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20 12 2010

*pokes head out from pile of DVDs* Holy guacamole, has it really been that long since my last post?

Well, I guess I can explain. Here are a few things that are going on that have impeded my blogging progress:


[1] I had a friend visit from overseas (!!!!!!!) and there was a good stretch of time where I spent many of my days off from work with her. For this, I make no apologies ^_^

[2] Work! Work! Work! I tend to hang out at my workplace at insane hours this time of the year, not necessarily by pure will, but hey, we all get to do crazy things every now and then for the sake of getting that regular paycheck. When I come home, I find myself just hitting the nearest sleepable surface and just lazing away. So, I’m sorry that I can’t manage my hours a wee bit better! m(_ _)m

[3] Dorama & movie watching. Whoop! Whoop! I have a hefty amount of DVDs laying around my room, some of which I haven’t even taken the shrink wrap off from… so I have been forcing myself away from my laptop so I can watch everything without distractions. Which  means, no typing *clank clank* If you want more details, let’s just say I am making a huge dent in Eita‘s filmography xDD

[4] Christmas shopping! It is so much hard work! But I think I have it under control now. Is there anything I want for Christmas?  *looks up at sky* *puffs out smoke* Maybe. MAYBE I want my questions answered by a certain ex-KAT-TUN boy…*clears throat* (Btw, is that interview ever going to eventuate..?)


[5] Major case of writer’s block. Can. Not. String. Sen.Tences. To.Gether. Anymore. I’ve never seen so many freaking unfinished drafts ><;… [ insert witty conclusion here ]

[6] Graphic-y things. More specifically, some Bad Guy wallies! Which is kinda the main point of this post, so here, dozo, please, enjoy :)

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(^^Would just like to credit the tumblr page KIM JaeWook for the picture used in the first column second row black and white one ~~)


Btw, I promise I am working on real posts!

Bad Guy rocking my world

6 11 2010

[ !!!!!!Spoiler Alert!!!!!! Well, I’m gonna spend a good few paragraphs discussing THE ENDING. And give away key turning points in the series. So, er, read if you’ve seen it already or if you don’t plan on seeing it ever… but if the latter is your decision, then may I please say that IMO you are missing out big time!!! ]

“Where is it that I am headed? To heaven or to hell?” -Shim Gum Wook*

*Quickword: For the sake of minimal confusion, I will be referring to Kim Nam Gil‘s character as Shim Gun Wook., thus Kim Jae Wook‘s character as Hong Tae Sung. You’ll figure it out what I mean. Oh, & I will be dedicating another post to Bad Guy sometime later so I can ramble on more in detail about some of the scenes ^_^ Look forward to it lol


Bad Guy (SBS, 2010) is the story of a man (Kim Nam Gil) out to seek revenge on the family that unremorsefully swooped his childhood upside down into a living hell. Through several flashbacks we learn that this man was born as Choi Tae Sung. His father was both deaf & mute & his living circumstances were modest to say the least, yet these times were by far his simplest, his most happy & his most untainted. He was a kid whose dream simply was to grow up quickly so he could earn money to buy a hearing aid for his father.

One day, this father, in absolute jitters, drags Tae Sung into the family truck & speeds their way out into the city. He drops Tae Sung off in front of a grand mansion, telling him that the people inside will become his new family. Tae Sung is wailing, he doesn’t understand why he is to call these strangers “family?” What is family?

Time passes & this boy Tae Sung begins to settle down in his new surroundings, comfortable, well-off, happy- everything he asked for, he could probably get. But no longer do people refer to him as Choi Tae Sung– he is the son of the Hong family, owners of the Hae Shin Group, an extremely powerful & affluent conglomerate in South Korea. He carried the President’s blood therefore he must carry the family name. People were now calling him Hong Tae Sung.

But on a cold & windy night, the Hong family relentlessly decide to evict the young master out of their home, claiming that he was “a fake Hong Tae Sung.” A new boy enters the house- he is “the real Hong Tae Sung,” they say. The butler literally forces “the fake Tae Sung” into the curb, sending the small child through a piece of hard trash lying on the side of the road. He picks Tae Sung back up & sees that the right hand side of his back has been lacerated by broken glass but refrains from helping him. He tells Tae Sung that his “real parents” (the deaf/mute couple) will be on their way & leaves him. He waits, & waits but they never come. The rain is piercing down on Tae Sung, spreading the blood from his wound on the right hand side of his back through his entire shirt. This will become a scar that he will never forget.

Years later, this child, now a grown man, enters the Hae Shin Group & weaves his way through the sisters’ hearts with the single goal of breaking down the entire family. And he has given himself a new name-

Shim Gun Wook.

For those of you expecting a justice-must-be-served-at-all-costs(!) type of ending, then my friend are you going to be disappointed. Given the series’ director Lee Hyung Min‘s track record (Autumn In My Heart, Winter Sonata, Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School, I’m Sorry I Love You & The Snow Queen, to name a few,) honestly, we should probably be rejoicing that there weren’t more tragedies. I, for one, certainly never anticipated a final image of our main couple, Gun Wook & Jae In, prancing together under a rainbow-filled sky beaming their pearlers away whilst listening to some Arashi track on the same iPod  >_>…


But this was one of the many things that I loved about Bad Guy– it didn’t conform to a spoilt-viewer ending. Whether or not the abruptly shortened number of episodes (due to Kim Nam Gil‘s urgent mandatory military service enlistment) affected things or not, the ending still worked for me. It pained me seeing Kim Nam Gil‘s character leave this world alone even though there were numerous indications throughout the series that hinted that this would be Gun Wook‘s inevitable destiny, but I expected it. Happily Ever After doesn’t always happen for everyone. At least not in the the typical fairytale way.

This beautifully crafted story of Bad Guy was only further enriched by the graceful artistic vision of Director Lee. I truly could not speak highly enough of the direction. This was one mighty good-looking series- & that’s not just referring to the darn cast. Director Lee always managed to capture his characters & the scenery in such a gorgeous way that exacted their mood & emotions. He was stylistic with his shots & angles but not to the point of arty-fartiness. And the soundtrack, PHWAR(!), the soundtrack- Delicate. Haunting. Provoking. Evoking. Perfection. Every song & every score felt like it was meant to be. These high quality production factors definitely contributed to the appeal of Bad Guy for me (well, that, & a trip to Nippon, woot!!! Woot-wooot!!! A whole two & a half episodes in Japan searching for a glass mask made by Ryu senseiwithout a single JE sighting xDDD lololol)


But by far what I appreciated & helplessly became attached to the most were the characters, & the seeming core of the plot- Gun Wook‘s vengeance. I know at lot of the times when we use the word elegant, it can kindle a sense of old-fashioned. And with the series being pretty so darn melodramatic, Bad Guy could’ve easily tripped face first into the “OH MAH GAWD This is so corny!” territory- yet it didn’t. Bad Guy managed to find itself in the perfect zone. The series oozed effortless elegance but at the same time, it felt modern, it felt hip, it felt cool. Nothing about this series felt cheesy to me at all. The characters felt relevant, their motives felt real & above all, Gun Wook‘s thirst for vengeance felt totally warranted (seriously, I am there to help him take down the Hongs! I could be there giving my best shot at baiting Kim Jae Wook Tae Sung shi >_>..!)

I know there has been an overwhelming reaction to Kim Jae Wook‘s performance as Hong Tae Sung, many going as far as saying he “stole the show” but, as much as I want to eat Kim Jae Wook up in all his androgyneous glory (ahem -_-;) did I really say that?? lol, without a shadow of doubt in my eyes, Kim Nam Gil was the man. I haven’t seen much of his other works (I know I know I have to get onto Queen Seon Duk^^) but from what I can see here, Kim Nam Gil = leading man fo’shizzle material. His character started off rather distant, somewhat hostile & a little disconnected from the viewer but as the series progressed, we come to understand that Gun Wook is nowhere near as cold-hearted as he wanted everyone to believe. His wound from his childhood had healed on the surface, but inside, he had never stopped bleeding- bleeding with the hurt, bleeding with his passion, bleeding with the craving for a place & identity in this world. It hurt watching Gun Wook pretend that things didn’t get to him. It hurt bad watching him break down into a defeated soul (Y_Y) There were so many contradicting emotions about the guy that leave you wanting to know more about him. He was as cold as he was tender, as strong as he was vulnerable, as 007 as he was The-Goof-Next-Door… Gun Wook is exactly the type that always gets me. In many ways, he reminded me of an Oh Seung Ha ala Ju Ji Hoon in The Devil cross a teeny bit of a Cha Moo Hyuk ala So Ji Sub in I’m Sorry I Love You. There’s this lonely burning devotion about these guys that sucks you right in. You can see it through their eyes- inside, they are shivering with an overpowering will to love. They’re yearning for warmth. And there is no way I would ever even think about pushing someone like that away. I recall the feeling of going through almost all of episode 15 without his appearance & that was indisputably the toughest thing I had to bear in the entire series. Darn it, Gun Wook, are you okay? Where are you? I’d realised Kim Nam Gil had silently worked Shim Gun Wook into the farthest corners of my heart- I was longing for him. I wanted him.


That’s not necessarily in the “I wanna rip off ya tuxedo right now !” kinda way either but er, may I say, the  man does certainly scrub up very, very nicely~~ Yummy yummy moment: episode 4, Shim Gun Wook in a suit, seaside at sunset *dunks head in bucket of ice water* (!) Really, something about a guy in a suit, seaside at sunset… *coughs* Ken-zou in ProDai *coughs* Yes. What I liked most about Kim Nam Gil‘s performance were the moments he would try to hold back his tears, either in pain or in anger, & his eyes would be smouldering red. As for his chemistry with all the laaadiies?? Kim Nam Gil was most definitely working it with them all (Seriously, Gun Wook, USE ME however the heck you want, I am at your mercy, baby!)

I absolutely ADORED X 100MILLION Gun Wook‘s relationship with Jae In‘s lil sis, Moon Won In (played by Shim Eun Kyung) not just for the fact that he got so darn goofy whenever they were chilling out together but because we also got to see just how charming of a big brother he could actually be. I loved the moment when he spied Won In secretly gawking at her crush from afar & urged her to whip up the confidence to ask the boy out (who, admittedly was quite kawaii *offers a sisterly hug*) Or even the way they first acquainted with each other over money & what Gun Wook did to get even for that ₩1000. I loved Won In as an individual, too, her unfaltering innocence & the way she was always seeing the good in the world… this is how children/teenagers should be! (Seriously, if we could guarantee they would all grow up to be like her, I’d pop one out right now. Father TBA… lol *clears throat*) She was the light amidst the dark, the brightest star admist the night, the rainbow amidst the rain. I definitely thank her presence, not only because she furthermore connected Gun Wook & Jae In (Gun Wook & Won In met completely by chance on their own,) but also because she allowed Gun Wook to live out the sibling love he never had & could never give out himself. All I can say is, you Hongs sure missed out on a freaking awesome brother *eggs Hong‘s mansion facade & bolts off*


If Gun Wook‘s relationship with Won In was him living out his brotherly instincts, then his relationship with Hong Tae Ra was definitely him… living out his, er, very non-brotherly love -_-; (yikes, this is actually no joking matter… a little more later on.) I realise a heckuvalotta people had nothing but praise for Oh Yun Soo in this role (btw, you can not be serious this woman was born in 1971… she looks ridiculously too good for her age O_o) & I don’t doubt that on a technicality level, the woman did deliver Tae Ra‘s internally conflicting emotions pretty convincingly, but… fricks, I didn’t care much for the character at all. In fact, by the end of the series, I was rolling my eyeballs at her, so much to the point that (& I may draw some hate for saying this) Oh Yun Soo‘s constant frowning, damsel-in-distress-esque eyes did eventually gimme the irks…


In the beginning I did sympathise with Tae Ra– I don’t think there are too many things more tragic for a woman than to be man-handled into a marriage where there is no love. Being the elder sister, I guess she felt like she could never rebel in the same ways that the younger Mo Ne could get away with. And it’s not like she didn’t give her husband a chance either when she started to feel her heart flutter towards Gun Wook. The scene where she tried to entice her husband but he coldly told her to “go to bed first” while he continued to slug away at his work was kinda heartbreaking. In my brain, I was thinking, “Dude, are you gay? No offence but look at yourself, if a Hong Tae Ra throws herself at you, I’ma thinking ya better freaking jump on it…”


And so, I can’t help but think that how Tae Ra finally gave in to Gun Wook‘s courtship was more because he was giving her a sense of re-validation that she still had allure, that (young) good-looking men still wanted her. Would she give up herself for him? I’m not so sure. I never felt that she cared for Gun Wook nor wanted to learn about Gun Wook in the way that Jae In did. Yeah yeah Tae Ra went gung-ho for a divorce blah blah blah, but in my eyes the act was something that she wanted to do for herself more than for anything or anyone else. After so many years of suppressing her true desires, RWAR! KaPow! The woman was finally full-fledged letting herself loose. She was aware of the destruction it would cause to her (apparently) loved ones & the (majorly) ill-timing of her decision but she barely thought twice. As soon as she let Gun Wook suck her face & she passionately sucked back, that was it, family out the window- & most of my respect for her gone, too. Mo Ne (played by Jung So Min) probably said it best for me in episode 13: “You are always acting so elegant & lofty… so high & mighty, always lecturing me on the right things to do. You set your eyes on your own little sister’s boyfriend? That’s filthy.” And it is. Filthy. In real life, there is no way we would accept something like this. Tae Ra knew clear & well that her sister Mo Ne was infatuated with Gun Wook, but whatever, she responds with a meek, “My heart won’t listen to my head. I don’t know what to do either.” Sure. Pfft. *rolls eyes* My final smidgen of liking for the woman completely disintegrated in episode 16 when we watched her essentially lecturing her own mother, scolding “You are the source for all the things that have happened.” All I will say is, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, sister. Not that I am defending the Evil Mother Madam Shin by any means but Hong Tae Ra shi, it was ultimately your decision to succumb to Gun Wook’s charms. For crying out loud woman, have the balls to front the fact it was you who lost control of your hormones & shattered the whole darn family ><”

And this is, by far, why I was was a Moon Jae In fan all the freaking way.


Yes. Yes. YES. I am aware that Han Gan In isn’t exactly world renowned for her mind-blowing acting abilities but… I actually liked her in this series. Alot (am I going nutters? Mebbe. Actually it’s too bad, I already am nutters lol.) I think a large part of my liking had to do with the way her character was written-  Moon Jae In was someone who I somehow ended up finding myself rooting for. She was a good sister yet she was far from your typical “you’re sympathising with me right this second” kinda heroine. In fact, right from the get-go, we see Jae In lives with the intention of marrying into a super duper upscale family (as in, Black Credit Card land & never-carrying-loose-change-rich. Did you hear that? No coinage. That’s right Hazuki Rensuke. Water striders my ass.) As an employee of the Hae Shin Group, Jae In hears about Hong Tae Sung & plots to seduce him. We were kinda made to believe that she is a woman who barely has an ounce of shame.

But by stark contrast to Hong Tae Ra, I didn’t get the feeling once that Jae In was trying to conceal the real her by putting on the mask of a saint- a BIG check ✓✓✓ Whenever confronted of her wrongdoings, she never attempted to back her way out things. Yes she purposefully entered Tae Sung‘s life wanting to hit the jackpot but she also genuinely & naturally cared for him & his well-being. None of that stuff was faked. When she saw something she believed wasn’t right, she wouldn’t cower away from it. When she realised where her heart truly needed to be, she cut things off cleanly & voiced her gratitude for everything Tae Sung had done for her up until that point.


At one stage though I was slightly peeved at the writers for not giving Jae In a more gutter-ridden background to warrant her make-it-into-the-Hong-family ambitions. She had a loving mother, & a loveable sister in Won In who is as well & as bubbly as a 16yr old can get. At the start, we did see her then-boyfriend ditch her for some rich girl but it’s not like later we ever saw a loan shark attack on Jae In or anything. There were one or two lines where Jae In mentioned that she has had to work pretty hard to get to where she is now as the head art consultant for Madam Shim, but you don’t really get the feeling there was ever too much trauma involved. At least in comparison to say Ha Ji Won‘s character Lee Soo Jung in What Happened In Bali, Jae In‘s pride & integrity had & always been intact. And she’s gorgeous, too. In most people’s eyes, Jae In really didn’t have it too bad. I mean, come on girl, you’re working in the Hae Shin Group already for goodness sakes! So why, why do you want to become the wifey of some rich guy whose face you’ve never even seen before? And why, why does it still make sense for me to like you?

Firstly, luckily that rich guy is Kim Jae Wook– that sure makes the gold digging activities a helluva lot easier. Secondly, forgive the clichéness, but… how real is this girl? I mean, even if it was for the briefest moment, how many of us have ever had the thought of marrying off into a wealthy, socially established family? I know I have (don’t, er, hold it against me though… >> I definitely don’t live with this thought everyday & I am certainly not going to just leech on some random rich dude [unless maybe he did resemble either of the Hong Tae Sungs^^; lol j/k… or am I? ;OO] But if it ever did become a reality, I would use my powers to travel the world to help the needy ^_^ And of course, I would continue to blog lololol) My point is, the more I think about it, the more I value how the writers gave us a main character who is flawed without justification. Sometimes people simply are just the way they are. It’s human nature to want the good things in life.

With the help of Gun Wook, Jae In does succeed in winning Tae Sung‘s heart. The guy practically proposes, despite Madam Shim‘s discontent, Jae In is half-a-shimmy away from having it all but that is when everything that matters dawns on her- is this material wealth at the tip of her hands really as satisfying as what she had imagined it to be? F**k no (this is when we sob for Tae Sung getting his heart broken again Y_Y… but this is also when I squeal, “It’s Gun Wook+Jae In forever, peeeeeeps!!!!!!”)

I garnered alot of respect for Jae In during the moment where Tae Sung takes her to the hotel room & confronts her about her true motive in getting so close to him. He says (something along the lines of,) “Isn’t this what you wanted? If you sleep with me now you can become the daughter-in-law of the Hae Shin Group.” Jae In doesn’t even frggn flinch. I loved this part of Jae In the most- I loved how she didn’t try to weasel her way out of the situation. She was unapologetic & accepted the repercussions of her own actions. But in the end, after all the pining for the fortune & the social status, she showed us that love can f**king change you for good. Love can make the selfish become the selfless. Love can make you give up what you originally had in your mind as “The Perfect Life” & give your all for another person.


I also like to think that Han Ga In‘s acting served Moon Jae In justice. After going back to revisit some of the episodes & major scenes, I noticed she emoted with her voice much more consistently better than what she did with her facial emotions. Now I’m not saying that the girl’s face is one big wooden block or anything (well, at least not all the time^^;) but… how do I say it… I just feel that perhaps occasionally her porcelain perfect doll face & circle lensy eyes were holding her back (..!) Still, I was feeling for her & at first, I wasn’t even fully aware why, but going back over it, now I know. It was the way that she would breathe out her cries, & the intonation in her words…she really got me subconsciously ingesting every one of Jae In‘s emotions.


I also loved the chemistry between her & Kim Nam Gil because it was so freaking natural beyond words. It was romatically understated in a “I could watch you two forever” kinda way. I did find it cute when Gun Wook was initially trying to meddle in with Jae In‘s life much to her eyeball churning disgust, but I loved even more watching them evolve into very ambiguous friends & mutual confidants (& partners in crime! ><;) It got to the point where I didn’t even mind if they would get together officially in the end, as long as I saw them together, I was sooooooo content. To me, they were more than a couple who loved each other, or more than two people wanting to get into one another’s pants- Gun Wook & Jae In were soulmates. And nothing like in the stupidly lopsidedly one-sided way that Ji Hoo was for Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers where the girl had no fuureaking clues in life at all, Gun Wook & Jae In were equal pillars of support to each other. I liked that they could get upset with one another one day but get along with it all the next- & there would never be a grudge. There was this unspoken understanding & this level of resolute trust between them that was so pure & so beautiful… call me a wuss but yeah, my eyes glistened many times <3

So, aah… does this mean that I am one of the ones that shunned the Tae Sung+Jae In ship? *shakes head vigorously* Far from it *wipes drool from chin* (!) Kim Jae Wook & Han Ga In‘s pretty faces on screen together was something of the flail-like-a-mad-chookie realms for me. No, seriously ><; When I look at their relationship though, I believe they learned alot about themselves through the other but I didn’t get the feeling that they needed each other in the same way that Gun Wook & Jae In were fated (& ya know I’m all about all things destiny xDD) I felt that Tae Sung needed someone like Jae In at that point in his life but I struggled to convince myself that he was ready- or able- to love & be there for someone so soon after his ex-girlfriend Seon Young had left this world. I am convinced though that the next woman that comes into Tae Sung‘s life is going to be the luckiest girl alive (let it be moi! Let it be moiiiiiii! *drops genie bottle* X_o…)


As much as I feel like Kim Nam Gil was the man of the series, I do also feel that Kim Jae Wook very much owned his role as “the real Tae Sung.” With each thing I watch of his, waffles & sweet French delicacies amidst merry table top hip-gyrating dancing goodness (!), I just foster more & more, er, admiration for him^^. I’ve really become a fan of Kim Jae Wook The Actor (his musician aspirations however… *hearts*) I am more than obsessed with his “I’m so cool I don’t give a flying damn what’s cool” demeanour. And I almost passed out waiting for him to finally grace the screen in Bad Guy. But when he finally did, he expressed every trait & every emotion through his eyes & body language so artlessly, giving us the most empathisable, the most lovable, the most in-the-flesh Hong Tae Sung we could’ve asked for. It was an absolute joy watching Kim Jae Wook mix up & deliver the various intermingling layers of his character.

On the surface Tae Sung seemed to have it well, but he was always acting like a frggn jerk, abusing the fact that he is an heir to the Hae Shin Group. We soon learn though that this is the same guy who had grown up being looked at & treated as “the illegitimate child.” While Gun Wook is mad at this guy for stealing “his family,” the truth is, Tae Sung never had “this family” in his hands either. Yet, Tae Sung never wanted anyone’s sympathy. My heart sank so many times for him whenever he would be virtually screaming, but deep down he was merely begging for Madam Shin to squeeze out even just the tiniest crumb of love for him. In the scene where he was in the first aid cabin on the boat in Japan, he accidentally answers Jae In‘s phone to hear his mother, Madam Shin on the other end. He tells her he is sick & she responds by asking if he wanted money (I know, Mother Of The Year right? Not ><“) You can see her words slice him; he’s partially shocked, partially angered- it’s almost as if he can’t believe she is saying something so insensitive. Even if he wasn’t her son, is it normal for her- or anyone for that matter- to say something like that at that kind of moment?

Staring off into the night of the ocean, he later asks Jae In, “Usually… when a child says he is sick, what would the mother say?” She replies naturally, ” ‘Where are you unwell?’ ‘Are you in pain?’ That’s what my mother would say. They say when a child is ill, the mother will feel ten times worse than him.”

Tae Sung, dejected, laughing, “Is it really like that?”


^^I practically dislocated my collarbone trying to leap through the computer screen in an attempt to lend my shoulder to the boy~~ Oh my dear Tae Sung, we know you are one loving soul. And forgiving (think the way he released Jae In & how he stayed so strong for his family when they were drowning in all their crap.) And!!! Way to go with the whole sockless shoe look too- only you could rock it like you did xDD

I guess the question is, since I’m loving hardcore on both leading men, who the heck is the Bad Guy then? Come on, why would you name a series that & not have a clear-cut villain for us all to spear in the ass! Well, I’m thinking, while I would love to tag that label onto Madam Shin‘s forehead & wreck her hair, I’m going to say this instead: there is a “bad guy” in all of us. Okay, maybe not “all,” but certainly not everyone can be a saint. There are demons within the human race & within us- we can either let them go or let them destroy us.

Which brings me to the ending.

The Oh-no-honey-they-not-just-kill-off-ShimGunWook & Mother-of-crap-how-did-MadamShin-escape-punishment & Are-you-furreal-GunWook-is-TaeRa-&-MoNe‘s-real-brother??? ending. I’m thinking I’m in the minority for this.

No question I could’ve done with one or two (or three) more episodes because, for one I didn’t want to part way with the series; two, things towards the end did feel a little rushed leaving us with a number of loopholes & a bit of a “WTF  just happened” feeling; & three, well, you know, it would’ve been nice to see it with our own eyes that Tae Sung was okay <3

Out of the blue sometime before the rocker-of-a-finale, we were suddenly told that Tae Ra is not Chairman Hong‘s biological daughter. At first I was like, er, why is that piece of information necessary, but then it becomes apparent- if Shim Gun Wook is the real Hong Tae Sung, then him getting it on with Hong Tae Ra could only be made easier to stomach if they were not related by blood. A part of me did breathe a huge sigh of relief with the rest of the characters but another part of me would’ve liked to see them go all out with the ending- punch us in the face with the fact that they are biological siblings & leave us bruised & suffocating in their hell. But then again, I suppose incest isn’t really a thought many of us would like to have in our heads ><” Even as it was anyways, the ending was alot to take in.


We can blame Madam Shin all we want. If she hadn’t forged that DNA test to lie about the real Hong Tae Sung all those years ago, sure, maybe none of the subsequent adversities would have occurred. Maybe Gun Wook wouldn’t have ended up on the side of the riverbank, bleeding his last moments away on this Earth, alone. Maybe. It’s not as if I agree with Madam Shin‘s choice of actions but… was it completely unreasonable of her for not wanting to live with the child her husband had with another woman? Maybe not. Dang I don’t know why it sounds like I am rationalising this psycho evil biiiatch‘s behaviour lol I guess what I am trying to get at is, the mishaps & misfortunes that struck everyone in the family was ultimately the result of everyone‘s choices & actions. You can’t pin everything to one person. You do something, you take what comes along with it. It’s karmic retribution.

If such is the case, you may ask then, why didn’t Madam Shin receive her due punishment & be imprisoned in the end? Why did “the bad guy” end up winning? Well, look at it clearly. Look at it clearly again & tell me- did anyone really win? Is the point really to win?

On a technicality basis, I believe there wasn’t  sufficient evidence to convict Madam Shin of her crime. That’s that. But if you ask me, the woman may have escaped physical imprisonment but she has to live forever in the shadow of what she has done & everything that has happened. The death of her beloved eldest son. The falling apart of her family. The loss of her reputation & her husband looking at her like WTF for the rest of time (lol) Really, what does it mean to win? Can we look at Gun Wook‘s death as his liberation?


Whether or not Mo Ne came to pull that trigger or not in the final episode wouldn’t have changed a thing. Yes, Jae In came & distracted Gun Wook from committing suicide moments earlier but Gun Wook had already made up his mind- there was no more need for him in this world. From the moment we learn that Gun Wook is, after all, the true Hong Tae Sung, the blood son of the family that he has been dedicating his entire life into dismantling & tearing the souls apart of, that moment when Madam Shin revealed the truth, slyly sneering at him the words: “I’ve won”that was the moment that took Gun Wook‘s life. He wasn’t able to live on in such irony, knowing that everything he had lived for had essentially amounted to nothing. I think even had it turned out that he wasn’t the real Hong Tae Sung, his fate still would have been the same. This was the destiny he had chosen.

Now for the chillingly beautiful final five minutes(ish) of the series…

A parcel arrives at Jae In‘s house for her, she opens it up to reveal a glass mask of Gun Wook‘s face, & a note with his final words.

Remember back in episode 6 when Gun Wook questioned Ryu sensei (the glass master artist from Japan) about the contradiction of a glass mask- why is it that something that is supposed to cover your face is in turn transparent? Who is the mask the face of? Ryu sensei takes Gun Wook to the grave of the woman he loved- “If I wear this, could I see the world she saw?” -this was sensei‘s mindset when he crafted the original glass mask, this was what he was feeling. Seeing the world through your loved one’s eyes- this is the meaning of the glass mask. And somehow, it appears that Gun Wook had persuaded Ryu sensei to create one for him.

Jae In dashes out thinking that Gun Wook is close by. And indeed, he is. She finally comes to a standstill in front of a public notice board, a piece of paper pinned on it is recklessly blowing around in the wind. The series ends with her standing there, eyes longing, back against that piece of paper that reads the details of Gun Wook‘s death (*million tears streaming down face* Please, turn around girl, please, please, please… TTT___TTT )


What would the world look like through the eyes of the one you love, Jae In?
Jae In, I’ve had this thought.
If I could see the world through someone else’s eyes, what would it be like?
Jae In, are you doing well? You have to be happy no matter what.
Because if you could look at the world through those eyes, then I’d be able to smile & laugh, too.
In the night, in the deepest blackest darkness, I can’t tell which is the sky & which is the ground.
I can’t tell if a glow is from a flame or from starlight. I can’t distinguish one from the other.
Where is the place that I’m to go?
Could it be heaven? Could it be hell?

Gun Wook, where are you?
Is the world you see now a happy one?

^^Jae In holding onto a piece of Gun Wook in the form of the glass mask coupled with the above passage of Gun Wook‘s final words being narrated by Jae In, her voice slowly merging into Gun Wook‘s voice & then back again… everything truly comes to make sense.

People live to love.

For me, it couldn’t have ended any other way.

Sucks to be Moon Geun Young (not)

18 10 2010

Oh my! Orrrr Maaah!!! It’s the teaser for the upcoming KBS drama, Mary Stayed Out All Night, starring Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geun Young, Kim Jae Wook & Kim Hyo Jin!!!!!! >>>

^^NEVER ever thought I would say this but Kim Jae Wook is looking like the manlier dude for once lol *hearts on Hwang Tae Kyung^^*

Truth be told I actually find the teaser a little lame… but still, I have semi high hopes for this series because:



[A] It’s based on the manga/manhwa Maerineun Uibakjoong by Soo Yeon Won, who also penned Full House (which we know got made famous by my Bi baby & the stunningly gorgeous Song Hye Kyo.) This isn’t to say that I thought Full House was an off-the-meter blazing winner (although for some reason I did love it lol) but my brain is thinking: manga based dramas usually do not go wrong *crosses fingers & crosses toes*


[B] It’s Jang Geun Suk & Kim Jae Wook for goodness sakes. Pretty on the eyes & matte, matte! They actually have acting talent to boot, too! Both guys have been churning out reputable pieces of work lately in the drama world. And now they’re together in the one series so… yes please. NOW.

Well, not quite now, more like on November 8 :))

Fasten your seatbelts, I’m thinking this is definitely gonna be one helluva ride (or I will be eating my own words in a couple of  months time. Dang, I am so getting back into the Korean scene! Don’t worry Johnny-san, it’s a return ticket I promise lololol)

Headers, headers & more headers

14 08 2010

Firstly, I have a new header!

Secondly, just thought the forever thick-skinned me would like to share that I am pretty darn thrilled to have a few of my own creations rotating themselves amongst all the other fab-o headers over at Dramabeans, a site many of us probably stalk religiously for all the glorious K-drama recaps & K-pop culture goodness.

So please look out for them & wave!! \(^_^)/ lol (& just in case you are wondering, yes, I have a(nother) thang for Kim Jae Wook atm ;O)