Flavour of the month xD

11 05 2011

I know I promised I would be updating more frequently but… well, you didn’t see me crossing my fingers did ya?? ahahahha Just kidding ;) Take my word for it that I am trying (_ _);;;;;;

So here we are with a quickie. Everybody, this is what I have been playing religiously over the last coupla weeks >>>

You know, sometimes, it just takes one little thing for me to all of a sudden, out of nowhere, start to fan HARD over someone or something. Be it a bad mess of hair, some serious computer system hacker skills or a pouty lip & fedora in ya face (yeah boys you know who you all are.) In Lee Jun Ho‘s case, it’s a wholelotta guyliner and some well-blended smoked-out eyeshadow. And most importantly, the focus and concentration he is displaying towards his work- it’s all kinda very, very mesmerising @_@***

I’ve always been to and fro as to who my favourite 2PM member is but I’m thinking this BTS may be sealing the deal for me- oh Jun Ho, you so make me wanna, er, be the photographer^^;;;;; *flushes illegal noona thoughts out of brain*

(^^Btw, if anyone is interested in how the photos for this Elle Girl Korea magazine shoot turned out, please click HERE ^_^)


And while we’re here, I want to share with you another one of my favourite clips going around- all I can say is, I am so essited, lol *hearts on Bi baby* ;)