I rate this scene: Hero (2002, Zhang Yi Mou)

29 11 2010

For the record, Tony Leung is my favourite actor in the entire farking universe. No amount of Kimuraness & other fellow Johnny Kness could budge me the slightest mommacrappin bit. Even if all the actors on the planet & Yamashita Tomohisa combined their powers (oh PiPi, you know I have nothing but love for yaaa ;O), I would still rate this man greater. In my eyes, Tony Leung is that brilliant.

And Maggie Cheung… *girl drool* There are alot of actresses in this world but this woman is, put simply, A Movie Star. She has this aura that is reminiscent of a beauty from another era yet the charisma of the hippest contemporary woman- I think she is just so flippin’ cool. Very few today can match the modern grace she embodies.

So in a nutshell, I love them both.

And whenever you put them together, it’s all kindsa fabulous. And frickin’ faaabulous they were both in the 2002 Chinese film by Zhang Yi Mou, Hero.

[ !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! Get out now if you’ve never seen the film but plan on doing so (btw, I would very highly recommend you do indeed see it.) ]

I realised it’s not very often that I ramble on talk about cinema, so, under the influence (of the non-alcoholic variety) of some Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon discussion over at zooey‘s blog, I was feeling my wuxia & could not resist in revisiting Hero, gasping, relishing & weeping once again at their final epically romantic, heart-breaking, soul-shaking scene.

Their characters, Broken Sword (Tony) & Flying Snow (Maggie,) both assassins working with Nameless (character played by martial arts superstar Jet Li) to take down the Emperor during the Warring States Period in China, are here in the ending stages of the story, dueling against each other. For their plan to succeed, one of them must die.

You should all know by now, in such a scenario, the man always sacrifices himself. ALWAYS. If you happen to come across a movie that doesn’t follow this formula, then, well, sorry to burst ya bubble but lemme tell ya now- the man there really ain’t a man. Nor does he really love the woman.


I gasped at the moment Broken Sword let his sword drop from his hand, allowing Flying Snow to pierce him.

I wept at the moment Flying Snow asked a lifeless Broken Sword, “Why didn’t you defend yourself? Why didn’t you?”

I f**king wailed when Flying Snow wailed.

But by the time she spoke her last words, although I was still crying like a lil innocent boy who had just been shown Takki‘s ero ero dance for the first time (>O>;) I was feeling completely at peace.

“No more drifting, no more roaming.
I’m taking you home now.
Our home.”

I could let go because I knew that they were together. Together, under the one sky, for the rest of time (meanwhile, Zhang Zi Yi‘s character, Moon, is running & tripping over in the background towards the ill-fated couple but, meh, we don’t need to care too much about her, okies? xP)

I know there were several gloriously choreographed fight scenes throughout the movie but this scene here sealed the deal for me.

In my eyes, this is true poetic beauty. 

Watch it here >>>

Tony+Maggie = Pure Cinematic Magic <3

(^^Just had to get that last line off mah chest ;O)