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Hi. I’ve noticed I blurt out alot of random terms & phrases in many my posts that can’t even be classified as Engrish, let alone English, so to be a bit more friendly, I’ve assembled this (ongoing) glossary.

I hope I’ve helped :))



Baka; stupid, a fool or an idiot.
Banzai; literally translates to “ten thousand years (of life.)” Used as a cheer as “long life!” or “hurrah!”
Boke; as in boke & tsukkomi (a common Japanese comedy style duo,) the boke is the one who often makes a silly remark or a silly move, thus allowing the tsukkomi to dish out wild but warm-hearted abuse at the boke.
Bōsōzoku; Japanese motorcycle gangs
CM; commercial
Dorama King; Kimura Takuya xD
Hayaku; faster
Honto; really
Ikemen; a good-looking man
JE; Johnny’s Entertainment
Kohai; a junior to a senpai
Omosiroii; amusing or intertesting
Otsukaresamadeshita; Many thanks for your hard work (usually said to someone after a they have done the hard work ;O)
Oyaji; An informal, v. impolite & rough term for dad. When used, it is usually by men only.
PV; a Japanese music video (I think it may stand for ‘promotional video’? *unsure*)
Sankyu; Engrish for ‘thankyou’ (^U^;)
Senpai; a senior, someone who has more experience &/or is of a higher ranking than you
Sensei; generally means teacher or professor, but can also be used to refer to other positions of professional authority e.g. lawyers, politicians etc.
Shitsurei shimasu; Excuse me (whilst I’m going to be rude kinda thing e.g. someone excusing themselves to leave a room.)
Sugoi; amazing, awesome, cool
Sumimasen; Sorry or please excuse me (usually said in more formal scenarios when you have inconvenienced someone.)
Tensai; genius
Tsukkomi; (see boke) the tsukkomi is the one who picks on the boke when the boke slips up.
Tsundere; someone whose character is cold on the outside but warm on the inside; or someone who initially appears to be pretty hostile but they gradually reveal a heartwarming side to them.
Yakuza; Japan’s criminal underworld.
山P; 山=yama (i.e. mountain, if anyone cares), therefore 山P=YamaPi=Yamashita Tomohisa ^^;;


honorific suffixes (attached to the end of someone’s name):

chan; generally an affectionate term used to address young children, close friends, lovers, young women & even pets. 
kun; used by a senior to address a junior, or by a female to a male who she is close to. usually (but not always) used w/ males.  -sama; a super formal term used similarly to san, only it is more commonly used w/ people of a much higher rank or status
-san; a formal term used similarly to Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms.


Ahjumma; a married, middle-aged & above woman typically characterised by a short permy hairdo.
Ahjusshi; an older, usually married man often identified by a poor fashion sense.
Ani/Anio; no.
CF; a commercial (I’d say it stands for ‘commercial film.”)
Dongseng; a junior or a younger sibling.
Harabeoji; grandfather, grandpa.
Hyung; a term used only by males to address their older brother or close older male
MV; music video
Neh; yes.
Noona; a term used only by males to address their older sister or close older female
Oppa; a term used only by females to address their older brother or close older male
Selca; essentially a combination of the two words “self” & “camera,” basically meaning to take photos of yourself.
Sunbae; a senior
Unni; a term used only by females to address their older sister or close older female


honorific suffixes (attached to the end of someone’s name):

shii; used similar to Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms.


[ Nothing for this section atm, but if you are wondering, the guy in the pic is Joe Cheng xD ]

6 responses

6 06 2010
Ender's Girl

This glossary is so cool! ROFL @ your inclusion of “Dorama King,” though come to think of it, he does merit his own almanac/dictionary/encyclopedia entry by now, lol.

LOLLL @ “short permy hairdo” = ahjumma!!! so true…

Btw those graphics of yours??? Wikkid!!!!!! XDDD

8 06 2010

thankyou, thankyou :)) yeppies, i did quickly whip those graphics up myself… just happened to have pics of kimura, so ji sub & joe cheng on my pc w/ some kinda english happening on / around them ;O

6 09 2010

I have 2 questions for jicks.

1) How do you make your headers?
2) How the hell did you get a pic of KimuTaku smiling AND *underlines with fury* with long hair?

6 09 2010

lol I know, come to think of it, this may be one of the only pics that I have of him where he is genuinely smiling, warm & innocent (! …lol) rather than a semi-I’m-so-kakkoi-smirk^^;

Re headers, I do them (& the bulk of my other graphics i.e. wallies, avies etc) in Photoshop. Couldn’t live w/o that program! Used to use Illustrator as well but I sucked wasn’t so good at it xD

25 10 2011

ur art so sweet and cool….
i’d love it……^O^….

28 10 2011

Thanks thanks ^_^

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