I rate this scene: Sungkyunkwan Scandal [ episode 13 ]

30 07 2012

One word—



( video credit to: LuvAquarius91 @youtube )

[ insert a thousand trillion billion giant glowing hearts ]

The more I watch this scene, the more I am kicking myself over just why I didn’t freaking watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal sooner. Why. Why? Why did I wait so long before allowing the beautiful goodness to permeate my life? Why Drama Gods, why? T_T

And as you do, I answer myself this. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Although you might not always recognise the reason at the time, you just have to hold faith and trust things will turn out just the way they’re meant to. And they will. If I’ve ever learned anything from all my hours spent watching Asian dramas (and films,) that is definitely it. My interest in Korean dramas had kinda waned recently—actually, my interest in all dramas period, was waning, especially that of the rom-com genre— but SKKS has resurrected that fiery giddiness I had when Hallyu fever first struck.

And you know I also thought I’d convinced myself  I am forever a leading man kinda gal, but after SKKS, I may need to rethink a few things. Yoo Ah In‘s character, the introverted, brooding Moon Jae Shin is definitely confusing my life. It’s that mysteriously rebellious glint in his eyes, the smile that’s brighter than the sunshine (those pearlers are so white!), and of course, the friggin’ messed up childhood. The complete and utter selflessness in looking out for the girl and NOT ONCE ever expecting anything in return. The silent heartbreak when he acknowledges that her heart is with another friend. And most importantly, the knowing when to walk away. GAAAAAAAHHHHHHH You can’t fault me for falling for someone like that (also lovedX100million Song Joong Ki‘s portrayal of the flamboyant, laughably fashion-conscious, twirling, winking playboy, Goo Yong Ha. That snow-white skin that makes even Snow White look, well, not snow-white~~ <3)

I’m not saying that Lee Sun Joon was a loser at all by any means though, because, Micky Yoochun was near-flawless as the leading man. And hells yes, I adored him. I have no doubt he would make The Perfect Husband. Watching him fall for who he thought was a boy, then seeing him discover that his love was actually a girl— and not get immovably mad at being lied to about (ala Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince)— sweetest thing ever. Even if I were to watch the series again, I would still grin cheesily and relish in every single moment of the love between him and Park Min Young‘s character Kim Yoon Shik / Hee.

But by far my greatest joy in watching SKKS came from realising just how significant the friendship between Moon Jae Shin and Goo Yong Ha was. The normally light-hearted, seemingly superficial Yong Ha turns serious, tears streaming from his beautiful eyes for the first time in the series (hands up who was jealous of his unfairly long, lush eyelashes btw *twitch* *twitch*~~) That punch he throws and every single word that is spoken is simply brotherhood overload in the bestest of ways. There’s something really heart-stirring seeing two men live in such camaraderie, to see them care so much they would put their own lives on the line and be moved to tears. The “I love you, man” without actually saying the words. I don’t know what it is but for me, it’s so much more satisfying than seeing two girls do the same thing, and even a guy and a girl for that matter. Moon Jae Shin and Go Yong Ha reassure me that love and life not only go beyond that between a man and a woman, but are both truly, wholeheartedly, worth fighting for.

Seriously, I wouldn’t even care if the two ended up marrying each other.

One last share— listen here— the theme that would play in the background everytime Moon Jae Shin was in brooding mode <3 Second fiddle guys might not always get the girl but at least they usually get a good piece of music! :)




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30 07 2012

Ah you finally did watch this wonderful drama. It is almost the perfect story isn’t it. those two guys are so different and yet they understand each other so well and complement each other without a hint of unpleasantness. Yes they are the best of friends and yes they would definitely die for one another but there is still that toughness betweent them that they dont ever tear asunder.
If I had to choose the drama that would be my favourite to watch every few months each year this would be the one.

30 07 2012

Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In I think actually one a fan-voted couple award at the end of year drama awards >_< I really did love the whole quartet. And while I did like the series, I was kind of annoyed with the plots within plots and some that never really got fleshed out, but that's okay. Our good-looking quartet more than made up for some of the not-quite-so-good plot aspects.

I really did like the friendship between MJS and GYH. It seemed very real and added something to the show. It was really only then that you got to see GYH shed his more frivolous manners and get angry and cry and those two did a bang up job. I'd love to see them act together again :)

3 08 2012

NeeNee, I can definitely side with you on the non-developed plot within plot situation. Maybe it leaves leeway for a sequel though, lol *wishful thinking*

I would love to see the two bromancers in another series together as well! Except this time, I think in a modern series, perhaps something where they are friends but end up having to turn on each other :)

31 07 2012

I loved this drama and agree with all you said. However I was surprised at the difference in quality when Yoo Ah In just played in his latest drama. He looked very different and his acting was not good. I think it was about Fashion something. I did not watch all of it because it was really not good in my opinion. Did you watch and what did you think. Ah In thought he would be acting with amateurs in SfS but he was surprised at how god the other three were. Made him work harder I think. Latest drama he was all over the place. IMO.

3 08 2012

Peggy, I agree, I think it’s definitely one for the ages, a series that you can watch and enjoy over and over again. To be honest, I think the plot slipped a teeny tiny bit towards the end but the cast and the characters surely more than made up for it. No question one of my all-time favourites. I only wish I had listened to your wise words and watched it sooner! ^^

Unfortunately (or not?) I haven’t gotten around to Fashion King yet. Only just starting to research the SKKS cast’s filmographies. Have heard already Fashion King is so-so, now with you sharing your thoughts, I think I have a pretty good idea. Is Ah In’s acting actually cringe-worthy? If it is, I might give it a skip altogether so my impression of him isn’t ruined, Otherwise, if it’s just patchy, I will give it a go, but will definitely be ready to pounce on the FF button~~

Speaking of sub par acting projects, I’ve also heard Micky Yoochun’s Rooftop Prince was a bit of a downer as well. Have you had the chance to watch it Peggy?

I like that you can be my drama consultant before I actually hand over money to purchase them! hihi.

4 08 2012

Rooftop Prince. Started out so well. Yoochun and his stooges were bright and funny and costume suited them so well. then it descended into corny humor. then it got involved with love triangles and the girl was no good as an actress. It could have been so good but for me it became a little boring. Idid not finish. I read that the ending was contraversial and not quite clear. I think Yoochun was doing a good job because he pays attention to his acting so I would not fault him at all. Story became a bit too involved I think.
Only if you love Yoochun.

18 08 2012

Ahh, what a good clip to relive (and I’m not even all that fond of SKKS as a whole – though I do like it a lot). One of my favorite things in watching a Kdrama is waiting for that classic/cheesy/cliche moment when the girl (first or second lead) begs the guy: “Don’t go! (Kajima!)” Usually it brings the biggest giggle out of me.. but when guys to it to each other (as in this almost flawless bromance).. *squeals* . So much more effective!

19 08 2012

Hey Sara!
Yes, bromance such as this is so much more engaging than the average love story. And it’s not just in a dorama or a movie, don’t know precisely what sort of fetish it is, but I have noticed fans tend to squeal hard when members of boybands get, ah, affectionate with each other on-camera and/or on-stage (I hope no one is pointing their finger at me… >__>;;;…)

Major LOL@ your “kajima” moment comment. SO true. Sucks when they still go though… and never come back, lol.

19 08 2012

I have read all the comments here and elsewhere re SKKS. Generally it has all been a good drama and nice camaraderie with the actors. Read a lot re the off camera blending also. After seeing how well the three ‘newbies’ worked together, and then hearing how Yoo Ah In was a little standoffish at first, I have come to a conclusion. I think he realised he was maybe with first timers….. but they were all good at what they do. Applying it to historical stuff did not throw them at all. They gave him competition, acting so well, that he had to get with it or be overwhelmed and left as a minor character in the drama. He had the sense to get with it and they gave him the push. The four of them then were a team and they all looked good. This is what Ah In needs, and if he does not have actors who challenge him, then he can’t do his best either. He was weak in the ‘Fashion God’ drama or whatever it was called. He is not yet the actor he thinks he is. I am not being mean or facetious, I am saying what I have found by watching him act. He needs someone who is good, for him to react in a strong manner. He certainly had that with the group in SKKS.
Just my opinion.

20 08 2012

I’ve been watching clips of Fashion King myself and I think your analysis of Yoo Ah In may be right. Just like you, I don’t see it as a means of downplaying him because Ah In is clearly a capable actor. Like many young actors, he just needs refine his personal consistency. I recall him being in the film Antique. Of course at the time I was mainly only paying attention to Ju Ji Hoon and Kim Jae Wook but I do remember Ah In being very boyishly charismatic in the film, and everyone took on their roles justly. I think it just goes to show that Ah In definitely thrives off being in the right acting environment.

But that smile does melt a thousand hearts. Actually, the entire cast of SKKS have very charming smiles! X)

20 08 2012

Yes I remember him in Antique. that was a most enjoyable film I thought. All the characters were done so well and you felt a great empathy with all of them. Wanted it all to work out as it were. and it did, didn’t it..
Don’t you notice that nearly all of the male Korean actors have charming smiles and they seem so natural. I was just watching a few videos of BigBang in various interviews. they all smile and laugh in a very easy way. Nothing is put on for the effect. they seems to enjoy being together and having fun.
I am sure some of the older actors maybe those in their thirties are more studied when interviewed, but they all seem easy to listen to. As for just looking…well I could look at BigBang and listen even when I don’t understand a word they are saying. I just have a big smile on my face. :-)

22 08 2012

I rewatched Antique last night, it really is an enjoyable film, It’s almost like the movie-equivalent of cake. During the experience, you can not help but smile, and after the experience, you’re just left feeling supremely satiated. I think the movie did an excellent job in developing the characters (and their friendship) in the short period of time. Looking forward to Ju Ji Hoon’s new drama, Five Fingers; I like a guy who looks good in a suit whilst playing the piano X)

And you know I will be agreeing with you on the smiling thing, Peggy! Actually, I was just watching some BIGBANG clips on youtube myself, mostly of G-Dragon speaking English. You should watch this clip if you haven’t already: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNOQ0vWnMso
Loved the moment at the 2:27 mark, where the guys go to answer a fan’s question, “Which member do you think is a mama’s boy?” Couldn’t stop the giggling XD

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