I rate this scene: Sungkyunkwan Scandal [ episode 13 ]

30 07 2012

One word—



( video credit to: LuvAquarius91 @youtube )

[ insert a thousand trillion billion giant glowing hearts ]

The more I watch this scene, the more I am kicking myself over just why I didn’t freaking watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal sooner. Why. Why? Why did I wait so long before allowing the beautiful goodness to permeate my life? Why Drama Gods, why? T_T

And as you do, I answer myself this. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Although you might not always recognise the reason at the time, you just have to hold faith and trust things will turn out just the way they’re meant to. And they will. If I’ve ever learned anything from all my hours spent watching Asian dramas (and films,) that is definitely it. My interest in Korean dramas had kinda waned recently—actually, my interest in all dramas period, was waning, especially that of the rom-com genre— but SKKS has resurrected that fiery giddiness I had when Hallyu fever first struck.

And you know I also thought I’d convinced myself  I am forever a leading man kinda gal, but after SKKS, I may need to rethink a few things. Yoo Ah In‘s character, the introverted, brooding Moon Jae Shin is definitely confusing my life. It’s that mysteriously rebellious glint in his eyes, the smile that’s brighter than the sunshine (those pearlers are so white!), and of course, the friggin’ messed up childhood. The complete and utter selflessness in looking out for the girl and NOT ONCE ever expecting anything in return. The silent heartbreak when he acknowledges that her heart is with another friend. And most importantly, the knowing when to walk away. GAAAAAAAHHHHHHH You can’t fault me for falling for someone like that (also lovedX100million Song Joong Ki‘s portrayal of the flamboyant, laughably fashion-conscious, twirling, winking playboy, Goo Yong Ha. That snow-white skin that makes even Snow White look, well, not snow-white~~ <3)

I’m not saying that Lee Sun Joon was a loser at all by any means though, because, Micky Yoochun was near-flawless as the leading man. And hells yes, I adored him. I have no doubt he would make The Perfect Husband. Watching him fall for who he thought was a boy, then seeing him discover that his love was actually a girl— and not get immovably mad at being lied to about (ala Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince)— sweetest thing ever. Even if I were to watch the series again, I would still grin cheesily and relish in every single moment of the love between him and Park Min Young‘s character Kim Yoon Shik / Hee.

But by far my greatest joy in watching SKKS came from realising just how significant the friendship between Moon Jae Shin and Goo Yong Ha was. The normally light-hearted, seemingly superficial Yong Ha turns serious, tears streaming from his beautiful eyes for the first time in the series (hands up who was jealous of his unfairly long, lush eyelashes btw *twitch* *twitch*~~) That punch he throws and every single word that is spoken is simply brotherhood overload in the bestest of ways. There’s something really heart-stirring seeing two men live in such camaraderie, to see them care so much they would put their own lives on the line and be moved to tears. The “I love you, man” without actually saying the words. I don’t know what it is but for me, it’s so much more satisfying than seeing two girls do the same thing, and even a guy and a girl for that matter. Moon Jae Shin and Go Yong Ha reassure me that love and life not only go beyond that between a man and a woman, but are both truly, wholeheartedly, worth fighting for.

Seriously, I wouldn’t even care if the two ended up marrying each other.

One last share— listen here— the theme that would play in the background everytime Moon Jae Shin was in brooding mode <3 Second fiddle guys might not always get the girl but at least they usually get a good piece of music! :)

I rate this scene: The Naked Kitchen (Hong Ji Yeong, 2009)

28 11 2011

I never thought this day would come.

*throws pompoms in air* Shin goon is back!

I probably haven’t talked about the Korean side of things enough on this blog but seriously, Ju Ji Hoon truly does it for me. Like, from the moment I saw him rock those gawd-awful polka dot vests in Goong, he had me. I made one of those subconscious pacts with myself that it didn’t matter what he would do for the rest of his career, I would love and support him forever and always *gags up dinner from three nights ago*

Errrrr but then 2009 rolled around and boy was I about to be tested. Everybody’s favourite modern day Prince of South Korea was all of a sudden a convicted and self-confessed druggie. Okay, okay, okay, mianhaeyo, I exaggerate. Ju Ji Hoon admitted to the use of Ecstasy and Ketamine on two different occasions, which upon hearing at first, left many, many people heavily concerned for the actor’s future. Drugs, period, is not really the best thing to get involved in anywhere around the world but in South Korea? I seriously felt like crawling under a royal tonne of hanbok and crying my friggin’ eyes out until they darn well bled.

But thankfully, he ended up being dealt a pretty lenient 120 hour community service sentence and blessedly escaped time behind the bars. Once that was done though, it was “Off to the military we go!” as us fans flaunted our best baronial wave goodbye to our dearest, most beloved Shin goon (complete with a buzz cut! Speaking of which, please grow your hair back out soon. I much prefer soft wispy bangs in your face^^)

And now, here we stand, one week after Ju Ji Hoon‘s official discharge from the South Korean military and one day after his first post-military meeting with his fans (where apparently he crooned out a couple of my favourite songs— With or Without You by U2 and Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls… plus, he played the guitar, ahmargah gah gah~~~~~~) So I thought, what better way to celebrate than to share this super-duper, “I so wish I was Shin Min A shi !” scene from The Naked Kitchen ? (No, it’s not THAT scene when they meet early on as strangers and get all, ah, canoodley. That said, I probably wouldn’t have minded being in the pretty actress’s underwear, er, I mean, shoes then either. Hmm. If you want to suss it out for yourself, here is the youtube link.)


And that, is how you sweep someone off their freaking feet <3 (who cares if she’s your hyung‘s wife *twitches left eyebrow*)

Seriously, two years has been too long. I’m so ready to see what Yonsama can do for you, Ji Hoon shi !


I rate this scene: Coffee Prince [episode 17]

24 07 2011

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently finally made my around to watching the 2007 drama Coffee Prince. And now, here I stand, having completed it. Final verdict? *wipes milk froth from upper lip* Hells yes baby do I get the hype!

Coffee Prince is my first encounter with Gong Yoo… that I can remember (apparently we met previously in the movie My Tutor Friend but sadly, I must’ve been all delusional over Kwon Sang Woo… and his abs -_-;;;;;) Up until now, I’d never really been drawn to Gong Yoo in that I felt compelled to stalk his dramaography and filmography. But his inspiriting, soulful enactment of Choi Han Kyul has definitely left me thinking- exactly what the crap was I thinking??? And I don’t care if you’re confused with your sexuality boy, if you can’t work it out I will get a sex change for you!!!!!!

As for Yoon Eun Hye, girl, all I can say is, what a tough life it must be having to work with the likes of Ju Ji Hoon, Gong Yoo and Kang Ji Hwan *twitches eyebrows* *evil fangirl glare* But it’s okay, we like you. Gosh darn that natural spunk and charisma of yours. Yoon Eun Hye shi, you may not have made the top 10 list of my girl crushes, but you ain’t too far off. And there’s no denying you are one in a freaking million.

And if you ask a Coffee Prince fan what their favourite scene from the series would be, I have no doubt many would tell you, drooling, that it would be one of Han Kyul and Eun Chae‘s passionately passionate pash-o-rama moments. Fair call. But for me, there was nothing more grin-inducing than in the final episode where we see a cheestastically beaming, oh-so-in-love Han Kyul give his beloved Eun Chae a wake up call… serenading her into the phone and crooning Han Dong Joon‘s 너를 사랑해 (I Love You.)


[[[ Watch it here ]]]

(Btw, this clip is with Thai subs only, I couldn’t find one with any Engrish. But seriously, the scene needs no translation. The magic speaks for itself xDD)

^^This is exactly how I’d like to be woken up every single morning of my life (as much as I love rotating my alarm tones from Arashi‘s discography~~;;;)

Damn it Shin goon, you have some serious competition.

I rate this scene: Goong [episode 16]

14 02 2011

So I was thinking about a certain Korean celebrity who is fast approaching their use-by military date *coughs*Bi*coughs* (baby sooner or later we’re gonna have to part ways for a coupla years. Do remember to take care of those abs!) then that led me onto thinking of those who I like and are already serving: Jo In Sung, Kang Dong Won, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Nam Gil and- the one I absolutely miss the most-

Ju Ji Hoon.

And this, naturally, got me thinking about the 2006 Korean drama series, Goong.

Goong (aka Palace aka Princess Hours) is probably in my all-time favourite top 10 series. Despite it getting a teeny tiny bit draggy somewhere between episodes 16 and 20 (give or take;) despite the not-necessarily-always-crash-hot-acting; despite Lee Yul getting on my freaking nerves for like, the last two-thirds of the story… I still feel that everything else was enough to make me overlook whatever faults the series may have had.

Trying to pick my favourite Goong lovey-dovey moment that would be fit for a V-Day post was also a challenge and a half (!!!) because the series was so loaded with them (´ー`)。o0○ Do I go with one of the bazillion hall-of-fame kissing scenes? Do I go with one where a hug and Ju Ji Hoon‘s back were in the same equation? Do I go with one where there were ROFLtastic giggles (Chae Kyung hiding in the closet and peeping at Shin getting au naturel anyone? xPP) or one where there were tears? Or do I go with the Cinderella moment where Shin goon finds “the glass slipper” in the middle of a dancing crowd and slips it back onto the foot of our Princess Chae Kyung? Is it possible for a girl to pick just the one favourite?

Well, I tried. And I decided on this:


The beach scene stands out to me because it was such a contrast to the usual rich and vibrant saturation of colours that Goong is celebrated for. It stands out because of how simple and organic everything feels. Everything is stripped back- all the hues, all the costumes, all the pizazz. All we see is the Crown Prince and the Princess chasing each other around and being all kindsa silly, like two little children in the playground.

Not that I believe in all the commercial (over)hype of Valentine’s Day (such a single person’s thing to say i.e. moi lol) but if you need any ideas on how to spend the 14th of February, I’m thinking a beach date like this would pretty much be the sweetest thing xDD

Dear Shin goon, gimme that piggy-back ride now! (May I add, piggy-backing someone and running in the sand? Ju Ji Hoon, that kinda makes me like you even more. And also, the semi foot massage pedicure situation… I likey ;) )

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ^_^

I rate this scene: Hero (2002, Zhang Yi Mou)

29 11 2010

For the record, Tony Leung is my favourite actor in the entire farking universe. No amount of Kimuraness & other fellow Johnny Kness could budge me the slightest mommacrappin bit. Even if all the actors on the planet & Yamashita Tomohisa combined their powers (oh PiPi, you know I have nothing but love for yaaa ;O), I would still rate this man greater. In my eyes, Tony Leung is that brilliant.

And Maggie Cheung… *girl drool* There are alot of actresses in this world but this woman is, put simply, A Movie Star. She has this aura that is reminiscent of a beauty from another era yet the charisma of the hippest contemporary woman- I think she is just so flippin’ cool. Very few today can match the modern grace she embodies.

So in a nutshell, I love them both.

And whenever you put them together, it’s all kindsa fabulous. And frickin’ faaabulous they were both in the 2002 Chinese film by Zhang Yi Mou, Hero.

[ !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! Get out now if you’ve never seen the film but plan on doing so (btw, I would very highly recommend you do indeed see it.) ]

I realised it’s not very often that I ramble on talk about cinema, so, under the influence (of the non-alcoholic variety) of some Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon discussion over at zooey‘s blog, I was feeling my wuxia & could not resist in revisiting Hero, gasping, relishing & weeping once again at their final epically romantic, heart-breaking, soul-shaking scene.

Their characters, Broken Sword (Tony) & Flying Snow (Maggie,) both assassins working with Nameless (character played by martial arts superstar Jet Li) to take down the Emperor during the Warring States Period in China, are here in the ending stages of the story, dueling against each other. For their plan to succeed, one of them must die.

You should all know by now, in such a scenario, the man always sacrifices himself. ALWAYS. If you happen to come across a movie that doesn’t follow this formula, then, well, sorry to burst ya bubble but lemme tell ya now- the man there really ain’t a man. Nor does he really love the woman.


I gasped at the moment Broken Sword let his sword drop from his hand, allowing Flying Snow to pierce him.

I wept at the moment Flying Snow asked a lifeless Broken Sword, “Why didn’t you defend yourself? Why didn’t you?”

I f**king wailed when Flying Snow wailed.

But by the time she spoke her last words, although I was still crying like a lil innocent boy who had just been shown Takki‘s ero ero dance for the first time (>O>;) I was feeling completely at peace.

“No more drifting, no more roaming.
I’m taking you home now.
Our home.”

I could let go because I knew that they were together. Together, under the one sky, for the rest of time (meanwhile, Zhang Zi Yi‘s character, Moon, is running & tripping over in the background towards the ill-fated couple but, meh, we don’t need to care too much about her, okies? xP)

I know there were several gloriously choreographed fight scenes throughout the movie but this scene here sealed the deal for me.

In my eyes, this is true poetic beauty. 

Watch it here >>>

Tony+Maggie = Pure Cinematic Magic <3

(^^Just had to get that last line off mah chest ;O)

I rate this scene: Orange Days [episode 07]

2 09 2010

So you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a little, er, fogged up lately. And I probably didn’t give Tsumabuki Satoshi as much love in my posts as I did w/ the others *clears throat* but you need to believe me, I do think alot of him. It’s not just because he’s good-looking (although his eternally charming boyish good looks certainly works wonders *pokes fingers into dimples* xD)- I truly think v. highly of his acting. Which brings me to this– just how freaking drooltastic was he in Orange Days (!)

In the leadup to my favourite scene in the series, Sae (Shibasaki Kou) has pretty much just been played like a fool by a dude who she used to love & thought she still loved, but he was really just wanting to indignantly cash in on her talents as a hearing-impaired musician. She wanted someone to talk to & Kai (Tsumabauki Satoshi) is the first person she thinks of. She whips out her mobile phone & eMails him, “Respond to me Yuuki Kai.” And hey, whadduya know, he so promptly replies, “I have responded.” The rest of the text conversation goes like this-


Sae: I got dumped.
Kai: I see…
I was thinking, it must’ve been an illusion.
Kai: Yeah.
: After I lost my hearing, it was the first time  that anyone told me they liked me.
: Yeah. [jicks’ note: At his point, I was like, “Come on boy, do you wanna elaborate already before I smack you?”]
: I thought that I could fall in love again. I was feeling special beacuse there was someone who said they even liked someone like me. I thought that I could be that sparkling girl again.
Kai: Yeah.
Sae: That’s all you’ve been saying.
Kai: I don’t know what to say but I’m listening. [jicks’ note: At THIS point, I was like, “Sorry boy! I take my previous harsh comment back! P.S. I love you!”]
Sae: Are you really listening? Are you sure you’re not watching TV or eating cup ramen?
Kai: I’m not. I swear to God I’m not. I just turned the TV off. I just turned the TV off.
Kai (another msg): Are you cold there?
Sae: No, I’m fine [long pause] I want to see you. Can I see you?


Then… the battery in Sae‘s phone dies (it’s a dorama world after all -_-) But it’s all as sweet as pie because one of the most fangirl-melting moments in dorama history is about to adorn us (this is HOW couples should get together <3)


Sae finds her way back to their college & flips through the scribble notebook from their Orange club. Before long, the security guard kicks her out, she steps outside & somewhat shocked, she sees Kai in the distance, sprinting his heart out towards her.


Sae: What’s wrong?
Kai: What do you mean what’s wrong? You’re the one who said you wanted to see me.
Sae: How did you know I was here?
Kai: I had a feeling… although I did run around to other places, like the bookstore.
Sae (brief pause): I felt so sad. I knew it was a one-sided love but it was my only love. I treasured it inside of me. For a long time I had always treasured it. Like this. I had held it close, in my right hand… But you  know.. when I opened my palm there was nothing. Emptiness. There was nothing. It’s stupid, isn’t it?
Kai (brief, hesitant pause): Hey… try opening your left hand… Am I there? [jicks’ note: #O_o# *speechless*]
Sae (edges towards him): Hey… don’t you get embarrassed saying cheesy things like that?
Kai (soulful gaze + most endearing laugh/chuckle/smirk ever xDDDDDDD): You bet it’s embarrassing!


And then we have one big giant embrace (may I add that he looks like a really good snuggler?) I think the fact that their words were all expressed in sign made it that much more touching, that much more pristine, that much more romantic. It was dead silent but they were really listening to each other.

Seriously, if this series – this scenedoesn’t make you fall for Tsumabuki Satoshi, then I don’t know what will.

Enjoy :)))))))

(Btw, Eita & Juri-chan in Orange Days together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, they weren’t really together but I just had to mention them ;O)

I rate this scene: Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School [episode 16]

4 07 2010

Good day & gomen! m(_ _)m

I know it’s been a while since my last post but I’ve been caught up w/ the World Cup fever, & because I’m in a stupid timezone, I get live matches at ungodly hours (i.e. 12 midnight & 4:30am… did you know it’s really, really cold at 4:30am in the morning? ~~) However, I think it’s all good now since there are no more Asian teams & Brazil & Argentina have also been punched out *face palm*

I had also gone into deep depression after Roger Federer‘s quarter final exit @ this year’s Wimbledon TTTTTT_TTTTTT …but I think I can now see the daylight again lol Onwards & upwards ☆(^_^)☆

So I promise I will make a hearty effort to keep the updates flowing =D

Anyways, back on topic!

I’m posting this scene, the final passage in the finale of the 2003 Korean drama, Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School, in lieu of Bi‘s upcoming return to the small screen in his Mother land (new series title is Fugitive, co-starring one of my serious girl crushes, Lee Na Young, who is also back from an extended hiatus from drama work… Hip! Hip! Hooray!!!!!!!!!! FYI, these 2 starred in a series of CFs for the Korean phone company NATE, back in- I think– 2006. Too cute. See for yourself HERE ^_^)


******SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!******

Following the finale of Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School, I remember there were fervent discussions as to whether or not the existence of this scene meant that the main protagonists had passed on or not. Did the traffic accident kill them?

After watching this scene over & over again, I think that it is truly up to the viewer to interpret the ending for themselves.

I believe that Sang Doo & Eun Hwan did die together (I am a victim of blooming Korean melodrama lol.) The glowing sepia coloured tones of the scene, the semi-fantasy-like element where Eun Hwan is suddenly giving birth out of the blue, the plush, peaceful greenery, the clear, unmuted, heaven-like skies… these are all elements that lure me to feel as if the scene isn’t “real.”

There is also the final monologue piece from the couple:

Even when life deceits you, don’t be sad or angry.
When the sad days passes by, a happier day will come to you.
We believe that love is the only hope in this lonesome world.
The thankful people who have allowed, yielded & permitted our love,
We love you.
And you’ll always be remembered.
People that forgave our love, we love you.

From Eun Hwan & Sang Doo
In a world without despair.

The last line seals the deal.

On top of that, we have Bori‘s words leading up & into the scene:

Dad, I’m really sorry.
You worked so hard to make me healthy.
But I keep on forgetting you, I’m sorry,
And I’m sorry I keep on forgetting your face.

I’ll try to dream of you tonight.

Goodbye Dad.

Your love, Bori. November 4th.

I think the fact that she signs off with a date may influence some to believe this is a letter that she is writing to her father, therefore meaning that he is still physically around, but I can hardy imagine that if Sang Doo was still alive, he wouldn’t even drop by to see his beloved daughter, if only it was even just once a year. I feel like Bori‘s narrative here is more like a journal recording of her own words to help her preserve her memories & feelings for her Dad as much as she can. Perhaps also, her guardians haven’t told her the complete truth. She may not fully comprehend what death is. I think she believes Sang Doo is still alive, but just living in “another world.”

I like to view this scene as Bori dreaming of Sang Doo & Eun Hwan. And in my eyes, Sang Doo & Eun Hwan are in heaven. But whatever your interpretation is, at least we can all agree that Sang Doo & Eun Hwan are finally together & living on in eternal happiness.

And I’m happy for them *tears of contentment* :’)

Please watch the scene here: (FF to the final 3:11 mark, & btw, the background track, My Love… Y_Y)