How long can I go without mentioning Arashi?

22 01 2010

Sheesh, what a lame post title but you get my point (#^O^#)

I stumbled across a random blog that linked to this Arashi quiz & because I was semi-bored & moreover because I am all about the storm, I decided to do it. Here are my results:


^^Seriously, LOL. I don’t know if the actual results are more hilarious or the fact that I am so easily amused xDD Ah, simple things in life are best yeah (!) So CLICK HERE to do the quiz & have a little fun yourself ^^;;

I also made more Arashi wallpapers so please enjoy (remember, pls, no hotlinking!) The middle one is currently gracing my desktop… how amazing is Sho’s stare in the pic xD

Arashi,Arashi wallpaper Arashi,Arashi wallpaper Arashi,Arashi wallpaper


BTW, notice the new theme! I decided it was time for a facelift…

duet 2009.03 Arashi Quiz

31 12 2009

Because I am an Arashi fangirl, I had to do this:

[[[Which Member Of Arashi Are You Compatible With?]]]
To my delight, I ended up w/ Matsumoto Jun. And I didn’t even have to cheat xDD

So then I was trying to find my favourite picture of him which was a difficult task but I’m thinking this is pretty much close to it. Not usually a fan of any kind of guy wearing any shade of pink but looking at this piece of perfection, my eyes are definitely 5-star happy.

Photobucket[P.S. ※ No hotlinking thankyou ※]