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Blog name: [Candy.Me] Blog run & maintained by: jicks
Blogging since: October 2009.


Ah, can you explain the title?

Not really. But I do like square brackets.

Why blog? Seriously, what are your real intentions?

I don’t know if you’ve ever finished watching something and you just experience an overwhelming urge to release your feelings, well, this space is my outlet for just that. I seriously have no conscious intention of changing the world or changing your opinion, I just want to share my love for the Asian entertainment world— from a part mindless fangirl, part (very) occasionally semi-intelligent (or so I like to think~~) point of view. It’s much easier than spamming forums and other people’s blogs.

Oh, and I also dig boybands. Therefore expect some lip-syncing, guyliner action every now and then.

So who are your number one fandoms?

Eita. Nagayama Eita <3 (It’s the hair.) And of course, the one and only, The Dorama King, Kimura Takuya san.

Aaahh… Ju Ji Hoon, Won Bin, Kang Dong Won and Joe Cheng do it for me, too. I will also forever love Bi and So Ji Sub.

Lastly, I kinda have a major thing for Arashi, and one or two other JE boys but for very, very different reasons… *grabs tweezer and overplucks eyebrows*~~… And BIGBANG are fureaking amazing.

What about the ladies?

I’m not going to lie, I do tend to be more malecentric when it comes to choosing which doramas and films to watch (shock! boing! horror!) but I do have a list of girls that tickle my fancy. See for yourself here.

Anything else you want to share?

I love cake (maybe I should’ve called this blog Cake.Me then, lol) and I love comments! So please do not be shy in leaving one (or a hundred and twenty-eight!) I will try my best to reply to every one of them individually. Any thoughts, suggestions and questions, fire away— I will take it all on board, fo’ sho’

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your stay :)

45 responses

24 03 2010
Ender's Girl

I’m LOVING the Eita header!!!!!!! *fuhggedz all about Kimura who?*

Is this in prep for his upcoming drama? His hair looks weird in the poster, but then doesn’t it always? *tear of fondness*

25 03 2010

*fuhggedz all about Kimura who?* <<< LOL

Yeah. I love Eita & every single strand of his frizziness xDD

Him, Shun & Odagiri Joe- I don't know how they do it, but they make random Edward Scissorhand hairstyles look like STYLE *SIGHS*

3 05 2010

hiya!!! i’m just new on your blog… just wanted to let you know that even though i’m not commenting (i’m really under time pressure here), i’m gradually reading all your past posts! so far… LIKE IT!! it’s cool you like both J, to K, TW stuff.
I couldn’t pinpoint my favs like you do but all your fandoms coincide with mine too so great! by the way, it’s ender’s girl who introduced me here when we talked about eita and she said you like him, kimutaku, and shun too. it was good to see that there was even more in common…
okay.. now im off reading your other posts..

3 05 2010

heya! thankyou & welcome! glad to meet a fellow j/k/tw stalker.

ender’s girl blog entertains & amuses me beyond words, makes me happy she would recommend me ^_^

eita, shun & the dorama king himself… yeah. kinda dig ’em a little xDD i think i just like guys w/ bad hair lol

anyone else you like, feel free to share!

4 05 2010

hey! i had a marathon yesterday so i’m halfway through your blog now! i’ll probably finish reading by tomorrow or something… although i do have k-dramas to watch live and monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday are busy days so at the most, by the end of this week! and i love how you post on things that interest me!
and yeah, ender’s girl blog is really entertaining! and she’s super nice too! and smart.
lol… i never made the bad hair connection… so TRUE! they all have bad hair.

anyone else i like? oh boy, i once made a list of all the celebrity boys that i liked and it quickly went over 100… then i gave up on counting, and then, i gave up on the list period. lol. of course, i have favorites but even that is a long list.
um, i’ll just name the ones that are on top of my head now. it might not mean that they are my fav and i’m sure there are some that i would miss to mention but that i like better than the one i name. sounds confusing? lol. but oh well:
for TW:vic zhou! jimmy lin, aaron yan, mike he, jimmy lin, WANG LEE HOM (he’s the human being i know of that’s closest to my idea of an ideal man), hu ge, etc. etc. etc.
KR: jung il woo, so ji sup, bae yong joon, ju ji hoon, all the idols (dbsk, 2am, 2pm, super junior, B2AST, ft island, cn blue, ss501, etc.etc way too many), kang dong won, park shi hoo, lee min ho and f4 company, (btw, i like all versions of f4), Rain, song seung hun (he’s just PURELY for eyecandy. lol), kim rae won, kim jae won, bae soo bin, lee seung ki, jang geun suk, okay.. i give up at this point. still too many.
let’s move on to JP guys: all the JE boys, jrs and all. maybe i should name the ones i particularly like? all of NEWS, kame (dont ask me why, i wouldnt know) and jin and maru, and taguchi and koki, and ueda of KATTUN (uh.. i think that’s all of them in the end-_-), all of kanjani8, kimura of SMAP, nagase and taichi of TOKIO, okada ^^ of v6, both T&T, both kinki kids, arashi, ikuta toma, the hey say kids and u know what? i’ll stop here for JE. lol), then shun, eita, tsumabuki sathoshi, okada masaki, abe hiroshi, mukai osamu, gackt, hiraoka yuta, tamaki hiroshi, miura haruma etc. etc. etc.
for girls interest: um, CN liu yi fei cuz she’s pretty, liu tao, chen hao, ariel lin, jane zhang, Da S, ady an, and KR kim so yeon, ha ji won, yoon eun hye, song hye kyo, jun ji hyun, lee min jung, park shi hye, choi ji woo, moon geum yong, lee na young, han hyo joo, JP ueno juri, horikita maki, ueto aya, takeuchi yuko, shinohora ryoko, ayase haruka, utada hikaru, mika nakashima, aragaki yui, sawajiri erika, ishihara satomi etc. etc. etc.

u know what… this is crazy. it’s way longer than i anticipated. lol. and im sure i forgot someone. and mispelled names.. oh well. i’m off to go read more of your posts

4 05 2010

and i forgot all the KR girls group too (SNSD, wonder girls, kara, t-ara, secret, 4minute, 2NE1!!!, etc. etc. et.c

4 05 2010

and the old groups eugene and SES, FinKL, BabyVox
and g.o.d. SON HO YOUNG!, kim tae woo, HOT, Shinwha, sketchies, se7en
and kim jeong hoon, kim ji suk, kang nam gil, phillip lee, kim dong wook, kim jae wook, ji sung, ki tae yong, peter ho, and officially giving up on naming them all.

4 05 2010

*bows* how do you keep up w/ so many fandoms?? you must have an abundant amount of energy!

which is a good thing, because you’re gonna have to fight me on a few of those guys (& girls lol) that you named xPP i would esp put up a super good bashing for so ji sub & ju ji hoon <33

oh, & def don't fight me for mika xDDDDDD

but i think we're good w/ the girl pop band situation… not a huge girlband person myself, unless you count the er, semi-effeminate, cross-dressing skinny boys of a certain few J-2-da-E groups lol

5 05 2010

well, i don’t have that much energy, it’s just that i use all of it and exhaust myself to death… plus cute boys are really effective as energy pills! ^^ lol
hum, do we see a battle ahead? how about sharing? lol. um, so ji sub is going to be hard to give up for me but sure, you can have mika if that’s really what you want. I can just sneak in and “borrow” her from time to time :D
haha “semi-effeminate, cross-dressing skinny boys of a certain few J-2-da-E groups” too true… those boys sure are pretty.. and some look really like a girl.
you know tegoshi of NEWS… well, my friends thought the poor guy was a girl and i had to set them straight -_-”
but yeah, if we take into account JE groups, then I guess we have a problem here.. cuz i’m quite JE obsessed! not proud of it but hardcore nevertheless.
bring it on.. JK. LOL

5 05 2010

Battle ready!!! Bring on the “energy pills”!!!!!! lol

I fell in love w/ So Ji Sub after I’m Sorry I Love You. To this day I still tear up hearing the soundtrack to that series (how pathetic of me I know ><;;)

haha I can't blame your friend. Tegoshi does have v. kawaii girly features… in fact, after seeing alot of the JE boys dress up as girls, I have often wondered whether or not they've just bn born in the wrong bodies. Sometimes I think to myself, darn, they're so much prettier than me xPP

If you're talking about fighting over JE peeps, then I don't think we have that much of a problem. I only really have it major for Jun & Jin. Aiba, Takki & Kame are my next faves but I'm okay to share them lol As for Kimmy Kimmy Takuya-san… my love for him has escalated to another dimension of…… pure mantelpiece worship?? Hmm. I think he should just be "Everybody's Kimura." xDD

6 05 2010

haha… i fell in love with SJS after I’m sorry ILU too! it wasn’t my first drama of him but it was that perf that stood out for me… looking forward to road number one? i know SJS looks really enthusiastic about that one since he turned out at the awards ceremony in uniform… i thought he came from the set when i first saw his pix. well, i don’t tear up hearing the soundtrack but i don’t think ur pathetic for doing so… cuz that would make me pathetic also since i tear up for songs too!

I know right? some JE boys look so much like girls it’s unnerving… and they ARE prettier than me… in a way, i want to cry about that… altho ive seen tegoshi dress up before and he doesn’t look that much like a girl with a wig on altho he does look like one w/t the wig. but do you know SuJu kim heechul? That guy totally looks like a girl when he dresses up…o_O or u-kiss kevin..

well, i have it major for jun and jin too, especially jin… or jun to think of it.. lol! (have u seen their VS vid? so funny). and i love Takki too! i don’t know which one i like best among aiba, sho, and nino.. i always end up changing my mind on that one… as for kame… *sigh* i dont even know what to say… it’s a love/hate relationship.
and for Kimutaku… um, i’m not suicidary… i wont claim him for myself or i might risk the wrath of gazillions of rivals.
“everybody’s kimura” sounds good to me. lol
and btw, I’m finally FINISHED reading all your blog!!! *self-applause*
and loved it! we have so much in common regarding to entertainment! XD

6 05 2010
Ender's Girl

@ v
Lol, I knew jicks’ blog was just the place for you. ;-) (Let’s pretend she isn’t around… I love the variety of her posts, and still get thoroughly entertained even when I’m not that familiar with the subject (e.g. A.N. JELL). And her MG vs HYD vs BOF series is da bomb, if I may say. XD)

Holy smokes, you’re not just a fan of a bunch of idoru (like me & jicks), you’re a fan of the whole dang INDUSTRY, period. @O@ So… if there was one fandom you had to take to a deserted island, which one would it be? Hehe

Hmmm. It’s a wonder how we can love our JE gheiboyz the way we do, when the TW/K/C-industries have more manly men and boyish boys. The Johnnies look like cross-dressing twigs next to them. *tear of fondness*

@ jicks
“J-2-da-E groups” & “Kimmy Kimmy Takuya-san” <DDDD

And btw, “Everybody’s Kimura” << Ah luff it! Fangirling is most fun when it's shared, anyway. (I mean, can you think of an idol with a fan base of one? Uh… Morita Go maybe? lol) "All hail the Dorama King," indeed! =D

6 05 2010
Ender's Girl

“born in the wrong bodies” – Hahahaha but aintcha glad they’re still genetically male? Still, this reminds me of a couple of Akame fanfics over at the KAT-TUN Love LJ comm. Sometimes I read the blurbs and synopses for their sole entertainment value (although I never really read the whole thing; don’t think I’ll ever get used to slasher fic). The BEST ones out there bar none are the ones where Kame is a WOMAN, hahahahaha. I don’t remember who wrote them, but there’s one where Kame and Jin have a 1-night stand and Kame, uhh, gets knocked up (LMFAO!!!), thus precipitating their wedding!!! Then there’s another one where Kame (still a she) is a stripper at Jin’s bachelor party, then Jin gets drunk (because he obviously doesn’t love his bride-to-be, whoever she is) and ta-daaaa! Another 1-night stand with Stripper Kame ensues!!! Reading these blurbs I could not stop laughing, I kept going “LOL WTF WHAT LOL WTF” while pounding my desk. Good times, good times… >DDDD

7 05 2010

lol Those fanfics sound freaking hilarious! If only there were, er, home-made videos that illustrated it all *hentai eyeball* ><"""

To stick up for our twiggy JE members, despite their lean frames & fashion statements, I think they can & do actually act like grown men (yeah I said it) Oh & yeah, I do appreciate the fact that they are genetically male. Although it probably wouldn't stop me from fanning after them if one day we were to learn that they were, after all, genetically female *sweats major bullets*

Mmm, Morita Go's solo fanbase = Ueto Aya???

P.S. Ta ta for ya nice words :))

Many thanks for reading through my crazy thoughts! I feel like I should buy you a drink!! Nice to know we like alot of the same peeps… I’m always open to discuss more of our common loves- btw, do you have a page I can stalk in return?? xDD

SJS @the KBS Award shows THAT year… love the man but that is the most hideous suit I’ve ever seen. The fabric reminds me of some bad Arashi on-stage intergalactic suits pre-success days ^^;;

Speaking of… “i don’t know which one i like best among aiba, sho, and nino..” what about our dear Riida??! I think he is bear-hug adorable!! xDD

Re: Jun VS Jin- yeah, I’ve seen the YT vid a million times over, Jin not using the suffix “san” + Jun snobbing Jin off = internal war GOLD. Have to say, I’m on… Jun’ side xP He looks better in suits lol I def get the feeling that there’s no love lost btwn these 2 though ^^;;

7 05 2010

@E.G. Nice meeting you here!
yep, her blog is super cool and so is yours so thanks so much for the referral!
OMG… you’re not familiar with A.N.Jell? okay, not pressuring you or anything but You’re Beautiful is quite the idols drama and it would be nice if you could watch it. lol. Can you tell i’m crazy about that drama? XD actually, nevermind what i said… i’m afraid that when i overhype a drama, then pple get disappointed. but that drama has the distinction of nearly destroying away my life (literally). I followed it live and phew… NOT GOOD.. and yep, her HYDx3 reviews were awesome!!
lol… well, it does seem as if i’m a fan of the industry (and i haven’t yet mentioned the US related stuff..). but if i have to choose one fandom… hum…. this is way too hard and i’ll probably change my mind every day about my choice but as of right this moment, i would say on impulse JE fandom. (is that too broad? um, then NEWS or Kimutaku or Arashi or Jin or (okay, i’ll stop with the or’s.. had way more than intended already))
I know right? really, if I compare JE groups to Korean groups, they are inferior in talent and arguably looks (or rather body) for some and style (dear lord.. JE and their peacocks costumes) and yet, they have this inexplicable drawing power that is equal or even surpasses the other groups.
definitely bizarre.
and LOL… fanfics… haha… i don’t read them anymore but there used to be a period of around 2 years where I did read a whole lot of them… HILARIOUS!! good times..

haha… ur welcome! it was my pleasure.. and no need for a drink… unless you mean drinking in our boys’ hotness. that would be fine with me, thanks. ^^
haha… i dont have a personal blog (except for LJ but I never blog on that.). with all dramas and stuff like real life, i don’t really have the time… actually, it’s more that i’m too lazy so instead, i spend time stalking awesome blogs like yours
lol… it’s amazing how we look back at old JE vids and realize how ridiculous some of their costumes look like. lol.
OH yeah!!! riida? poor him, he’s been neglected…. my bad… i know.! he is always so nice. love him too! *huggie*

and the Jun VS Jin vid… i watched it about a million times too. haha… on that one, I was for Jin actually. altho now i need to rewatch it now, just to confirm this.

7 05 2010

Hmm… I may have a deal- if I ever come across some sweet “Lovejuice” I will def swish you over a bottle, okay okay xDD

I read somewhere on E.G.‘s blog you are turning a mere 20 soon yeah? So young! Are you still studying?

8 05 2010

yep, i’m turning 20 and trying to cope with the fact that i soon no longer can call myself a teenager anymore.. i would put a “lol” after this but i”m too depressed. glad to know u think i’m so young though XD.
and yeah, studying in college and struggling to add dramas with it. TT
but college life is really not bad at all.
what about you?

14 05 2010

I’m new to your blog but you’re not new to mine.. ^^ You know, it’s pretty cool that you live in Australia.. I’m just stuck in U.S.A.. Not that it’s bad, but pretty boring sometimes..
It’s really great that you enjoy all J, K, and TWDramas since some blogs just focus on one type.. It’s pretty annoying ><#

How do you do it? Drama Blogging + Job = Really Super Duper Hard Work.. I just have school so I'm not too busy.

14 05 2010

^^Yeah I know, it’s not always easy being a worker by day & blogger by night. Superheroes gotta be tough xDD

But I suppose because my passion for dramas is so, er, intense, it makes it all super enjoyable. I actually think it’s harder to study & keep up w/ drama love at the same time… I mean, I remember subsiding assignments until the last millisecond just so I could “watch one more episode.”

You’re from the States? Which part? It’s funny you say that you get bored because that’s what I think about Oz. Also, what are you studying?

16 05 2010

I’m from Oklahoma (It’s a state in the U.S., if you’re wondering.) It’s in the middle of Nowhere. Everyone assumes that I live in New York City or something.

What am I studying?? Uhhh.. I’m not even in college yet.. ^^;; I’m only in junior high (Detailed age, you can find it on my ‘About Me’ page).. Yeah. Really young right? Everyone thinks that.

At first, I thought only adults could be successful in blogging.. But I decided to try. It’s something I could do to keep me busy. :D

16 05 2010

I just checked out your “About Me” section & wow, I’m about twice your age!! You do speak in a much more mature way than what I’d imagine a “typical” 13yr old would sound like (not that I really know what a 13yr old sounds like these days anyways, perhaps I’m just getting old lol)

Good thing you are blogging. It’s great to be able to get the opinions of people from all different ages, nationalities & personalities. When I was your age, they hadn’t invented blogs yet (lol, heck, the internet was barely even around, only to military services or something ^^;;) so really I think it’s great that you are so dedicated at such a tender age :))

P.S. Yeah, I know about Oklahoma. I guess it’s from back in the days when I used to watch American shows & movies (so not enough time these days w/ all my Asian drama sensation situation… would really like to catch up the movies thing though *SIGH*) And oh yeah, I don’t mind the Oklahoma City Thunder ^_^

17 05 2010

Being 20-something is NOT old.. ^^

Oklahoma City Thunders… you watch NBA?? That’s cool if you do, since my dad is such a basketball fan and drags me along to see the games.. It’s either dramas, ABC dramas, or basketball games. :D

18 05 2010

yeah i know i exaggerate my age xPP

i love the NBA! though the thunder isn’t who i root for…i’m so jealous you get to see NBA matches live! lol that’s cool your Dad makes you go, & he watches reg TV & dramas w/ you as well??

18 05 2010

My dad watches regular American shows with me, but totally not Asian dramas.. He’ll probably be like ‘Why are you watching those shows? It’s not good for you.’ Gosh.

Just wondering.. Are you Asian?? I don’t know. It seems like you are.

18 05 2010

Never mind. It said at the top that you’re ‘oriental’… xDD

30 05 2010

haha I like what you do with this blog plus you have a good sense of humor! Keep on blogging!

2 06 2010

sankyu! sankyou!! xDD

all i can say is, i try, some days more than others but still… ^^;;

btw, who is the picture of in your gravatar?? my eyes won’t help me work it out (too much drama watching probably…)

13 06 2010

Wondering again. Since you said you were oriental, where are you from??

14 06 2010

i’m of chinese-malay ethnicity if that’s what you are wondering ;O but i have “wish i was japanese” moments every now & then lol (no, not really xD)

14 06 2010

Mmmm. That’s cool. (: I’m just completely Chinese…

Are you fluent in Mandarin and Malay? Just wondering. ^^;;

I know. I sometimes wished I was Japanese or Korean.. SOME times. I feel guilty saying this since I’m lucky that I’m bilingual… I just want to know to speak Japanese and Korean so I can watch dramas without subs. It’s so annoying when you can’t find a drama with subs..

14 06 2010

^^I think the feeling is worse when you find a series w/ “eng subs” & you start watching it & it’s clearly anything from English. In fact, it can’t even be classified EnGrish, it’s like aliens have come in to translate it using cryptic babelfish ^^;;

I’m fluent in Cantonese, thanks to my Ancestry, which I am extremely grateful for because I do feel like it is a very rich, colourful language. Plus, I’ve been able to grow up watching Hong Kong TVB dramas, something that I couldn’t imagine not having in my life xD

My parents tried to teach me Mandarin when I was younger but alas, I laughed in their faces at the time. And what do you know, now I wish I had listened to them lol

Well, you’re still only young, so perhaps it would be worthwhile enrolling yourself in some Japanese &/or Korean courses, since we’re more receptive to picking up a new language when we are younger. I, myself, have most def missed that cut (-_-;) (not that I think I have a natural gift in it anyways…)

15 06 2010

You can speak Cantonese? Wow. That’s pretty cool. Since I was born in Guangzhou, I could speak Cantonese when I was little, but when I came to the U.S, I forgot all of it. All I have now is Mandarin. T_T Actually, my dad can’t speak a lot of English, so our family talks in Mandarin most of the time. My dad is fluent in Cantonese, but he prefers to talk in Mandarin. If I haven’t gone back to China in the summers, or having stupid stupid Chinese class, I actually probably would of forgot my native language.. -_-

I used to watch a LOT of Hong Kong TVB dramas.. But I don’t watch them anymore. Maybe that’s how I started to learn Cantonese. Honestly, how does a language come to you? Do you just start learning just from listening to adults? Maybe it just comes to you…

I want to learn Japanese first, don’t know why.. Probably because I savor Japanese mystery dramas. OMG. They are so good. How am I going to learn it anyways? It’s not like my parents will buy me Rosetta Stone for $500..

19 11 2010

Hi, just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog! Usually I think it’s quite annoying reading others fangirling because often than not it’s presented in a brain dead sort of way. But you do it with style -loving yet criticizing, because this drama world is indeed quite silly<3 I do like your head on comments. Keep writing!

21 11 2010

Hello YG & thankyou for your comment! It’s nice to hear such affirming words because it lets me know that I’m not coming off as… completely mad xD

I know right, the drama world is so full of colour (!) I think it’s all well & good to support & love on the artists you like, but sometimes they do screw up, just like the rest of us (they’re just better looking &/or better photoshopped gaha) But it’s never the end of the world :)

Hope to see more of you around ;)

9 12 2010

Oh Lord I just realised that you live in the same city as me! Hehe, I noticed when backtracking and saw that you went into that magazine shop on Bourke St that my friend found a while back! Isn’t that place adorable? :D

9 12 2010

It’s a small world! Hope you’re staying dry ;P

I’ve only known that magazine store for about a year or so but when I asked the store person there how long they’d been around, he said about 5years lol

But yeah, it is a lil hidden gem xDD

18 01 2011

Not a linguist myself but admire anyone who has a second language down pat. I think that anyone who can speak Mandarin is way ahead of the pack in this modern world and especially for the future. If you have English and Mandarin and one other language you can go anywhere and be anything your heart desires. And, of course you can watch and understand Asian dramas without seeking English subs !!! I watch them without anyway and you can understand because the action is so clear. I always watch the Beijing 24hr news channel and because it is in English I know more about the whole world than anything I get from US news channels. The next century at least is going to be the Asian time I am sure.

19 01 2011

Well if the city I live in is anything to go by then Asians are definitely going to take over the world ;P In all seriousness, I think it’s pretty great that there is so much Asian influence in so many facets of the world. Without trying to get all preachy & philosophical, I think it’s a brilliant thing to be able to blend the best of all cultures together.

Kinda wished I had more heart in learning Mandarin though, I mean, just imagine the number of Taiwanese dramas I’d be able to whiz through without the need to wait for subs…

30 05 2013

Hey jicks, I’ve nominated you for The Liebster Award: http://wp.me/p1d8Ra-L2

11 06 2013

Not sure how current this page is. I mean the actual date. Anyway I have to ask our Oklahoma friend if she is OK. I do hope so. I can’t imagine being in a tornado. I live in southern California and I am used to the earth moving every day since I am very sensitive to that action. I would not change it for a tornado. Oklahoma has been inundated with terrible storms lately.
While I am here I have to say that anyone who can speak Mandarin has my total admiration.

29 11 2013


29 11 2013

Hi Jicks, Just got the email and delighted that your blog is still up ad running. I am still up but must admit no longer running these days. Vision bad so balance is definitely off. However I am still wading through all the Asian dramas. Mostly Korean at the moment. Heavy drama in ‘Secret Love’ also known as ‘Secret’ It has good cast and altho the plot is a little tricky it is still worth watching. Light romnce with oretty cast is ‘Princess Aurora’. I loved it for many episodes and then got very grustrated with the slowing down by the writer. she also killed off a few characters. Sent them to US….Lots of lawsuits by the actors etc. Also watching ‘Goddess of Fire’ … Interesting and I am not sure if it is historical in some way. Hope you are thriving and having fun. Life is good so Never Give Up.. Never can find Enders Girl these days. Is she kicking her heels up somewhere out of touch?,. Love….Peg

14 03 2014

Hey Peggy,

Tardy reply number 2! Apologies yet again -__-lll Haven’t seen any of the Korean dramas you mentioned but I will keep them in mind. Sadly I have gone off the drama radar altogether over the past year but I really do want to get back on track because it is such a wonderful, wonderful world!

It is a bit of a shame E.G. hasn’t updated her blog in sometime but I believe she is well. Can always revisit her awesomely written posts to reminisce X)

Many blessings to you! <3

29 11 2013

Horrors. Just read and saw typos. Please forgive but I cn’t see the keyboard very well nowadays. and fingers do wander at times.

14 03 2014

Peggy, I am the Queen of typos!!!!! LOL. Forgiveness not required as it never even upset me in the first place, hehehe ;P

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