

I am so taking up your offer in your dorama, doozy! I feel so honoured! And you do raise a good point, love triangles aren’t that exciting these days, we need quadrangles and… quintagons? Heptagons? The more the merrier the viewing!

Sorry I had to pose that toughie on ya ;) …but for the record, I would choose macarons and red velvet cupcakes over any boy any day, lol (I so want some now that you’ve mentioned them :DDD,,,,,,)

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