Eita wallpaper + new avie.

19 08 2012

Because I was bored.

Eita wallpaper, https://candyme.wordpress.com/ (created by jicks *please credit*please DO NOT hotlink*) Eita wallpaper, https://candyme.wordpress.com/ (created by jicks *please credit*please DO NOT hotlink*) Eita wallpaper, https://candyme.wordpress.com/ (created by jicks *please credit*please DO NOT hotlink*)

Okay, so that’s a part lie. The truth is I, uh, guilelessly ended up at the YOUMAKEMECRY tumblr page (my what a beautiful collection xDD)… fine, so that’s another lie. I was actually searching for pictures of Chinese actor Shawn Dou. Yes, this is the first time I have mentioned him on my blog. Why were we stalking him? More in an upcoming post!

Anyways, the moral of the story is, you just never know where life takes you so always keep your eyes peeled for the good stuff! I did not expect to see these images but I was so taken away by the rugged preppiness of Mr Bad Hair, I had no choice but to wallpaperise it (and I figured it was due time I refreshed my gravatar logo.) You may or may not notice with the wallies that I am liking cleaner layouts of late. Low saturation with one or two small pops of colour. Letting the subject’s face do the talking. Hope you guys like.

By the way, if you are interested in another nice tumblr to assist in amping up that “special” folder of “special” images on your computer (you know the one I’m referring to~~) please have a look at A Suit Distraction. Yes I had a very productive day. All this hard work eventually led me to the following discovery— Eita and Matsuda Ryuhei are slated to star in a dorama version of Mahoro ekimae Tada Benriken (!) January 2013. Bring it. Briiiiiing iiiiit. BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNG IIIIIIITTTTTT (!!!!!!)

Lastly, just a few small formalities before I leave you alone: please do not take gravatar logo as I pieced it together really intending it for my use only ^^ Feel free to take wallies however, just try not to hotlink the file(s.) A kind little credit will also go a long way. Arigatougozaimasu :-)




4 responses

20 08 2012

Thankies for sharing the link to A Suit Distraction…that site just about ate up my entire afternoon but it did mean um…rediscovering my affection for certain people XDDDD

Speaking of Eita, did you ever get around to watching Lucky 7? And have you heard about Shun’s currently airing Getsu-9 drama Rich Man, Poor Woman?

22 08 2012

*hides face* No I haven’t seen Lucky Seven yet! I am such a bad person, lol. Really don’t know why because I love that Junji MatsuJun too :( I SHALL GET ONTO IT NOW *massive fist pump to chest*

I heard about Rich Man, Poor woman through NeeNee actually, had no idea it existed until NeeNee brough it up, lol (as you can gather I have been rather out of the loop.) Sounds like I need to give it a go though now that you are rec’ing it too. Any advice, tips or feedback before I get started? ^^

P.S. No worries on the linkie to A Suit Distraction. Sharing is caring, ne? xDD

22 08 2012

Re: Rich Man, Poor Woman

Let me just put it this way: I have never, ever found Shun hot (not even when he was in Crows Zero) but this drama has made me re-evaluate my opinion of him. I’m told he slept walked through HanaKimi but he is clearly enjoying himself here. He’s a bit of an ass but god, how much do I want to smack that smirk off of his face and do things to him with his tie?!

Arata (dunno if you’re familiar with his work) is also in this and I think I’m unhinged but I find his character sexy in a devious, rat bastard kinda way. If only he’d do something about that hair and oji-san appearance. Arata used to be really cute but it’s like he decided to let his looks go to seed so he could prove himself as a serious actor. *SIGH*

If you want my two cents, I don’t think I watched more than two episodes of Lucky Seven but RMPW is fun like a summer romance novel…and now I will slink away before I embarrass myself any further…

8 09 2012

Re Shunny-kun,
Hontouni, honki deska? You have NEVER wanted to take it further than, ah, a couple of violin lessons with him? O_o I’m slightly (actually thoroughly~!) flabbergasted… buuuuut… I confess his last few acting endeavours have failed me and even slightly deterred me away from his works SO if I look at at THIS way… if you’re diggin’ him in Rich Man, Poor Woman, then THIS HAS TO BE THE SERIES I’ve been waiting for XDDDDDDDDDDD I’m in the middle of a Kdrama run but I will be switching channels shun, I mean, soon, lol.

I just looked up Arata, he’s been in quite a few movies I’ve seen but sadly, my impression of his is very vague (borderline non-existent.) Though I’m confused why because google images is returning some pretty, er, nice looking pictures. Hmm. -_-; I can defs sense the sexy devious bastard demeanour, lol. Will keep tabs on him fo’ sho’ in the series.

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