That XX + G-Dragon One Of A Kind wallpaper

2 09 2012

So in one week, G-Dragon goes from this…


…to this…


*rubs eyes* *blinks* *chokes on spaghetti hair* O_0;;;(!)

I think I am really, shamelessly, becoming a full-fledged, er, admirer of this one fifth of Korean supergroup BIGBANG. His comeback song One Of A Kind is so unapologetically, cheekily cocky in the most Can’t-Help-But-Grin-And-Bop-Along kinda way (the MV too!) that, well, you really can’t help but just grin and bop along to the darn thing.

His just released That XX however, is at the whole other end of the spectrum. With all that slick, laid-back acoustic goodness, the song is just perfection to the ears. Looking up the lyrics (translation and romanisation here,) seeing the contrast between these first two tracks, and knowing he played a huge part in the brilliance of BIGBANG‘s most recent album Alive, really leaves me with little option but to join in on all the GD love in believing the man is a genius.

And I have formed one final verdict— I am fatefully drawn to people with bad hair -_-lll

Now leaving you with some One Of A Kind wallies I spent most of my day making. Nice comments voluntary, enjoyment necessary :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Have a grand day!

[ Images used at the top of this post and in the wallpapers were taken from the following blogs, not in any particular order: My Music Radar, World Through A Filter, SUPER CUTE SUPER, muuuuuuuuuses, Lady Chi’s Asian Persuasion, Asian Music Xtreme+ another site which I closed the tab on before I saved the URL. Holla at me if you in da know. ]




5 responses

6 09 2012

I kind of hate jumping on the bandwagon here.. but I’m starting to Love GD. I ran into One of the Kind last week, and couldn’t help but laugh/mock/ridicule/dance/singalong/and finally love it. And then, just to make sure I’m still sane I’ve been listening to his first album, and damn but half the songs make me love him more! Still can’t manage to make myself like BIGBANG, but this guy.. he’s special. Love the wallies, although I personally want the beanie hat with bear ears. So cute.

8 09 2012

Hey Sara,
Thank you for your nice comments! I’m bandwagoning like a skinless loser this year and GD is one of the lucky ones whose train/ship/boat I have hopped on board. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one laugh/mock/ridicule/dance/singalong/love process, lol.
Hope to see you around :-)
P.S. If you find one of those beanie bear things, please send me one XD

8 09 2012

I had to love your comment about being attracted/addicted to guys with bad hair. I’m still on the fence on GD. Not quite sure how I feel about him.

8 09 2012

LOL, I knew you would pick up on that remark NeeNee! You know me too well XD I have to tell you that even I have stopped brushing my hair in real life. It just feels better, lol.

Re G-Dragon, I was on the fence about him for while, too, in fact, I think I didn’t WANT to like him because there was so much hype and adoration going on for BIGBANG. IBut it only took me a split moment one day to flip (hard.) And now I see it. But it’s okay because not everything can be everyone’s cuppa tea. Besides, if we all liked the same things we would all be fighting, lol. This is one of best things about the world! X)

9 09 2012

Oddly enough, I’ve kinda stopped brushing my own. It’s thanks to my hairstyle actually, I don’t necessarily *need* to brush it to achieve the desired effect (which sometimes is equivalent to a rat’s nest :P).

I like GD’s work with Big Bang. Me not being a super huge hip hop fan is probably why I’m still on the fence. I like it at times, hate it at others. Yep, everyone is different and entitled to their own biases :)

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