I rate this scene: Coffee Prince [episode 17]

24 07 2011

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently finally made my around to watching the 2007 drama Coffee Prince. And now, here I stand, having completed it. Final verdict? *wipes milk froth from upper lip* Hells yes baby do I get the hype!

Coffee Prince is my first encounter with Gong Yoo… that I can remember (apparently we met previously in the movie My Tutor Friend but sadly, I must’ve been all delusional over Kwon Sang Woo… and his abs -_-;;;;;) Up until now, I’d never really been drawn to Gong Yoo in that I felt compelled to stalk his dramaography and filmography. But his inspiriting, soulful enactment of Choi Han Kyul has definitely left me thinking- exactly what the crap was I thinking??? And I don’t care if you’re confused with your sexuality boy, if you can’t work it out I will get a sex change for you!!!!!!

As for Yoon Eun Hye, girl, all I can say is, what a tough life it must be having to work with the likes of Ju Ji Hoon, Gong Yoo and Kang Ji Hwan *twitches eyebrows* *evil fangirl glare* But it’s okay, we like you. Gosh darn that natural spunk and charisma of yours. Yoon Eun Hye shi, you may not have made the top 10 list of my girl crushes, but you ain’t too far off. And there’s no denying you are one in a freaking million.

And if you ask a Coffee Prince fan what their favourite scene from the series would be, I have no doubt many would tell you, drooling, that it would be one of Han Kyul and Eun Chae‘s passionately passionate pash-o-rama moments. Fair call. But for me, there was nothing more grin-inducing than in the final episode where we see a cheestastically beaming, oh-so-in-love Han Kyul give his beloved Eun Chae a wake up call… serenading her into the phone and crooning Han Dong Joon‘s 너를 사랑해 (I Love You.)


[[[ Watch it here ]]]

(Btw, this clip is with Thai subs only, I couldn’t find one with any Engrish. But seriously, the scene needs no translation. The magic speaks for itself xDD)

^^This is exactly how I’d like to be woken up every single morning of my life (as much as I love rotating my alarm tones from Arashi‘s discography~~;;;)

Damn it Shin goon, you have some serious competition.