Quote It: Mi Ho

17 09 2012

Firstly, yes, I am in the midst of playing catch-up with my Korean dramas. And yes, mother of crap am I lamenting my slothful efforts over the past couple of years in keeping up. But now I am inhaling it all at once. I don’t know how much of this extreme goodness I can continue to take.



I wasn’t living… I was merely existing. I want to change, and fulfill my time as I live.

Mi Ho (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, episode 12.)

(Image  created by pink-kafka @deviantart. Please click on pic to be taken through to the awesome original animated version :))


I think I have a new favourite drama heroine.

Pardon the mawkishness, but the above quote really resonates with me currently in my life, which is why I am reiterating this— I really do feel like all things happen for a reason. Just like how there is always a reason why you end up watching certain shows at a certain time (or am I just making excuses for being slack with my drama-watching? Errrrr, you decide >_>;;;) I know sometimes us fangirls, er, drama lovers, er, drama watchers may cop some flak for being apparently obsessively caught up with the “unrealistic” fantasies that Asian dramas create for us, but I don’t think you can deny that within these seemingly far-fetched stories lies many powerful messages and philosophies on life. Mi Ho‘s words here really make you pause and rethink just how precious life is— and how awesome it can be when you choose for it to be. Yeah there will always be ups and downs but being alive is a gift in itself and it’s ultimately up to you to make the most of it. Kinda reminds me of Abraham Lincoln‘s famous words:

It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts. “

Anyways, enough of the D&M and let’s get back to the obsessive, “unrealistic” drama-lovin’ stuff shall we? XD

I haven’t necessarily been Shin Min A‘s biggest fan in the past. I’ve always recognised the girl was equal parts spunk and hotness (have you ever seen any of her fashion shoots? She’s like a Gemma Ward cross Miranda Kerr… must be some tough genes to have there…) and she’d never really failed in any of her acting assignments et al…. but I never found myself connecting with her. Maybe it’s a jealousy/being intimidated issue, I don’t know (Fairygodmother voice: “Sloth? Envy? You are so not going to Heaven, jicksy dear!”~~) but in some ways, I kinda likened her to being the most popular girl in high school. You know, the Prom Queen, the unfairly super sassy lass who had all the boys pining after her— the girl you wished you were.

But then, I watched My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho (and did a bit of growing up in the process.) Seriously, she (and the drama) couldn’t have been more perfect if she tried. Yes, it appears that bandwagoning has become my hobby of late but, well, I. Don’t. Care. You could perceive me as a bit of a snob with selfishly lofty expectations but I like to think that I always give credit when and where credit is due. Thus, I really do mean it when I say this— Shin Min A absolutely killed it as Mi Ho. Not too many actresses can pull off such a child-like, naive girly girl role, fly off an endless array of cutesy, gimmicky phrases and hand gestures that bring about the biggest chunk of cheese ever… AND NOT ONCE get on your nerves *coughs*take note Geum Jan Di*coughs* But Min A shi was simply addictively perky-cute in this sweetest glory of a rom-com series. Bewitching, if you will. The Haterade has indeed purged itself back up my esophagus, out my big mouth and out of my body. I officially love this girl. Shin Min A was to the series what Jang Geun Seuk was to You’re Beautiful (speaking of, I totally just finished watching Ikemen desu ne i.e. the Japanese version of You’re Beautiful <3 <3 Comparison post on its way? Sure, I’m working on it~~ <3) I dare go to say that Mi Ho is my favourite drama heroine ever. I loved every part of her innocence and humanity. I loved her unconditional faith. I loved that she loved.

No doubt a huge part of Mi Ho‘s appeal had to do with the brilliance of The Hong Sisters‘ pen and incredible imagination (who, btw, if they were male, I would totes be stalking them in a wedding dress whilst caressing a Cabbage Patch doll. Yes this is a compliment. ) But of course there is only so much a wonderfully written script can take a series as, in my opinion, without the right actor or actress, it would really all just go to waste. The casting for Gumiho was so spot on it will make you never want anything to do with a series where you can imagine someone else in the role you are watching ever again (weird sentence but it makes sense. Trust me. Re-read it! Please.) Not only could I not picture anyone but Shin Min A as Mi Ho, it was impossible to imagine someone else as our gumiho-loving hero, Cha Dae Woong. Lee Seung Gi, I don’t understand it, in still pictures you don’t really do it for me, but in motion picture you just slaughter me. You have me believing. You have me loving. All I can say is, Woong ah, you can hoi hoi me anytime baby X) (and, nomu nomu nomu nomu chua !!)

And I know everyone always has to have a favourite kiss of the series, so I’ma ‘ere sharin’ mine:

(gif credit: stelenawildsex tumblr)

*flails hard* It’s nice to see someone in a series actually look happy while they’re smooching.

One last thing— I think I am entering second fiddle mania as No Min Woo as Dong Ju in Gumiho = OH MY let me your huntress NOW. I was actually a bit ambivalent about his character early on, but the more the series developed, the more I warmed to him. And the following words he spoke in the finale episode just tipped me over the edge;

I believed that doing what the other person wanted was love. I did that, and for more than a thousand years I have regretted it. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake.

*empties tears ducts into Pacific Ocean* T_T *throws arms wide open* I’ve been sent to hug you, Dong Ju seon saeng nim, I’ve been sent to hug youuuuuu !!!!!!!

Ahem. Yes.

Oh, btw, just how hilarious was this imaginary scene? The look on Dong Ju‘s face is freakin’ priceless.

(gif credit: Lost In The Skies tumblr)

Seriously. I feel like his character needs his own spin-off show.

I would defs watch it X)

Quote It: Kashiwagi Shuji

17 03 2012


“Human beings are creatures of regret.”

Kashiwagi Shuji ( Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta, episode 1. )


I for sure as heck didn’t regret watching Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta, not because it was a great series because it really wasn’t, but because that Haruma boy was just so gosh-darn-perfect in it… well, to look at, at least. The ending theme alone with all the crisp white and sunshine goodness is enough to warrant anybody’s ticket fare.

The series kicks off with a half naked Miura Haruma frolicking around with his vibrating… alarm clock~~ xDD That’s always a good start to any series. He plays a popular high school biology teacher (er, sensei, you can unzip my genes anyday *rapid eyebrow twitch* lololol, Kashiwagi Shuji who is pretty much set on marrying fellow teacher, Uemura Natsumi (played by Toda Erika.) Both are widely loved at their school and hey, can you really blame the students?

Anyways, it’s obvious that Kashiwagi sensei is running late for work, however for the love of Fog Bars and kawaii little toyboys, that will become the least of his concerns. Within moments, he discovers there is an equally naked female body in his bed, and mother of crap, it turns out to be one of his students. Chotto matte. Haru chan, we have a problem.

And this was where the series lost me— why the bjesus would anyone cheat on Toda Erika?

Miura‘s shows us in Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta that his acting is steadily improving but I did feel that the role was a tad premature for him. To be fair, yes, he is a young adult but come on, he was merely 3 or 4 years older (if that) than half the actors and actresses who played his students. It doesn’t matter how well someone grasps a role on a technicality basis, if you don’t look the part, it’s going to be difficult convincing the audience.

Not only that, the whole adultery / deceiving-the-whole-world-about-it stigma in the beginning didn’t complement his demeanour at all. And the fact that his character exuded so much care for Saeki (the female student who Kashiwagi sensei *air quote open* slept with *air quote close*… watch and you will understand the air quotes) was borderline creepy. Baby, she is YOUR STUDENT! STOOOOODEEENNT !!! People can go to jail for this kinda thing!!! Like how some of us are gonna be shackled away forever for breaking into your changeroom! I’m guessing you must’ve taken inspiration from your (our??) beloved Yamaguchi sensei, but boy, when you look like that, you need to be extra careful about the way you behave around members of the opposite sex. Only Yankumi can pull off that kinda shiz. Double standards, yes, but when an older male gets a little closer than the norm to a younger female, we just don’t take it quite as well.

Buuuut, saving grace, the last couple of episodes, from the moment Shuji realises Natsumi is the one for him is the moment we realise that Miura baby can most definitely take on a head-of-the-household, romantic leading role— and do it freaking well. It was Project Redemption watching the boy gaze so lovingly at Toda Erika and their own little genetic protégé (btw, this child is gonna be a total gene pool success ( ̄□ ̄;)…hmm, I’ve talked alot about genes today…~~) Let’s just hope next time they minus out the extramarital affairs and all the other shady beeswax.

Give us Miura Haruma, the boy you want your daughter to bring home.

Quote It: Kanzaki Nao

23 11 2011


I’d rather be betrayed than suspect people.

-Kanzaki Nao, LIAR GAME: The Final Stage


Aaaaahhh the eternally innocent, naive-til-no-end, Nao chan. Fair enough. Come to think of it, it would be nice to live in a world where there was no plotting against one another. A world with no hidden agendas. A world where bandmates didn’t talk smack behind one another’s backs and stayed together forever (*puts on Andre 3000 voice* Furrevah-evah?)

It’s hard to play a character as unbendingly honest as Kanzaki Nao and not get on anybody’s nerves buuuuut (confession101!)— I’ve always been a bit of  fan of Toda Erika. To be honest, she isn’t necessarily mindblowingly outstanding but I do think she is a capable actress. The unconditional faith Nao chan has in the herd of swindlers she has found herself entangled with is borderline eyeball-rolling-inducing but I do think Toda Erika made it work— I dunno, there’s just a certain spunk about her. And I like it.

Um, and I also like Matsuda Shota. Alot. But let’s talk about the series a bit more first, shall we?

So about one year after I watched both the two LIAR GAME seasons— which I enjoyed tremendously (I will elaborate slightly in a jiffy)— I finally found my way to its aftermath, the “Let’s milk what we can from the success of the drama series!” film of the same title,  LIAR GAME: The Final Stage.

Although it wasn’t as much of a pointless affair as the Hana Yori Dango Final movie, I do think the franchise would’ve done fine without the film, given that nothing presented to us in The Final Stage was really that out of the ordinary. Most of what we saw in the film we had seen before— heck, most of what we had seen in season 2 we had seen before. To director Matsuyama Hiroaki‘s credit though, he did maintain all the visual elements that made the first two seasons an absolute feast for the eyes (a smouldering Matsuda Shota notwithstanding~~)— the characters looked like they walked straight off an anime storyboard, the set was gloriously grand, the colours were fun, super saturated and lush, and the camera angles made many moments very manga-esque… it all translated onto the big screen very, very well. And the soundtrack banged out high levels of energy that pulled you into their crazy world even more. But the story of the film was, well, again, you wouldn’t find any of it all that fresh or stimulating if you’d seen the drama series before. On top of that, I feel like the super trippy pace that made the two series seasons so fantabulously easy to digest was missing from the film. And don’t even think about any more character development because you ain’t gonna get it (kind of a shame really since I definitely would have liked to learn more about our genius swindler, Akiyama Shinichi san… xDD)


My biggest moment of pleasure came during that extra scene that popped up during the closing credits. Fulfilled every bit of my AkiyamaNao chan fangirly dreams. Loved the simplicity of their conversation.

Oh, I also liked the bit when Akiyama had to leave the game after he sacrificed himself for Nao chan and he went to embrace and reassure her that she’ll do fine without him by gently resting her head on his shoulders :)

AAAND I also enjoyed the part early on in the film where Akiyama leaned right into Nao chan‘s face, softly touching her lips with his fingertips and… asked for some Chapstick, lol.


So, okay, I had three moments of pleasure. And yes, they all involved a certain former F4 member. Honestly, for me, the appeal of the whole LIAR GAME franchise has alot to do with Matsuda Shota as The Official Kanzaki Nao Saver. He makes being a jackass look so friggin… beautiful. Don’t believe me? Well, here is some solid proof (stolen from heartwinkle’s tumblr ^^):




In unrelated news, I totally finished Soredemo, Ikite Yuku. *insert one thousand trillion love hearts*

Oh. My. Crap. I am still feeling the pain. More on what I thought of the series laterz.

Quote It: Kimura Takuya

17 04 2011

I’m happy that everyone came, and that you are all smiling.”

Kimura Takuya (Marching J, 02 April 2011)


Woah. This has to be a record. Almost seven weeks since my last post? *self-applause*

Don’t fret! I am nowhere near wanting to give up on my blogtarded activities! lol.

To be honest (and this is going to sound a little hippy or something of me,) since the crises that have befallen Japan, I have been finding it difficult to conjure up enough consistent motivation to update. Not that I stopped thinking about what I wanted to blog about, my brain just always seemed preoccupied… you know, with “real life stuff.”

But if Japan have shown us anything, they have shown us exactly what is real. The love, the courage, the strength, the composure, the dignity, the fighting spirit- it’s all there. It’s a testing time but as American televangelist, pastor, and author Dr. Robert H. Schuller puts it, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” (That was a bonus quote for you all!) I know I am not the only one praying hard for those who have been affected, and, praying hard for the world. Every little good thought does go a long way <3

And for me, there was something extra special about the above words that came from the one and only Kimura Takuya san at Marching J (seriously, coolest name evah. I am, like, such a proud JE fan ^O^) Dunno exactly why, but the way that he spoke it really tugged me at the heart.

Guess the man’s still got it xDD

But you know, as much as I love him, it’s still fun to, er, poke a lil fun at him and the outfit he was wearing on the day (hey, it’s not like I am the one instigating it >_>;;;)…

[ photo credit to aramatheydidn’t ]

^^bwahahaha xDDDDD *hearts on The Dorama King*

More frequent updates on the way, I promise!


Nihon, ganbatte!


[ Btw, photobucket is having issues at the moment thus the grey toned “Looks like this image isn’t showing up!” things being plastered everywhere. Apparently this will be rectified soon, so, gomenasai! Please excuse the fugliness in the meantime. m(_ _)m ]

Quote It: Oh Dal Ja

31 01 2011


“I am 33 years old. I’ve learned how to lay down my pride with honour.”

Oh Dal Ja (Dal Ja’s Spring, ep06)


Across blogs and general world wide web places, I’ve always heard pretty great things about the 2007 Korean romantic comedy series, Dal Ja’s Spring but Chae Rim‘s face had always kinda made me go, “You know what, I’ll get around to this one later…” (to make things clear, I do like the woman, and her acting, just not necessarily the, ah, makeup~~)

Then one day, I was in a major “Looks so aren’t everything!” kinda mood (yes yes, all despite what an old grandpa who calls himself Johnny K. may be trying to tell you with his leering eyes, children… >_>… ahem…) so I decided to dig right in past the Medusa hair et al, and, thanks very much to zooey, I was finally there relishing in this total little gem of a series. I was there, able to find a heroine, in Oh Dal Ja, whom I wholeheartedly loved, could relate to and genuinely wanted to be. I love her so much I am going to refer to her as Dal Ja unni ^_^! <3

Now  please bear with me for the next paragraph or two because, baby, cue on some sissiness(!), er, sappiness (!), no wait… blabberness??? Okay. So what I’d like to express is just how much I feel like I got Dal Ja unni, how I easily understood where she is coming from when it comes to that four letter word. In many ways, I feel like her relationship with love precisely mirrors mine. The overworked imagination, the giddiness around cute (younger) boys (Oh Miura! Oh Miuuuuurraaa! Where are you? Won’t you come out and play with your big sister now??? ^^;;;;;;; bwahahahaha), the “If it’s fate… maybe?” attitude… yeah yeah yeah, I am indeed one old-school romance sucker. But I know I’m not the only one.

While in such aspects I feel like we were very similar, there were also parts of Dal Ja unni‘s character that I found myself truly admiring. Her strength, her courage, her sense of humour, her passion, her giant heart, her candidness… she seemed liked she would be a total blast to be around, someone people naturally gravitated towards but when it was game time, you know she would go out of her way and make every effort and sacrifice within her ability to help you. And the above quote really defines why I look up to her- I know Dal Ja unni can be a little crazy and unreadable at times, but ultimately she is a woman who knows herself. A woman who has her morals and priorities straight.

Dal Ja unni, I know you may think you are flawed, and I know you have your ups and downs, but… I pretty much believe you are the perfect human being.


☆☆☆ On a side note, may I holla an unrestrainable shout out to Lee Min Ki: I think you were beyond adorable in this series. Lemme be your noona now xDD

Quote it: Shim Gun Wook

26 10 2010


“There will probably come a day when I can laugh freely, too, right?”

Shim Gun Wook (Bad Guy, ep12)


Working on a Bad Guy post.

Finished watching it a week ago & my thoughts & emotions are still all over the place… but I will say this for now-

I freaking loved it <3

Quote It: Jiang Zhi Shu

16 07 2010


“Only when we fly that high, do we realise how big this world really is, and there are still many, many things left for us to do. Only after looking back on the meaning of life, do we realise we were ignorant. Place your sights further, alright?”

Jiang Zhi Shu (They Kissed Again, ep01)


^^We do live in a big world & there is so much for us to learn :))

I decided to rip a line from the Taiwanese series that made me (& a million other girls) fan after Joe Cheng since the Korean adaption of It Started With A Kiss is well & truly on its way. And everybody’s favourite Ji Hoo sunbae aka Kim Hyun Joong has just been cast as the leading man (apparently after his beloved F4 leader Goo Joon Pyo aka Lee Min Ho declined the role *pfft*)

The immediate activity I’m witnessing in cyberspace is; Team I-love-Hyun-Joong-FTW VS “Team Not-so-sure-if-Hyun-Joong-can-act-well-enough-to-pull-off-this-role.

Where do I sit? Probably somewhere in btwn (fence-sitting 101, darn my dark Libran traits ><;) I don’t want to get into it too much… well not right now anyways, perhaps when the remake is done & dusted, then definitely maybe I will have something to say gaha^^;;

Right now I will say though, Joe Cheng was the closest thing to perfection as Jiang Zhi Shu. He synthesised all the layers of aloofness, the intelligence, the inner worries, the distance, the caring, the devotion & (at times) the humour of the character so seamlessly & naturally. He made kissing in the rain & other exotic faraway lands look like an art *wipes drool off chin* He was so dreamily marvelous that I dragged myself thru the 20eps of the severe mental & physical pain that was They Kissed Again (I seriously do not recall Ariel Lin being anywhere near that aggravatingly irritating in It Started With A Kiss. Golly. Why do sequels so often suck?)

I want to digress that these days I welcome remakes, practically w/ open arms. They’re fun to anticipate. I used to get upset & infuriated at them but I realised that no matter how turd-worthy the remake is, it will never, ever diminish the greatness of the predecessor(s.) If anything, a bad remake will only make the predecessor(s) appear even greater (& also give us a fureaking good chuckle xD) If the remake actually succeeds, then hey, who’s going to turn down some quality dorama watching? I personally see it as a win-win situation (=∀=)

Okay, random comment: how puuuruty was Aaron Yan in They Kissed Again as Ah Bu *tears of affection* xD

edit; 16 July, 9pm: Jung So Min has been confirmed as the female lead in the Korean remake. I guess I better start taking more notice of her in Bad Guy (if only Kim Jae Wook was not so distracting… (´ー`;) *loves on Tae Sung*)