Pretty pointless but pretty post.

16 02 2013

Omg. I’m alive.

Basically logging in to share my latest obsession—

Taiwanese artist, Liu Yi Hao (aka Max Liu.)

 photo lyh01.jpg

I think I accidentally stumbled across him whilst I was, ah, “checking out” some profiles on Facebook (pardon moi, what you say? STALKING??? Me not know what zet word means… >_>…)

Anyways, so what kinda stuff has this boy done? Lots of modelling work. Obviously. I mean. Look. At. The Face. (Body not bad eithers). A few dramas. (Haven’t actually seen him in any of these dramas but, hey, who needs to when the face photographs this nicely). He plays guitar for an independent Taiwanese band called Morning Call. He also takes interesting photos. And Facebooks. Alot. Stalk, I mean, Check him out here (<<<—photo credits: this is where I found all the images used in this post.)

Now some more snappies to strain your eyes.

 photo lyh02.jpg  photo lyh03.jpg  photo lyh04.jpg

 photo lyh05.jpg  photo lyh06.jpg  photo lyh07.jpg

Too cute not to log in after five months of blog-abandonment and share, right? ^^;


Lastly, I just want to say thank you for all the comments and support whist I was thoughtlessly MIA! I appreciate it dearly. I will reply to everyone within a few days :) :) …and I will also attempt to resume general blogosphere activity soon(ish). Also, props to myself for remembering all my passwords, lol.

Much love! X.