That XX + G-Dragon One Of A Kind wallpaper

2 09 2012

So in one week, G-Dragon goes from this…


…to this…


*rubs eyes* *blinks* *chokes on spaghetti hair* O_0;;;(!)

I think I am really, shamelessly, becoming a full-fledged, er, admirer of this one fifth of Korean supergroup BIGBANG. His comeback song One Of A Kind is so unapologetically, cheekily cocky in the most Can’t-Help-But-Grin-And-Bop-Along kinda way (the MV too!) that, well, you really can’t help but just grin and bop along to the darn thing.

His just released That XX however, is at the whole other end of the spectrum. With all that slick, laid-back acoustic goodness, the song is just perfection to the ears. Looking up the lyrics (translation and romanisation here,) seeing the contrast between these first two tracks, and knowing he played a huge part in the brilliance of BIGBANG‘s most recent album Alive, really leaves me with little option but to join in on all the GD love in believing the man is a genius.

And I have formed one final verdict— I am fatefully drawn to people with bad hair -_-lll

Now leaving you with some One Of A Kind wallies I spent most of my day making. Nice comments voluntary, enjoyment necessary :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Have a grand day!

[ Images used at the top of this post and in the wallpapers were taken from the following blogs, not in any particular order: My Music Radar, World Through A Filter, SUPER CUTE SUPER, muuuuuuuuuses, Lady Chi’s Asian Persuasion, Asian Music Xtreme+ another site which I closed the tab on before I saved the URL. Holla at me if you in da know. ]

It’s all about the BIG and the BANG.

24 03 2012

Okay, please don’t hate but there was a while where I thought that Korean supergroup BIGBANG were slightly overrated. Not that I didn’t think they were talented but I was just underwhelmed with their last coupla pieces of work.

But FML to the max, have they changed my perception with their latest album. Alive— it’s total boyband brilliance (heck, it’s total musical brilliance!) The first two songs released, Blue and Bad Boy, are juuuuuust sooooo, effortlessly(,) cool. And the MVs are just as freaking perfect *crazy fangirl drool* They are everything a BIGBANG fan would want them to be.

<3 <3 <3 (Btw, also loving their hiptronic dance track Fantastic Baby… the MV just screams Lady Gagatasticness in the bestest of ways to me. Although, I would argue that G-Dragon is prettier than the forever eccentrically dressed American singer xDD)

☆☆☆ !!! Alas !!! ☆☆☆ The above isn’t actually the (full) instigating point for this post… yes the noona in me is firing up again today MUAHAHHAHAA. YG Entertainment are conducting a 2012 global event through YouTube: the BIGBANG cover contest. Did ya hear that? Global. That means, people from all over the world can enter (even you and I… but I’m not going to because… well, I can’t dance^^;;; This is why I tend to fan hard over boys who can dance, it’s a semi-admiration thing. But if I were to play cover, I would want to be a female TaeYang so I could wear retrosuperfuture shades and rock gravity-defying super-spikey hair. Hells yes I would use my Fog Bar spray~~)

It’s easy to see that there is an abundance of talent out there, and I’m sure everyone will have their personal faves. Since sharing is caring, I will now share with you mine. It’s by a group called YG Lovers Crew (who are essentially, from what I can gather, a K-pop cosplay/entertainment group from Vietnam. They have a facebook page if anyone is curious… please click HERE ) >>>

Tell me the guy cosplaying G-Dragon isn’t just the, er, nicest to look at (yes, he is young. Like, Miura Haruma young *jittery eyebrow twitch* + *sheepish noona grin* Oh, and the dude in TaeYang‘s role has freakishly thin arms. But at least he got the hairless armpit thing right, lol.)