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25 03 2014

Neh, we have a new favourite drama heroine in the house……..

Who? Who is it? Who has managed to scoop up the honour of this prestigious title (which, without thinking too deeply about, was previously was held by Shin Min A in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho – heck, I may need to do a serious sit down and deliberate one day. The Art Of A Good Drama Heroine. It’s thesis worthy)?

That would be, Jung Ryeo Won in History Of The Salaryman. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

 photo a34cc1d2-ac45-4f83-9d6a-66a472bc5d88.jpg[ image cap from: thefangirlverdict.com > I tweaked the colours according to how I wanted it to “feel” XD ]

For me, she absolutely stole the show. Unconventional, unrelentless, amazing, freaking, bleeping BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP goodness.

But as hard-headedly hilarious as she was, she also totally held her own during the poignant, melodramatic, Show-Me-Da-Tears! moments.

And of course, hearing her speak English always, ALWAYS makes me beam. :D

What can I say, but girlfriend, you rock. XOX


>P.S. LOVED her hair in the show, especially the colour. Her nails were awesome too.
P.P.S. Yes I am aware this series was two years ago. Again, I’m in catch-up mode!
P.P.S. Yes I am aware this is a pathetically short post. Just tryin’ to get mah blog rolling.

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

4 04 2013

My love has returned for you, So Ji Sub shi.

^And it’s not just because you make frolicking around in the desert look so damn good.

It’s because, you are, after all these years, (*cue Shania Twain voice*) still the one (don’t worry Eita san, you’re still the one too *major eyebrow twitch*).

For those who don’t know, let me give you a bit of our relationship history.

Ji Sub and I first crossed paths with each other in Bali. That is, in What Happened In Bali. Was he a good guy, or was he a bad guy? I never quite decided at that point. While I shipped Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won all the way in that series, I definitely felt a little something for Ji Sub. Something good. Something intriguing. Something that left me wanting to know more.

Then on one gloriously sunny day, I was browsing through my local DVD store, looking for the next Korean drama to delude myself with, and my eye quickly became drawn to this:

 photo misadvd.jpg

I was like, I’m Sorry, I Love You ? That’s a pretty sweet title. Filmed in Melbourne? Hey, that’s my hometown, bay-bay! And this dude, why does he look a tad familiar? Oh! It’s Kang In Wook (Ji Sub‘s character in WHIB )! WOW he looks goooood in that bandana and hobo cardigan… and with that man-hair around his face~~ Okay, fine, sold.

I went home, read the blurb for the plot carefully again and began to second-guess my decision. So, okay, someone’s going to die again in the most melodramatic of fashion. Why do all good-hearted and good-looking citizens of South Korea always go down that path? Goshdarnit, I’ve freaking paid for this. Can not let this 17 dollars go to waste. I’ll just watch it.

Four days and a city’s dam’s worth of tears later, I was like, I am SO NOT sorry. So. Ji. Sub. *sniffles* I. Freaking. Love. You.

I can’t explain logically why I love the series so much but I guess that’s how I also know it’s true love. It has been my favourite series ever since and I have no doubt it will remain so until the end of time. Irrespective of how many times Ethan Ruan strips his shirt off in any of his series, irrespective of what The Hong Sisters attempt to round up, even irrespective of how many ridiculously perfect performances Eita or Kimura Takuya pitch in (although these two have certainly brought along series that have come very, very,VERYCLOSE). Forever and a day, I will choose to scream “saranghae!” at the top of my lungs a thousand times in a dingy subway and make and eat ramen with So Ji Sub.

 photo misa_srh_ramen.jpg

To show him just how much he meant to me following that series, I went on to watch some of his older stuff (Law Firm, Glass Shoes, We Are Dating Now ). I realised he was definitely the man. I sent him off into the army, patiently waiting for his return. I knew he knew I loved him. I knew he would return a better man. I knew this would be good for both of us. I knew I could stay faithful.

Or so I thought.

After being discharged from the military, Ji Sub seemed to gravitate uncontrollably towards the big black melodramatic hole. And he only delved deeper. His mini-drama U-Turn with Lee Yeon Hee was kinda okay, but Cain And Abel ? Oh my, does life really have to be that bleak? And Road Number One ? Far too heavy. Colossal fail. It just wasn’t what I was looking for.

 photo sjssonyalpha.jpg

His Sony Alpha CFs were amazing but I couldn’t just live on those. In an attempt to maintain the love, I picked up a few of his films (Rough Cut, Sophie’s Revenge ), I even briefly watched him as some zombie-like thing in Kitaro and the Millennium Curse. But I just didn’t get it. Apart from those rippling abs, and those long, beautiful, elegant fingers, this wasn’t the same Ji Sub I fell in love with.

I was beginning to drift away. He tried to lure me back with the wannabe tearjerker of a film Always. There were moments where I thought I could return to that place again but in the end, it just fell short. I don’t know. Intentionally aiming to make me cry just doesn’t cut it anymore. We’ve been through this before. Where I am now, I need more than that.

Feeling the emotional void, I virtually skid off the whole Korean drama radar altogether. I hid. Actually I began to explore things with a younger boy *coughs*Mario Maurer*coughs* That was light and fun (and still is >_>;;;) but something about a crime drama caught my attention once more. The Ghost. Wow, it’s finished airing already? It has received some good praise. Ji Sub has seemingly pulled himself out of all that helplessly miserable melodrama. I must give him another chance. I must watch this series.

 photo sjsghost.jpg

And I’m so glad I did. I mean, Ji Sub in a suit for, like, almost 20 episodes of the series? Glad. Glad. Glad. So glad in fact, I am actually pondering a review (though don’t put your hopes up too much, lol).

Until then, enjoy a few wallies of the man:


So Ji Sub wallpaper photo wallpaper-sjs-01.jpg So Ji Sub wallpaper photo wallpaper-sjs-02.jpg  photo wallpaper-sjs-03.jpg



Pretty pointless but pretty post.

16 02 2013

Omg. I’m alive.

Basically logging in to share my latest obsession—

Taiwanese artist, Liu Yi Hao (aka Max Liu.)

 photo lyh01.jpg

I think I accidentally stumbled across him whilst I was, ah, “checking out” some profiles on Facebook (pardon moi, what you say? STALKING??? Me not know what zet word means… >_>…)

Anyways, so what kinda stuff has this boy done? Lots of modelling work. Obviously. I mean. Look. At. The Face. (Body not bad eithers). A few dramas. (Haven’t actually seen him in any of these dramas but, hey, who needs to when the face photographs this nicely). He plays guitar for an independent Taiwanese band called Morning Call. He also takes interesting photos. And Facebooks. Alot. Stalk, I mean, Check him out here (<<<—photo credits: this is where I found all the images used in this post.)

Now some more snappies to strain your eyes.

 photo lyh02.jpg  photo lyh03.jpg  photo lyh04.jpg

 photo lyh05.jpg  photo lyh06.jpg  photo lyh07.jpg

Too cute not to log in after five months of blog-abandonment and share, right? ^^;


Lastly, I just want to say thank you for all the comments and support whist I was thoughtlessly MIA! I appreciate it dearly. I will reply to everyone within a few days :) :) …and I will also attempt to resume general blogosphere activity soon(ish). Also, props to myself for remembering all my passwords, lol.

Much love! X.

That XX + G-Dragon One Of A Kind wallpaper

2 09 2012

So in one week, G-Dragon goes from this…


…to this…


*rubs eyes* *blinks* *chokes on spaghetti hair* O_0;;;(!)

I think I am really, shamelessly, becoming a full-fledged, er, admirer of this one fifth of Korean supergroup BIGBANG. His comeback song One Of A Kind is so unapologetically, cheekily cocky in the most Can’t-Help-But-Grin-And-Bop-Along kinda way (the MV too!) that, well, you really can’t help but just grin and bop along to the darn thing.

His just released That XX however, is at the whole other end of the spectrum. With all that slick, laid-back acoustic goodness, the song is just perfection to the ears. Looking up the lyrics (translation and romanisation here,) seeing the contrast between these first two tracks, and knowing he played a huge part in the brilliance of BIGBANG‘s most recent album Alive, really leaves me with little option but to join in on all the GD love in believing the man is a genius.

And I have formed one final verdict— I am fatefully drawn to people with bad hair -_-lll

Now leaving you with some One Of A Kind wallies I spent most of my day making. Nice comments voluntary, enjoyment necessary :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Have a grand day!

[ Images used at the top of this post and in the wallpapers were taken from the following blogs, not in any particular order: My Music Radar, World Through A Filter, SUPER CUTE SUPER, muuuuuuuuuses, Lady Chi’s Asian Persuasion, Asian Music Xtreme+ another site which I closed the tab on before I saved the URL. Holla at me if you in da know. ]

Well, someone’s been working out.

22 08 2012

In a word, hot.

And I will have this on repeat 922 times a day for the next 3 days.

But I really ain’t feelin’ the Bret Michaels weave, GD shi (though, only you can somewhat pull it off~ m(_  _)m)

Alas. Aug 25, 2012. One Of A Kind. Full release.

I will be waiting. X

You are not seeing things.

28 07 2012

Just a quick update to let you all know that I am alive and also I have a new header rotating itself around at dramabeans :) :) :) Please take a look!!! —>>>

(Kindly click on image to see the full res. file of the banner… saaankuu! ^_^)


It’s Go Soo on the left and Kang Dong Won on the right. What do these two pretty faces have to do with each other? They teamed up in the 2010 film directed by Kim Min Suk, Haunters (aka Psychics,) which I’ve been dying to see before production even began. However, to this day, my DVD stores continue to want to charge me $27.99 for a copy. Really? Hontouni ? *shakes head* *wags index finger* “Nuh, nuh, nuh, jicksypops doesn’t do that.”~~ (As usual, economical pointers to where I can watch it would be muchly appreciated. I will repay you in… an onslaught of new blog posts, ahahahaha.)

The only encounter I’ve had with Go Soo is through the film Into The White Night. To put it nicely, the movie was underwhelming in comparison to its chillingly brilliant, predecessing J-dorama counterpart so I’ve never really sought out to further investigate the actor’s filmography and/or dramaography.

That indeed might be a good thing because I have enough actors that I am working on (and struggling— but enjoying! :D :D) being a completist for. And Kang Dong Won is one of them. I’m not even sure if I have ever mentioned how much I friggin’ love him but hear me now— I would not even think twice about mothering the beautiful man’s babies.

Duelist was the first film I watched of his, and while I got that it was very visually beautiful and dynamically poetic, I never really quite connected with the plot or the characters.

But then I watched Temptations Of Wolves (aka Romance Of Their Own,) and the rest is friggin’ history. Once you get past the incestual thing— no, wait, Kang Dong Won will make you get past the incestual thing (huh ? What incestual thing, you ask? Nothing graphic, just, still, nah, ’tis not great…)— how do I explain it… you will get that feeling as if you are crossing paths with a the teeniest, tiniest, fluffy little stray kitten… you will want to take him home and give him all your love.

As much as I love him, I’m not blind enough to say that he is the most perfect, most refined artist in terms of acting skill… but he is most definitely on his way. He is no doubt one of the best of his generation. Can’t wait ’til the Korean government returns him. X

Until then, here is a picture of Kang Dong Won shi I found in my, er, treasure chest *clears throat*, with a fellow actor who I feel like is walking a very similar career path, the equally serious-about-acting, just as beautiful, Won Bin shi (btw, I have no recollection of how I sourced this image in the first place so if you believe I owe you or someone else a credit, or you would like me to remove the picture, please gimme a holla.)


My question is, just how unlucky do you have to be, to be the girl caught in the middle..? *spazzmatic left eyebrow twitch*


P.S. I know I have no right to ask for anyone’s trust again so believe me only if you will— I do hope never to abandon my blog for such a long time again. m(_ _)m

P.P.S. I sincerely hope everyone has been well and happy :-)

This is so much better than any other boyband dance routine that I’ve ever watched (=∀=);

28 03 2012

Honto ni, honto ni.

*coughs* Johnny K *coughs* *chokes*…

Here is the new UNO Fog Bar CM!

No more field trips to London, no more The Beatles-esque costumes, no more di-gue-ding-dings, but still, it’s <333333333 to the absolute MAX.

I want to say though, Buki, you can grow all the facial hair you want but you can not conceal that babyface!

And, ARGH(!), (semi)Breaking News(!!) Shunny-kunny-kun-kun-kun… when the crap did you get married? I thought you were the more “attainable” one..! TTT___TTT

But now… *looks at Fog Bar boys’ relationship statuses* … this is how it is..?


LOL. Just joking (also, gomensai, couldn’t help myself with the graphics^^;) I KNOW WHO IS STILL ON THE MARKET ( *locks Sato kun away in Neverland dungeon* *cues Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer tune* ♫ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ “Noona, dear, is coming to town..!” ♫ ♪ ♩ MUAHAHAHAHA xDDDDDD) 

Anyways, please watch the making of  the CM. It’s possibly more enjoyable than the actual CM itself:

*dies@the 17sec mark* (Can the boy get any cuter???)