The season of giving <3

25 12 2011

^^Aaaaaaawww…. you heard chibi Dorama King! :P
(Btw, I took the above photo from a blog then added my own bits to it… however, I thought I’d saved the link to said blog but I didn’t! Or I somehow managed to lose it!~~ I am always one to share credits so if you come across the page this image of a very kawaii Kimura came from, then please alert me so I can place credit where credit is due. Onegaishimasu.)


Another year is dawning upon us, so here’s wishing everyone the most joyous, the most peaceful, and the most beautiful festive season. And may your dorama-watching become bigger and better than ever!

Now since Christmas is traditionally supposed to be a very giving time of the year (and no, I do not mean prezentoes you can wrap up and affix a big shiny bow to,)  let’s take a look at some of my favourite stars who are more than just rich, genetically blessed (or surgically modified~~) pretty faces. By this, I mean they haven’t just lent their faces to a charity organisation, which yes, is a powerful gesture, but I’m talking about the ones who actually get in there and mingle like a total non-celeb. It’s what you call goodwill, and it really is all about the goodwill, so spread it around this festive season just like these following guys & gals ;)


Joe Cheng and Mike He for World Vision

This is actually the pic that initiated my inspiration for this Yuletide post^^ To be honest, I love them and all but I would have never imagined Taiwanese actors Joe Cheng & Mike He to be such active ambassadors for such a good cause. And I don’t at all mean this in a bad way, I guess it’s just that I’ve always predominantly seen them as, you know, idol stars that delusional fangirls squeal after desperately wanting to extract their DNA for some sort of voodoo potion that some creepy bearded quack swears will marry them faithfully for eternity or something *coughs* I so have not fallen for that *coughs* *chokes*~~>_>;;;… But as I chanced upon this image of two-thirds of Taiwan’s most drooled after BFF trio in India, my heart melted… just that little bit more… for Joe. Mr Cheng, your acting projects may not always be spot on, sweetie, but seeing you behave oh-so-naturally and comfortably with the children easily makes me overlook all the crap that you’ve ever made me watch in my lifetime of yours.

Here’s wishing you many happy returns in the drama world, the singing world and… the fashion world, since you do, ah, doll up rather nicely xDD 聖誕快樂!

Maggie Cheung Man Yuk for UNICEF.

*breathes biggest SIGH ever* *eyes glistening with stars* As if this woman isn’t perfect enough already.

Since being appointed goodwill ambassador for UNICEF China last year, the legendary actress has journeyed through several provinces in the country to care for and help educate the masses of underprivileged children and women. How she manages to still look so freaking glamorous along the way, I don’t know, but what I do know is this woman is simply flawless.

I also know it would be nice if Ms Maggie Cheung were to star in a new movie soon. And by that I don’t mean little cameo appearances *coughs* Hot Summer Days *coughs* (which, she was still effortlessly THE best thing about the whole darned film,) nor do I mean super artistic film installations *coughs* Ten Thousand Waves *coughs* because given my geographics, I will never find a way to see the glorious piece of work  TTT_TTT…

Then again, the mysterious aura thing works for me, too. Either way, Merry Christmas to one of the best actresses our generation has ever seen. Your heart is a gift to those you are helping just as your acting talent is a gift to the world of cinema. Please, keep up the good work… and maybe just think about releasing something new soon ;)

Kim Nam Gil for Plan B.

Pornstache and all (as doozy would put it ;PP) Kim Nam Gil seems to possess all the hardworking and “I want to give back to the community” characteristics that would make any charity organisation proud— and he has, having volunteered his time with an array of charity projects, from Indonesia to Japan to his good old mother nation of South Korea. He gets in there often and in a very, very hands-on fashion— but none of it feels forced to me at all. I mean, it genuinely feels like he wants to help— no wait, he needs to help. It’s like there is this burning fire inside him that makes him uncontrollably want to do so. Seeing him physically carrying loads, helping build homes, playing with the children, caring for the children… for all that, I can definitely look past that sly, slinky ‘stache. You know what, I actually don’t mind it. There. I said it. I like that caterpillar stamp of hair above the man’s upper lip.

Kim Nam Gil shi, I sincerely can not wait to see you this time next year for you will have completed your two year service in the Korean military. Like many, I am eager for your return! So, hope you are happy and well in the army, and Merry Christmas :)


Kim Hyun Joo for Good Neighbours.

You guys know I love this girl— and it’s not just because of her down-to-earth prettiness.

As it is, the actress often participates in various charity projects anyways, but after a series of personal tragedies last year, the amazingly talented Korean actress Kim Hyun Joo fled to Bangladesh with Good Neighbours (for which she is the goodwill ambassador,) and rediscovered her inner strength and love for life—which you can see clearly reflected in her smiles. During her nine day stay, she helped bathe the children, led recreational classes and on top of all that, donated the entire sum of the condolence money received from her late father’s funeral to the Bangladeshi people.

Hyun Joo shi, you are truly beautiful inside and out. May your heart be filled with all the joy it can hold, and you continue to bring us characters that are just 100% sassily relatable. Merry Christmas to you! ♥


Won Bin for UNICEF.

So, you thought this man was just a mere mix of average so-so looks, a semi-okay body, a bit’a acting talent and a teeny, tiny flicker of bravery… no, wait ><“, chotto matte ! Gomen, gomen, I was thinking about [ insert random Johnny boy ]~~lol, j/ks. Okay okay, cheap stabs over *twitches (overly plucked) eyebrow*;DD Ahem.

The moment one discovers that Won Bin exists is also the same moment one realises that not all men were created equal, for this man is a total freak of nature possessing all the physical traits that a Design-Your-Own-Boyfriend app would charge you the most for. He also has a spectacular body of work approved by both critics and fans, PLUS he showcased us all a whole lotta bravery when he enlisted for the frontline serving for the Korean military. As E.G. put it best: hear that you K-ent draft dodgers? ~~ bahahahaha.

But in case that doesn’t suffice all your estrogen needs, here is something to inflame your hormones to want to mother his babies even more. Won Bin is a total humanitarian, having been appointed ambassador for UNICEF Korea in 2007. He has since involved himself in numerous campaigns and spent time in several Third World countries, personally nursing severely malnourished kids by feeding them vitamins and even carrying out some of their vaccinations.

A photo does tell a thousand word but why the eff just stop at one. Here is a beautiful compilation video of images from the beautiful man’s experience in East Timor (seriously, goodwill has never looked so good):

Won Bin shi, if you can hear me, please, have yourself a Merry Christmas… and find yourself your own perfect partner, won’tcha (OMG, imagine how perfect she would be…) ? And enjoy continued success with all your work. You deserve it. AND (speaking of)! …Don’t leave us hanging out too long for your next acting gig, ne ? ;P


And that’s it of the people who I admire for more reasons that one! Actually, I did find out that Choi Ji Woo dedicated some time in Swaziland last year but I’m not so sure I love her now as much as I used to (i.e. back in the Beautiful Days / Winter SonataStairway To Heaven days… *high-pitched wail*aaaaahhh!!!**… I just confessed one of my dirty little secrets~~ Yes I WAS a Princess Ji Woo worshipper. Do you have a problem with that?~~) Sure I decided not to use her but feel free to read about her experience here :)

I also tried and tried to dig up traces of any Johnny boy emitting any signs of unconditional kind-heartedness… but to no avail. Hmm. I wonder what that means *twitches other (overly plucked) eyebrow*

Anyways, if karma really does exist, then the gorgeous human beings in his post (chibi Dorama King included!^^) are living proof that doing good deeds truly does bring you— and everyone around you— very good things.

Give a little bit of your heart out, not just during Christmas but all year round, and watch the love spread— it really is infectious :)

☆~Merry Christmas~!☆

Quote It: Kimura Takuya

17 04 2011

I’m happy that everyone came, and that you are all smiling.”

Kimura Takuya (Marching J, 02 April 2011)


Woah. This has to be a record. Almost seven weeks since my last post? *self-applause*

Don’t fret! I am nowhere near wanting to give up on my blogtarded activities! lol.

To be honest (and this is going to sound a little hippy or something of me,) since the crises that have befallen Japan, I have been finding it difficult to conjure up enough consistent motivation to update. Not that I stopped thinking about what I wanted to blog about, my brain just always seemed preoccupied… you know, with “real life stuff.”

But if Japan have shown us anything, they have shown us exactly what is real. The love, the courage, the strength, the composure, the dignity, the fighting spirit- it’s all there. It’s a testing time but as American televangelist, pastor, and author Dr. Robert H. Schuller puts it, “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” (That was a bonus quote for you all!) I know I am not the only one praying hard for those who have been affected, and, praying hard for the world. Every little good thought does go a long way <3

And for me, there was something extra special about the above words that came from the one and only Kimura Takuya san at Marching J (seriously, coolest name evah. I am, like, such a proud JE fan ^O^) Dunno exactly why, but the way that he spoke it really tugged me at the heart.

Guess the man’s still got it xDD

But you know, as much as I love him, it’s still fun to, er, poke a lil fun at him and the outfit he was wearing on the day (hey, it’s not like I am the one instigating it >_>;;;)…

[ photo credit to aramatheydidn’t ]

^^bwahahaha xDDDDD *hearts on The Dorama King*

More frequent updates on the way, I promise!


Nihon, ganbatte!


[ Btw, photobucket is having issues at the moment thus the grey toned “Looks like this image isn’t showing up!” things being plastered everywhere. Apparently this will be rectified soon, so, gomenasai! Please excuse the fugliness in the meantime. m(_ _)m ]

Is this the prettiest cast ever?

10 04 2010

Please vote YES, NO or MAYBE lol I think I’m going crazy w/ all this drama goodness xD

Well, I didn’t think it would be fair to keep raving on & on about Eita & Ueno Juri‘s upcoming Twitter dorama *swoons yet again* & not drop a mention about a certain Dorama King’s forthcoming piece of work *cough*Kimura Takuya*cough*

Tsuki no Koibito (i.e. Moon Lovers) will be airing on May 10. Oh yes. My eyes are liking what they are seeing already. And hooray for shorter hairdos! Kimura looks way younger, way more polished & my, thank goodness Shota-kun has shed his Liar Game II mane off. I’m gonna say, so far, Tsuki ni Koibito scores 1 point for hot hair; Sunao ni Karenakute, zilch (but I still love them all xDD) Anyways, here’s the latest Tsuki ni Koibito CM:

It’s gonna be a great Spring season (well, Autumn for me -_-; Move me to the Northern Hemisphere already.)

Aah, one last thing! Abe Tsuyoshi is in the series, too, which means we have ourselves a mini F2 reunion! d(^_^)b

My top 5 Kimura Takuya drama series

3 02 2010

Well, I took this as a challenge from Ender’s Girl, although I almost wish I didn’t because I am now a few million brain cells less because of it. Take a deep breath & let the countdown begin…

[5] A Sleeping Forest


Did I not say I like my dark dramas?

In A Sleeping Forest, we have cursing hallucinations, blinding hypnotism, torturous flashbacks & unholy blood stains set against the backdrop of a stunningly divine, tranquil forest (seriously never seen anything greener.) It’s like part-nightmare, part-heaven. The juxtaposition is surreal.

Kimura convinces me (seemingly) w/o even trying here as the mysteriously misrepresented psychopath of a family murderer. He had a certain twinkle in his eyes throughout the series that was quite simply spellbinding. Nakayama Miho is also near-faultless as Minako. Everyone, including these 2, secretly or not, had major issues & it gave me tingles watching their layers peel off one by one. I like my twisted characters & even moreso when it’s like a battle between every single one of them to see who is the most perverted one of all *EVIL LAUGH*

While I may have preferred a slightly more sunny ending, I didn’t mind the one that materialised as it manages to punch you in the face one last time, dwindling away your last rays of hope. This relentlessness, if you really thought about it, didn’t really make the most sense, but then again, it made the series what it was.  Don’t mess w/ the laws of nature I say.

[4] Engine


Not that I thought Kimura & Koyuki had overwhelmingly great chemistry but individually, I think they suited their roles well. But this series definitely wasn’t about the man/woman relationship anyways. It was all about the kids, & our hero Jiro was the biggest kid of them all (#^_^#) It was really endearing watching him interact w/ all the orphans. Seeing my girl Ueno Juri already display luminous signs of her incredible acting array opposite my man Kimura Takuya was downright awesome. In fact, all the kids were freaking awesome. Sometimes I wonder if certain “actors” should be taking acting notes from these children *COUGH*Yamapi**COUGH*

I also enjoyed the thrill of the racetrack (I wanna race a Fast Turtle !!!!!!!) & I’m glad they didn’t go w/ the glowey fairytale ending where a Jiro, voila (!), races across the finish line at the last millisecond, climbs the winner’s podium & lifts the hardware high up into the air (hurrah!) Instead they left us w/ a simple message- it’s not the end result that is most important but it’s about not giving up along the journey (golly I can learn so much from my jdoramas.)

[3] One Million Stars Falling From The Sky


This was my first Kimura Takuya series (possibly why it remains close to my heart) & instantly, I was captivated. Apart from the fact that I’ve never seen anyone who looks as good as he does in a newsboy cap, the irony & satire in this series really left a haunting impression on me. I mean, of course there was all the surface suspense & mystery & the twists & the turns but the underlying philosophical messages & questions posed truly messed w/ my psyche severely (come on, the freaking tragedy of an ending?? Do I cry or do I cringe & shudder? By the way, Kimura‘s reaction when he discovered the truth as he is leaning up against the fridge w/ the Crayola scribble in his hand… frickin perfect. My heart could not have been crushed harder.)

And it makes me feel even more messed up that I enjoyed every moment of it. All-round great performances from the main cast & well, I’m truly a fan of (good-looking^^;;) twisted souls.

[2] Beautiful Life


For starters, I’m pretty sure you would fail to try to think of a more beautiful onscreen couple than KimuraTakuya & Tokiwa Takako.

Then there’s the awesome ending theme song; Konya Tsuki Mieru no Oka ni by B’z, which I never, ever skipped (& how cute are Kimura-kun & Takako-chan in the vid ;O)

Now, truth be told, I did find the pace of the series pretty snail-like but somehow, something kept tugging at my heart. It was slow but subtle & by the end of the series, I realised the series had me right where (I gathered) it’d freaking wanted.

Who didn’t want Shuji to cut & joozh their hair for them (for free as well, sheesh )? Who didn’t squeal everytime Shuji used his foot to swing Kyoko around to face him when she was in her wheelchair? Who didn’t choke to CPR-crucial conditions when Shuji was applying make-up to the corpse of Kyoko in the final moments of the series? Who didn’t feel the ending left a glimmer of hope & content amongst all the manic sadness?

I dare say that this is still Kimura‘s best character performance to date (although his portrayal of Manpyo Teppei in The Grand Family was pretty freaking unbelievable… hmm… maybe they can be equal best =___=)


Now for the drum roll…… (not that you probably couldn’t take a wild stab)

[1] Long Vacation


♪♫♪ Maware maware merry go round !!! ♫♪♫

Oh the Kimura Takuya monster this series turned me into.

It is such a simple storyline but it is also possibly the most charming ever (& ah, hello? The soundtrack is fricking amazing!) It is the ultimate feel-good story. I was grinning non-stop like a silly little girl experiencing her first high school crush in the final few scenes where Sena & Minami just yell each other’s name out at one another over & over & over again xDDDDD Their relationship is played out at the perfect pace.

The cast is legendary & they showed that insanely good-looks can actually co-exist w/ A-class acting (this world can be strangely fair) delivering an amazing ensemble performance. It isn’t just Kimura single-handedly carrying the torch. Everyone’s portrayals along w/ Kitagawa Eriko‘s brilliantly written, uncontrived dialogue created spectacular life in the characters. They all carried flaws (seriously, Sena‘s excruciating timidness & inability to express ANYTHING that is true to his heart? And Minami‘s rather brash, in-your-face attitude?) but they made you relate to them. They made you love like them. Really, I just wanted to befriend them all.

And I also like piano. I like Sena+his piano. Sigh, it really doesn’t help that I have a natural favouritism towards gorgeous, introverted creatures who only know how to express their feelings through musical instruments (omg did someone mention Hanazawa Rui??)

I can’t believe it’s been almost 14yrs since the series originally aired in Japan but even watching it now it doesn’t feel outdated (okay, maybe except for the fashion… >_>;;)

For me, this is truly the benchmark for all romantic dramas & it will never cease to get my heart all fluttery.

Long Vacation forever <333333

I rate this scene: Long Vacation [episode 10]

17 01 2010


[ “I’m not your brother… I’m a man, you’re a woman…” ]

Gaaaaaahhh… far out I love Long Vacation (*⌒ー⌒*)

This scene was acted perfectly. More than anything, something about the way Kimura spoke those words in the caption above really, really got me. He is faultless *fangirl gush* This moment convinced me that Sena was at long last facing his full-blooded desire to want to be Minami‘s only man… but he still manages to express it exactly in the way you imagine Sena would.

Anyways, now go & watch the scene!!! >>>

I Come With The Rain: Such a romantic sounding title, such an unromantic waste of a name

8 01 2010


I finally watched Ahn Hung Tran‘s I Come With The Rain.

The only previous works I have encountered of the Vietnamese-French director are The Scent Of Green Papaya & Cyclo. Both were freaking brilliant (Tony Leung starred in the latter & although his dialogue was minimal, his performance was still almighty. Yes, I will mention his name at the slimmest of opportunities xDD) So upon the first news of Rain, taking the proposed international superstar cast into consideration, I almost peed my pants in sheer giddy excitement.

But what a way to let me down!

I can handle a disjointed plot (or even a lack of one completely for that matter) if the artistic & symbolic elements are crafted w/ glowing perfection & the characters made sense, but in Rain, I was majorly tempted to hit the mute button so I could silence the brash, grating soundtrack & the lazy, clunky dialogue. Then I wanted to close my eyes because the grotesque gore & violence were too meaningless to appreciate. I did not feel we were given convictive enough background stories to help us justify why these characters were all so sadistically messed up. Then out of nowhere we were drowning in crucifiction references & constant showcasing of deformed human corpse “art.”  By that time, I elected to forfeit the film on the whole & resorted to focusing on the individual acting.

Photobucket [I did squeal when I saw these 2 guys on the screen together ^^;;]

I thought I rated Josh Harnett as an actor but in Rain, he failed me. Enunciate, damn it.   Shawn Yue is a good actor but the dialogue destroyed him. Sam Lee as the whacky evangelist bemused me beyond words.  Kimura Takuya is my major blindspot & I will usually glorify his presence at all costs. I would say he was his typical solid self but to me, even so, he seemed to be a little suffocated by the confusingly loud elements of the film. I think Lee Byung Hun was the most on the money in Rain. For one I was impressed w/ his English & two, he exuded an understated coolness that seemed to combine attributes of his characters from A Bittersweet Life & The Good, The Bad & The Weird. Oh yeah, & the abs weren’t too bad either >_>;

Not to say that it was a terrible film but objectively, I don’t think it was the wisest career move for anyone involved. It may have been more of a case of it failing to live up to expectations but either way I will still mention that I have seen this movie to other people if only because of it’s gorgeous sounding name.

I see Buzzer Beat; I see Long Vacation

6 12 2009

Before you read any further, please keep these 2 points in mind:

1. I did enjoy Buzzer Beat.

2. Long Vacation is my favourite J-dorama of all-time (& is pretty much responsible for making Kimura Takuya my favourite actor of all-time, alongside the fan-freaking-tastic awesomeness that is Tony Leung.)

Okay. So I mentioned in my last post that Buzzer Beat totally reminded me of Long Vacation. Don’t believe me? Let’s bring out the evidence!

Exhibit A

The frequent looking out of the window from a high-rise apartment situation. And the drapey white curtains. And the bricky wall. Now you’re probably thinking, hmm, that’s nothing really that noteworthy, but relax (or not.) We are only just warming up xD

Exhibit B

The apartment layout is looking far too similar, is it not ?? ^^;;;;;;

Exhibit C

Main protagonists (finally) chasing their musical dream & duh, succeeding! (For the record, I prefer piano but Keiko-chan was pretty much perfect as a violinist.)

Exhibit D

Sensitive main guy’s sweet first love falls for rugged, “Don’t give an eff because I’m so cool” attitude moustache man. BTW, Takenouchi Yutaka <333333 (To be fair though, I do not blame Aibu Saki‘s character completely. You have to admit that Naoki didn’t show a great deal of passion towards his long-time girlfriend at all. Remember that scene when Natsuki asks Naoki to give her a kiss before sending her off home? Seriously, come on Pi!)

Exhibit E

Bonding on the basketball court. Sena & Minami would meet alot at the court near their apartment. 13 years later, Naoki & Riko come along & do the same.

Exhibit F

Professional, more mature man proposes to main girl. Sugisaki-san the photographer couldn’t win the heart of Minami likewise Kawasaki-san the coach couldn’t win the heart of Riko. Sena & Naoki beat you down!

Exhibit GPhotobucket

The billboard effect- Don’t Worry Be Happy VS Love Makes Me Strong. Inspirational, right? Hang on, let’s zoom in a little >>>

Undeniable ! At this point, I actually dramawikied LV & BB & realised the director is the same for both series. Now we know but still, one last piece to share…

Exhibit H

^^As if you still can’t see it.

My conclusion? Buzzer Beat is the new millenium version of Long Vacation. Or should I say, it tried to be.

You take your pick, but for me, it’s most definitely Long Vacation all the freaking way <3