I rate this scene: Goong [episode 16]

14 02 2011

So I was thinking about a certain Korean celebrity who is fast approaching their use-by military date *coughs*Bi*coughs* (baby sooner or later we’re gonna have to part ways for a coupla years. Do remember to take care of those abs!) then that led me onto thinking of those who I like and are already serving: Jo In Sung, Kang Dong Won, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Nam Gil and- the one I absolutely miss the most-

Ju Ji Hoon.

And this, naturally, got me thinking about the 2006 Korean drama series, Goong.

Goong (aka Palace aka Princess Hours) is probably in my all-time favourite top 10 series. Despite it getting a teeny tiny bit draggy somewhere between episodes 16 and 20 (give or take;) despite the not-necessarily-always-crash-hot-acting; despite Lee Yul getting on my freaking nerves for like, the last two-thirds of the story… I still feel that everything else was enough to make me overlook whatever faults the series may have had.

Trying to pick my favourite Goong lovey-dovey moment that would be fit for a V-Day post was also a challenge and a half (!!!) because the series was so loaded with them (´ー`)。o0○ Do I go with one of the bazillion hall-of-fame kissing scenes? Do I go with one where a hug and Ju Ji Hoon‘s back were in the same equation? Do I go with one where there were ROFLtastic giggles (Chae Kyung hiding in the closet and peeping at Shin getting au naturel anyone? xPP) or one where there were tears? Or do I go with the Cinderella moment where Shin goon finds “the glass slipper” in the middle of a dancing crowd and slips it back onto the foot of our Princess Chae Kyung? Is it possible for a girl to pick just the one favourite?

Well, I tried. And I decided on this:


The beach scene stands out to me because it was such a contrast to the usual rich and vibrant saturation of colours that Goong is celebrated for. It stands out because of how simple and organic everything feels. Everything is stripped back- all the hues, all the costumes, all the pizazz. All we see is the Crown Prince and the Princess chasing each other around and being all kindsa silly, like two little children in the playground.

Not that I believe in all the commercial (over)hype of Valentine’s Day (such a single person’s thing to say i.e. moi lol) but if you need any ideas on how to spend the 14th of February, I’m thinking a beach date like this would pretty much be the sweetest thing xDD

Dear Shin goon, gimme that piggy-back ride now! (May I add, piggy-backing someone and running in the sand? Ju Ji Hoon, that kinda makes me like you even more. And also, the semi foot massage pedicure situation… I likey ;) )

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ^_^