I rate this scene: The Naked Kitchen (Hong Ji Yeong, 2009)

28 11 2011

I never thought this day would come.

*throws pompoms in air* Shin goon is back!

I probably haven’t talked about the Korean side of things enough on this blog but seriously, Ju Ji Hoon truly does it for me. Like, from the moment I saw him rock those gawd-awful polka dot vests in Goong, he had me. I made one of those subconscious pacts with myself that it didn’t matter what he would do for the rest of his career, I would love and support him forever and always *gags up dinner from three nights ago*

Errrrr but then 2009 rolled around and boy was I about to be tested. Everybody’s favourite modern day Prince of South Korea was all of a sudden a convicted and self-confessed druggie. Okay, okay, okay, mianhaeyo, I exaggerate. Ju Ji Hoon admitted to the use of Ecstasy and Ketamine on two different occasions, which upon hearing at first, left many, many people heavily concerned for the actor’s future. Drugs, period, is not really the best thing to get involved in anywhere around the world but in South Korea? I seriously felt like crawling under a royal tonne of hanbok and crying my friggin’ eyes out until they darn well bled.

But thankfully, he ended up being dealt a pretty lenient 120 hour community service sentence and blessedly escaped time behind the bars. Once that was done though, it was “Off to the military we go!” as us fans flaunted our best baronial wave goodbye to our dearest, most beloved Shin goon (complete with a buzz cut! Speaking of which, please grow your hair back out soon. I much prefer soft wispy bangs in your face^^)

And now, here we stand, one week after Ju Ji Hoon‘s official discharge from the South Korean military and one day after his first post-military meeting with his fans (where apparently he crooned out a couple of my favourite songs— With or Without You by U2 and Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls… plus, he played the guitar, ahmargah gah gah~~~~~~) So I thought, what better way to celebrate than to share this super-duper, “I so wish I was Shin Min A shi !” scene from The Naked Kitchen ? (No, it’s not THAT scene when they meet early on as strangers and get all, ah, canoodley. That said, I probably wouldn’t have minded being in the pretty actress’s underwear, er, I mean, shoes then either. Hmm. If you want to suss it out for yourself, here is the youtube link.)


And that, is how you sweep someone off their freaking feet <3 (who cares if she’s your hyung‘s wife *twitches left eyebrow*)

Seriously, two years has been too long. I’m so ready to see what Yonsama can do for you, Ji Hoon shi !


I rate this scene: Goong [episode 16]

14 02 2011

So I was thinking about a certain Korean celebrity who is fast approaching their use-by military date *coughs*Bi*coughs* (baby sooner or later we’re gonna have to part ways for a coupla years. Do remember to take care of those abs!) then that led me onto thinking of those who I like and are already serving: Jo In Sung, Kang Dong Won, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Nam Gil and- the one I absolutely miss the most-

Ju Ji Hoon.

And this, naturally, got me thinking about the 2006 Korean drama series, Goong.

Goong (aka Palace aka Princess Hours) is probably in my all-time favourite top 10 series. Despite it getting a teeny tiny bit draggy somewhere between episodes 16 and 20 (give or take;) despite the not-necessarily-always-crash-hot-acting; despite Lee Yul getting on my freaking nerves for like, the last two-thirds of the story… I still feel that everything else was enough to make me overlook whatever faults the series may have had.

Trying to pick my favourite Goong lovey-dovey moment that would be fit for a V-Day post was also a challenge and a half (!!!) because the series was so loaded with them (´ー`)。o0○ Do I go with one of the bazillion hall-of-fame kissing scenes? Do I go with one where a hug and Ju Ji Hoon‘s back were in the same equation? Do I go with one where there were ROFLtastic giggles (Chae Kyung hiding in the closet and peeping at Shin getting au naturel anyone? xPP) or one where there were tears? Or do I go with the Cinderella moment where Shin goon finds “the glass slipper” in the middle of a dancing crowd and slips it back onto the foot of our Princess Chae Kyung? Is it possible for a girl to pick just the one favourite?

Well, I tried. And I decided on this:


The beach scene stands out to me because it was such a contrast to the usual rich and vibrant saturation of colours that Goong is celebrated for. It stands out because of how simple and organic everything feels. Everything is stripped back- all the hues, all the costumes, all the pizazz. All we see is the Crown Prince and the Princess chasing each other around and being all kindsa silly, like two little children in the playground.

Not that I believe in all the commercial (over)hype of Valentine’s Day (such a single person’s thing to say i.e. moi lol) but if you need any ideas on how to spend the 14th of February, I’m thinking a beach date like this would pretty much be the sweetest thing xDD

Dear Shin goon, gimme that piggy-back ride now! (May I add, piggy-backing someone and running in the sand? Ju Ji Hoon, that kinda makes me like you even more. And also, the semi foot massage pedicure situation… I likey ;) )

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ^_^

He says, she says, Meri Kurisumasu!

25 12 2010

Inspired by the festivities over at E.G.s blog, I caught an out-of-nowhere urge to stalk pictures of guys in Santa suits. Sounds kinda creepy, I know, but hey, t’is the festive season after all! *leaps down 20ft chimney*



(^^photo credit: Writing for pleasure)

Bi says,
Ho! Ho! Ho! Yo! Yo! Yo! Merry Christmas to all mah fans, all mah badass fans all over da world. I promise y’all I will grow in the New Year.”

jicks says,
“Executing Plan Bi! Executing Plan Bi! Don’t run(a)way (lame-o, lol)! Oh baby, you know that I love you regardless of how tall you are! We’ve been through this already, remember? Regardless of any lacklustre sh*t you may churn out, you know- you know that I will love you until the end of time. And you know what, you were actually one of the more commendable things about Fugitive! I bet that makes you feel better :) By the way, Merry Christmas! xD”



(^^photo credit: f927 over @soompi)

Ji Hoon says,
“Merry Christmas. I will be back. I will be back as a changed man. So, please, wait for me.”

jicks says,
“A changed man? By any chance does that mean a better man (please)? Hmm. Whatevs, I still like you (alot. A fudge lot.) My dearest Prince Shin. My lost soul Oh Seung Ha. My cake-a-licious Kim Jin Hyuk. My hotness of a sister-in-law-snatcher Du Rae. My… er, darn, I’ve run out of things of yours to watch (!) Seriously, could you not have left me with a teeny tiny bit more? Guess I have no choice but to wait. Wait for you right here.” *inhales shot of Special K* (I’m talking about the cereal, guys! The cereal! Not that bad stuff, okies?) “Oh by the way, Ji Hoon, Merry Christmas <3”



(^^photo credit: Totally So Ji Sub)

Ji Sub says,
“Merry Christmas. Hey. Can someone explain to me why my dramas aren’t rating anymore?”

jicks says,
*GIANT SIGH* *headbang into nearest brick wall* “Ji Suuuuuuub!!!!!! Why, WHY do you keep falling into these colossally melodramatic stories?????? I’m sorry but I loathed Cain & Abel, & now, Road Number One… they were just too much to take in (I could not breathe!) Maybe it’s not fair that I am going by your pre-military resume, maybe I am expecting too much but your post-military work has certainly been… sucky. But I still love you. Forever have, forever will. So please, I beg of you, choose your next project carefully. Perhaps ease off on the super heavy drama stuff  for a while (just an idea.) And by the way, Merry Christmas (*´ー`*).”



(^^photo credit: dozzzier’s tumblr)

Jun says,
“Hello, my name is, MatsuJun. Meri kursumasi. Please, lemme learn to drive. And my fellow bandmates, too. Because my band is onto achieving HUGE things. ”

jicks says,
“Jun-kun, my darling lil narcissist (you know you are!)- gomen, gomen, gomenasai… I still haven’t watched your latest dorama yet (you know, the one where you play Takeuchi Yuko’s toyboy… surely I could handle being in her situation!) but I will definitely get onto it real soon (like, next year. lol) I’m also sorry for not mentioning you & your bandmates more on my blog but you have to believe me, you guys still fureaking get me smiling gaily from the bottom of my heart everytime I see your faces &/or hear your voices. So, Merry Christmas, & Arashi for Dream ^U^!”



(^^photo credit: yamapi_00’s livejournal)

Jin says,
“(Man)Ho! (Man)Ho! (Man)Ho! Meree kurisumasee to all my Eemricaan fans! Together with you guys & gals, by the year 3010, I’m going to turn this world into Yellow Gold.”

jicks says,
“It’s Christmas Morning Jin!!!!!! Sh*t Snow is falling!!!!!! Well, not where I am but is it where you are? Honestly, while I do miss seeing you on the Japanese scene & wished that you would dibble more in dorama world, I do sincerely hope you will achieve some (if not great) success as a solo artist, because musically, I do think you have something special going on. Just, er, maybe, work on the Engrish a smidgen, okay^^;? Now, Meri Kurisumasu to you! :DD”


^^And that’s all the red-suit-action I managed to come across >_>… Apparently, all my other “favourites” seem to wear normal clothes at this time of the year. How, I dunno, unfestive (?? -_-;)

Anyways, eat lots & be merry everybody!

☆☆☆ Meri Kurisumasu!! ☆☆☆

<3 jicks ^_^


[ P.S. If you do happen to find the likes of Eita, Oguri Shun, Kimura “I still believe in The Dorama King” Takuya, Miura Haruma, Kang Dong Won, Kim Jae Wook, Joe Cheng or Vic Zhou in Christmas-y attire, please share so I can, ah, drag them down with the other guys in this post ( ̄□ ̄;) (!!)]