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3 08 2012

I know in my last post it sounded as if I should be fanning after Yoo Ah In, but nuh-uh, let me make things clear— Moon Jae Shin was my favourite character but actor-wise, it’s pretty-faced Song Joong Ki who has me running after his drama+filmography.

I think this largely has to do with realising that the boy is set to star in the upcoming series Nice Guy, which will be penned by none other than (revenge) “drama queen,” Lee Kyung Hee (the woman is responsible for several of my all-time favourite dramas and has made me cry around 2.3million gallons of tears~~) In a nutshell, Joong Ki will play a guy who was betrayed by a girl so he uses another girl to take revenge on the original girl. Sounding a bit doomsday? Bring on the wailing, squealing and crying-resultant nasal mucus I say!

Anyways, here are a few wallpapers I whipped up to showcase my, ah, noona love (man am I starting to show my age *fake laughs* >_>; Also, Joong Ki in wallie #01— agree with me, there’s definitely a bit of a James Dean vibe going on…)

Song Joong Ki wallpaper, wallpaper created by jicks. please credit: Song Joong Ki wallpaper, wallpaper created by jicks. please credit: Song Joong Ki wallpaper, wallpaper created by jicks. please credit:

Bon appétit! ;)


P.S. Images used in wallies were taken from one of my new favourite blogs to stalk, The Talking Cupboard. If you click through, you will see why.

P.P.S. In other news, I have been flogging Beast‘s new track like crazy. I’ve always been somewhat of a closet Beast fangirl (I guess because they are young, like, er, Miura Haruma young~ *twitch* *twitch*) but… screw it! It’s not as if my reputation is by any means in tact these days anyways~~ I am loving their latest and greatest, Beautiful Night, which is slightly uncharacteristic of me since I’m really not a dance-pop person at all. Listen for yourself though. And watch the flippin’ MV. I guarantee you will find yourself jumpin’ jumpin’ (Destiny’s Child style?) It really is just easy, breezy, youthtastically cool.





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4 08 2012

Ahahahahaha…so you’ve fallen under Song Joong-ki’s spell as well XD

I started off mocking LSJ (with lots of love, of course XD) and then Geol-oh broke my heart a few times but by the time I finished SKKS, I had a very bad case of SJK fever. My addiction was further fueled by Running Man (a variety show on which Joong-ki used to be a regular.) If you haven’t watched it and are in the mood for a laugh, can I recommend jumping to episode 15, which is a classic among RM fans for that infamous train scene segment between him and his noona, Song Ji-hyo? (you can skip straight to Part 2 for the scene I’m talking abt)

I see the drama gods have answered everyone’s wishes and are granting Joong-ki a lead role in a drama before he goes off to the army. I’d have preferred to see him in a more upbeat drama but ah well…I wonder if there are going to be any make-out scenes? The boy, if you’ve watched Penny Pinching Romance, sure knows how to kiss XD I have some screen caps here but you might want to prepare yourself mentally first XDDDD

11 08 2012

Oh Ellély, thank you for bringing all that goodness into my life! I’m glad I’m not the only one who came out of SKKS a certified SJK mesmerisee, lol. That Running Man ep *dies* My noona love is definitely festering. It’s so freaking cheesy but you can see Song Ji Hyo just loving every moment (can you blame her,)

By the way, just in case you are teetering, you are most welcome to share more XD

4 08 2012

Where to begin. Well I love Joong Ki and I definitely like him far more than Ah In. In fact I do not like Ah In as an actor. He was good in SKKS because he suddently realised that he was up against three very attractive and efficient actors. He thought he was better than they were and regarded them as amateurs. I guess they showed him pretty fast and he upped his acting and got with the team. I just saw him in the ‘Fashion’ drama and he was so dreadful that I did not finish it. How could he be so unpleasant. Acting was not good and full of strange faces and tics.Not an attractive leading man this time no matter what the story was or how the writing went.
Now Beast. I know just what you mean about being invigorated by a group of young male children (sorry!). They are good, but I am taken over completely by BigBang. They were the first and the only hiphop group that ever caught me eye. I am besotted by them and there is no end to that story.GDragon and TOP have me enthralled and their videos with the group are so intense and the settings so original. Have you seen and heard the latest single re ‘Monster’. ‘I love you, I need you’ Well they got me.
Love Peg.
PS Like you I am not a dance-pop person at all. In fact I loather the female groups and not too keen on some of the male groups. I think my taste is a little better than….well I won’t mention names or I will be on hate lists.

Love Peg.

11 08 2012

I’ve been watching some clips of the Jalgeum quartet in life before and after SKKS and have noticed that Ah In does seem to pull alot of faces. Don’t know why but I get the feeling he’s uncomfortable keeping a straight face. I am so behind with dramas as it is anyways so I think I will skip Fashion King. Came across a fanvid for a series called Birth Of A Rich Man today, I’m liking the look of the series… and also the actor Nam Goong Min. Hoping you can give me some advice, dear Peggy? ;)

Re Beast, lol, don’t worry on the children comment… I mean, they are barely out of their teens! ^^ I enjoy their music because they have a certain invigorating energy about them, and I really do believe their songs are better than quite a handful of other bands of their age-group, but like you, I still believe BIGBANG are a cut above the rest. I, too, am loving their latest release, Monster. The video is shot brilliantly. Dark, and very stirring. And I’m loving Dae Sung’s voice more and more.

4 08 2012

I’m looking forward to Joong Ki’s new drama. It will be interesting to see him play such a character.

I love the wallies by the way.

11 08 2012

Have you seen some of the early caps, NeeNee? Not looking as dark as what I would’ve imagined but I think maybe they’re just filming the happy times first. I am little concerned Joong Ki’s face may be too delicate and pretty to successfully pull off the emotions of a typical lead character from Lee Kyung Hee. That said, in SKKS, there were moments where his character did show glimpses of phenomenal depth that were quite impressive (this scene included <3) so let's just wait, hope and see :)

11 08 2012

I have and they do seem brighter than I would have thought, but I also think they might be before the truth or whatnot is revealed. I am a bit worried as well, but with SKKS you really did get to see those rare shining moments where JK really gave off the vibe and depth of the character so that makes me hope he can pull off a somewhat darker role rather well. There is this one actor who I can’t think of that has a more delicate prettiness that played a bang up job in a darker role…I saw it recently…what was it…? So if he can, I am sure Joong Ki can, too. I’m also looking forward to more of Moon Chae Won. I’ve liked her since her stint in Shining Inheritance and while I was 100% sold on her character in Daddy’s Girl, she’s improving all of the time and I’m happy to see her with more lead roles. So this drama shall be interesting.

13 08 2012

I do like Moon Chae Won, too, although I haven’t seen Daddy’s Girl (but with your rec I may just add it to my laughably long list of things I need to watch.) I like that she’s not too “girly” if that makes any sense at all.

If only you could think of this other pretty-faced actor who pulled off a dark role as well so I could rest more assured, lol. I watched the film Penny Pinchers the other day and… well, to be fair, the film didn’t have much logical substance to stand on, and Joong Ki’s character was written up just to be a bit of a… scrub/loser (for lack of a better term~~)… so needless to say, I didn’t leave with greater insight into his ability as an actor. Agreed that this will be interesting— definitely can’t wait.

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