The season of giving <3

25 12 2011

^^Aaaaaaawww…. you heard chibi Dorama King! :P
(Btw, I took the above photo from a blog then added my own bits to it… however, I thought I’d saved the link to said blog but I didn’t! Or I somehow managed to lose it!~~ I am always one to share credits so if you come across the page this image of a very kawaii Kimura came from, then please alert me so I can place credit where credit is due. Onegaishimasu.)


Another year is dawning upon us, so here’s wishing everyone the most joyous, the most peaceful, and the most beautiful festive season. And may your dorama-watching become bigger and better than ever!

Now since Christmas is traditionally supposed to be a very giving time of the year (and no, I do not mean prezentoes you can wrap up and affix a big shiny bow to,)  let’s take a look at some of my favourite stars who are more than just rich, genetically blessed (or surgically modified~~) pretty faces. By this, I mean they haven’t just lent their faces to a charity organisation, which yes, is a powerful gesture, but I’m talking about the ones who actually get in there and mingle like a total non-celeb. It’s what you call goodwill, and it really is all about the goodwill, so spread it around this festive season just like these following guys & gals ;)


Joe Cheng and Mike He for World Vision

This is actually the pic that initiated my inspiration for this Yuletide post^^ To be honest, I love them and all but I would have never imagined Taiwanese actors Joe Cheng & Mike He to be such active ambassadors for such a good cause. And I don’t at all mean this in a bad way, I guess it’s just that I’ve always predominantly seen them as, you know, idol stars that delusional fangirls squeal after desperately wanting to extract their DNA for some sort of voodoo potion that some creepy bearded quack swears will marry them faithfully for eternity or something *coughs* I so have not fallen for that *coughs* *chokes*~~>_>;;;… But as I chanced upon this image of two-thirds of Taiwan’s most drooled after BFF trio in India, my heart melted… just that little bit more… for Joe. Mr Cheng, your acting projects may not always be spot on, sweetie, but seeing you behave oh-so-naturally and comfortably with the children easily makes me overlook all the crap that you’ve ever made me watch in my lifetime of yours.

Here’s wishing you many happy returns in the drama world, the singing world and… the fashion world, since you do, ah, doll up rather nicely xDD 聖誕快樂!

Maggie Cheung Man Yuk for UNICEF.

*breathes biggest SIGH ever* *eyes glistening with stars* As if this woman isn’t perfect enough already.

Since being appointed goodwill ambassador for UNICEF China last year, the legendary actress has journeyed through several provinces in the country to care for and help educate the masses of underprivileged children and women. How she manages to still look so freaking glamorous along the way, I don’t know, but what I do know is this woman is simply flawless.

I also know it would be nice if Ms Maggie Cheung were to star in a new movie soon. And by that I don’t mean little cameo appearances *coughs* Hot Summer Days *coughs* (which, she was still effortlessly THE best thing about the whole darned film,) nor do I mean super artistic film installations *coughs* Ten Thousand Waves *coughs* because given my geographics, I will never find a way to see the glorious piece of work  TTT_TTT…

Then again, the mysterious aura thing works for me, too. Either way, Merry Christmas to one of the best actresses our generation has ever seen. Your heart is a gift to those you are helping just as your acting talent is a gift to the world of cinema. Please, keep up the good work… and maybe just think about releasing something new soon ;)

Kim Nam Gil for Plan B.

Pornstache and all (as doozy would put it ;PP) Kim Nam Gil seems to possess all the hardworking and “I want to give back to the community” characteristics that would make any charity organisation proud— and he has, having volunteered his time with an array of charity projects, from Indonesia to Japan to his good old mother nation of South Korea. He gets in there often and in a very, very hands-on fashion— but none of it feels forced to me at all. I mean, it genuinely feels like he wants to help— no wait, he needs to help. It’s like there is this burning fire inside him that makes him uncontrollably want to do so. Seeing him physically carrying loads, helping build homes, playing with the children, caring for the children… for all that, I can definitely look past that sly, slinky ‘stache. You know what, I actually don’t mind it. There. I said it. I like that caterpillar stamp of hair above the man’s upper lip.

Kim Nam Gil shi, I sincerely can not wait to see you this time next year for you will have completed your two year service in the Korean military. Like many, I am eager for your return! So, hope you are happy and well in the army, and Merry Christmas :)


Kim Hyun Joo for Good Neighbours.

You guys know I love this girl— and it’s not just because of her down-to-earth prettiness.

As it is, the actress often participates in various charity projects anyways, but after a series of personal tragedies last year, the amazingly talented Korean actress Kim Hyun Joo fled to Bangladesh with Good Neighbours (for which she is the goodwill ambassador,) and rediscovered her inner strength and love for life—which you can see clearly reflected in her smiles. During her nine day stay, she helped bathe the children, led recreational classes and on top of all that, donated the entire sum of the condolence money received from her late father’s funeral to the Bangladeshi people.

Hyun Joo shi, you are truly beautiful inside and out. May your heart be filled with all the joy it can hold, and you continue to bring us characters that are just 100% sassily relatable. Merry Christmas to you! ♥


Won Bin for UNICEF.

So, you thought this man was just a mere mix of average so-so looks, a semi-okay body, a bit’a acting talent and a teeny, tiny flicker of bravery… no, wait ><“, chotto matte ! Gomen, gomen, I was thinking about [ insert random Johnny boy ]~~lol, j/ks. Okay okay, cheap stabs over *twitches (overly plucked) eyebrow*;DD Ahem.

The moment one discovers that Won Bin exists is also the same moment one realises that not all men were created equal, for this man is a total freak of nature possessing all the physical traits that a Design-Your-Own-Boyfriend app would charge you the most for. He also has a spectacular body of work approved by both critics and fans, PLUS he showcased us all a whole lotta bravery when he enlisted for the frontline serving for the Korean military. As E.G. put it best: hear that you K-ent draft dodgers? ~~ bahahahaha.

But in case that doesn’t suffice all your estrogen needs, here is something to inflame your hormones to want to mother his babies even more. Won Bin is a total humanitarian, having been appointed ambassador for UNICEF Korea in 2007. He has since involved himself in numerous campaigns and spent time in several Third World countries, personally nursing severely malnourished kids by feeding them vitamins and even carrying out some of their vaccinations.

A photo does tell a thousand word but why the eff just stop at one. Here is a beautiful compilation video of images from the beautiful man’s experience in East Timor (seriously, goodwill has never looked so good):

Won Bin shi, if you can hear me, please, have yourself a Merry Christmas… and find yourself your own perfect partner, won’tcha (OMG, imagine how perfect she would be…) ? And enjoy continued success with all your work. You deserve it. AND (speaking of)! …Don’t leave us hanging out too long for your next acting gig, ne ? ;P


And that’s it of the people who I admire for more reasons that one! Actually, I did find out that Choi Ji Woo dedicated some time in Swaziland last year but I’m not so sure I love her now as much as I used to (i.e. back in the Beautiful Days / Winter SonataStairway To Heaven days… *high-pitched wail*aaaaahhh!!!**… I just confessed one of my dirty little secrets~~ Yes I WAS a Princess Ji Woo worshipper. Do you have a problem with that?~~) Sure I decided not to use her but feel free to read about her experience here :)

I also tried and tried to dig up traces of any Johnny boy emitting any signs of unconditional kind-heartedness… but to no avail. Hmm. I wonder what that means *twitches other (overly plucked) eyebrow*

Anyways, if karma really does exist, then the gorgeous human beings in his post (chibi Dorama King included!^^) are living proof that doing good deeds truly does bring you— and everyone around you— very good things.

Give a little bit of your heart out, not just during Christmas but all year round, and watch the love spread— it really is infectious :)

☆~Merry Christmas~!☆

My girl crushes

11 02 2011

Girl Crush; noun;
feelings of admiration and adoration of the non-sexual variety which a girl has for another girl, usually the result of said girl possessing an incredibly sassy sense of style and, most importantly, major talent to boot. Or in short, said girl just freaking rocks.



Counting down my top ten girl crushes (I think I have the order right- actually, I’m not 100% sure. Positions 4-8 are completely interchangeable depending on my mood but it’s high time I hit “Publish” on this post >_>;;;)…


[10] Jang Geun Suk lol No seriously… >_>…
[10]Mizukawa Asami The Budding Leading Woman

Who is she?: A Japanese actress who is not quite a straight-up leading lady yet but excels in many of her supporting roles.

Have you ever seen her in?: Dark Water– apparently, she was in that! I watched it way back in 2002 but at the time my knowledge of  the J-industry was limited to horror flicks (and also a certain dude called Kimura Takuya, who I was kinda aware was a superstar but didn’t quite know what he looked like… ~_~) so I wasn’t paying full attention to her then. I do remember liking everything about the film big time though (despite being scared shiteless.) Alas, some years later, I saw the girl rocking the violin in Nodame Cantabile and was immediately intrigued (goshdarn all you violinists luring me!) but it was her role as the jetsetting Eri in Last Friends that made me fall for good. I’m not 100% sure if she is ready to take on leading lady roles yet but one thing is for certain- the girl can definitely act her butt off.

^^So I am happiest when I see her with this dude!: [insert random Arashi boy] lol j/ks ;))))))

[09] Gong Hyo JinThe Eccentrically Cool

Who is she?: A South Korean actress known mainly for her television work and also being the other half of actor Ryu Seung Bum.

Have you seen her in?: Ruler Of Your Own World, Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School and Thank You. – three of my favourite series of all-time. And she was perfect in all three. Like, “There is no one else who could’ve played your role” perfect.

The most recent series I’ve seen with her is Pasta, and although nothing in that series ever happened at all (and I mean EVER… hang on a second, something did get some people excited in episode 13 >O<; ) I never felt like I was wasting my time because she and Lee Sun Gyun were just so gooey sweet together! But somehow not sickening (*´ー`*) T’is a tough feat. Not to mention the girl was always trending it out to the max in the fashion stakes in this series as well- layers in my opinion have never looked so yummy.

Which brings me to this point- a huuuge reason why I love Gong Hyo Jin as much as I do is because in my eyes, she’s just such a freaking fashionista (!) It’s like she possesses this uncanny knack to make bizarre, eccentric, wholly whack clothes look like true fashion. If anyone else were to don some of the outfits she dons, they would look downright foolish. Honestly, I don’t know how she does it really but all I can say is she simply makes the super daggy look super, super cooooool :)

^^So I am happiest when I see her with this dude!: I should probably say Ryu Seung Bum but I’m not gunna. So whooisit then? Jang Hyuk! I think I just have that hair-washing scene from Thank You stuck in mah head xD

[08] Ha Ji Won The Courtesan

Who is she?: A South Korean actress, who is as successful in her drama series work as she is in her movies (let’s not mention her brief music recording career however, which needless to say, didn’t really sustain itself -_-;)

Have you seen her in?: Damo– as the super awesome Chae Ok. Hands down one of the best drama heroines ever. Then, as if she didn’t kick enough ass there, she went on to make What Happened In Bali and turned Lee Soo Jung, who was the world’s most painfully indecisive character (jicks, pulling her hair: “Guuurl, choose one of them already! Choose one so I can kidnap the other now!”), into someone you were actually barracking for.

AND THEN! As if that plus that wasn’t enough, the woman took on the lead role in Hwang Jin I with the utmost amount of grace and sheer strength and delicacy, firmly validating her absolute professionalism and total commitment to her art. In a nutshell, Ha Ji Won as Korea’s most famous gisaeng equals utter breathtaking perfection <3

And just in case anyone had any doubt, Song Hye Kyo came along a year later playing the same role in a movie version (albeit in a different mood and tone) and made Ha Ji Won look even better xDD (*hearts on SHK* Once upon a time Hye Kyo shi would have my top10 list. Now, I still like the gorgeous thing and all but for me she’s really stalled as an actress O_x Hopefully her upcoming big-time movie will boost her back up in the acting department again- working with Wong Kar Wai and Tony Leung can only be a good thing right? )

^^So I am happiest when I see her with this dude!: Jo In Sung. That’s right, all you Secret Garden shippers, I am laying it down straight! Although truth be told, I do think Ha Ji Won has chemistry with practically all her leading men. Must be a natural born talent because it appears that the woman is the ideal type for quite a handful of male celebs. Must be difficult being her (-_-;)


[07] Maggie Cheung The Movie Star

Who is she?: A Chinese actress from Hong Kong who started off as a Miss Hong Kong pageant first runner-up, dabbled in television acting afterwards and then one day fell into the hands of epic artsy director Wong Kar Wai and the rest, as they say, is H.I.S.T.O.R.Y.

Have you seen her in?: Well, everything. But if I had to select one film where I drooled the most, it would probably have to be In The Mood For Love. Maggie Cheung in a cheongsam brings a whole new definition to the term adkasjhdkasfjalsfjoawiufxDDDDDD;;;,,,

Her work speaks for herself. This woman was born to be A Movie Star ☆★☆ *glistening eyes*

^^So I am happiest when I see her with this dude!: Tony Leung of course.


[06] Son Ye Jin The Classic

Who is she?: A South Korean actress who has made a successful career in both television and cinema. This woman is one heckuva bankable leading lady and it doesn’t seem to matter too much what genre her work is either.

Have you seen her in?: Summer Scent– no? Well congratulations and pat yourself on the back, you have saved yourself 20hours of gruelling, hair-pulling pain (okay, maybe it’s more like 17.5hours. The first couple of eps were a’ight and I’m thinking there may have been a few small decent moments somewhere else along the line… but no more! No more!) I’m here to tell you, I loathed this series. Apart from the ridiculous heartbeat sound effect thing (which I wish wasn’t used at all much less having to put up with it being overused and abused >_>…), the two main characters did not win any of my empathy or sympathy. Not once, not a drop, not even for a split second. I seem to recall screeching lines such as “Just get over yourselves already!” “There are SO many more issues going on in this world!” and “If you want a problem, I’ll give you a problem..!” (><“) Nevertheless, I soldiered through all the mess- and it definitely wasn’t for Song Seung Hun‘s majorly lush eyebrows.

That’s right, it was for Son Ye Jin shi, who, to me, seems like the type that men would totally go for. I mean, if I were a guy, I’d probably be after her myself (Ah. Ahem.) While I think she’s rather brilliant already, somehow I feel that Ye Jin can and should still get better. For now, she is definitely taking strong strides, demonstrating and proving her versatility having already played characters across a broad range of different genres in her young career.

May I mention also- I love the way she cries <3

^^So I am happiest when I see her with this dude!: That carpenter-turned-architect guy xD


[05] Jeon Ji Hyun The Ultimate Sassy Girl

Who is she?: A South Korean model-turned-actress who is dubbed the nation’s CF Queen.

Have you ever seen her in?: ANY of her CFs- half the time I’m like, “Okay so I don’t really know what you are selling but yah, I’ll have 100 of them anyways thank you ^U^!” Usually the ones where there is alot of leg, midriff, S-line and/or hair-swaying action do the most damage^^;;;

Exhibit A: Giordano (this one is infamous!) ▎Exhibit B: Anycall (loving the blue)▎Exhibit C: Laneige (love the fresh-faceness) ▎Exhibit D: LaneigeExhibit E: 17Tea (possibly my fave!) ▎Exhibit F: 17Tea (er, pretty sure I drink 17Tea and I don’t look like  that in a jumpsuit…) ▎Exhibit G: Elastine (loving the black and white)

I hope you get my point. In all seriousness though, like most, it was her insanely charming and magnetic delivery of her role in the Korean movie My Sassy Girl– one of the best romantic comedies ever made- that captivated my heart and turned me onto her side for good and for life. And by that, I mean it don’t matter how poorly she or her films from thereon after performs or if she tries to pull a JinnyJinJin by venturing into America completely under-prepared (*coughs*Blood: The Last Vampire*coughs*)… I will still love her.

However, to this day I still can not bring myself to refer to her as Gianna. Just typing it out even makes me feel blah.

^^So I am happiest when I see her with this dude!: Jung Woo Sung baby! See any of their Giordano CFs for supporting evidence. Or, and I have some reservations in recommending this, the film Daisy. I guess if you can turn a blind eye to the rocky writing and Woo Sung‘s wobbly (at times overcooked) acting, the film wasn’t completely horrid. Just go into it not expecting too much and you will come out fine. Think; Jeon Ji Hyun being all artsy in Amsterdam and aah, Woo Sung in military cargoes and form-fitting tanks- at the very, very least, it is a very, very visually pretty watch for all ^_^,


[04] Kim Hyun Joo The Pretty

Who is she?: A South Korean actress, known mainly in the drama world.

Have you seen her in?: In Soon Is Pretty– I found it flat-out hilarious how in the story they kept making a point of her character not being pretty but I’m sitting there looking at Kim Hyun Joo shi on my screen thinking, “Come on peeps, no matter what way you look at her, frozen or in motion or even with your eyes shut, it’s still kinda obvious- you can sever her hair and chuck her in frumpy clothes but she’s still freaking glowing at ya -_-.”

So yeah, we know that she is pretty but I’m also thinking she’s graceful, she’s professional, she can act, she can kick Goo Joo Pyo‘s ass (*flying high tens*!!!!!!!!!!) yadiyayaya… but heya! She’s released her own craft book (booyah! for being so creative :D) and even more importantly, she’s a total humanitarian as well, having done volunteer work in Bangladesh and also lending her face (and body!) for a local campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer. Good looks, acting chops and a kind heart- how can a girl not love her? :)

^^So I am happiest when I see her with this dude!: I’m gonna suppress my My Girl love and cough up the name… Lee Dong Wook (~~!!!) Seriously, if you’ve not seen them in Partner already, investigate it now, please!! The series isn’t pick-ya-jaw-up-off-the-ground fantastic per se but it’s most definitely an enjoyable watch. Even if the cases aren’t your cuppa tea, the chemistry between Hyun Joo shi and Wookie is more than enough alone. These two will totally warm your heart like the feeling you get when you take the first sip of a super creamy hot chocolate (one where the marshmellow has half-melted) on a chilly Winter’s day (*´ー`*) (Oh, apologies to my man So Ji Sub, too. I know you and Hyun Joo shi were close-to-a-match-made-in-heaven in Glass Shoes but argh… if you watch Partner you will understand, too xox)


[03] Lee Na YoungThe Quirky Beautiful

Who is she?: A South Korean actress who made a name for herself early on in television before jumping out big into the movie world.

Have you seen her in?: Dream Of A Warriorbwahahahahaha :OOOOOO

I’m sure everyone involved in this film wishes it was just a dream. Seriously, do not touch this movie, not even with a 50ft pole. When Leon Lai‘s acting is the best thing about a project than you know something is hideously wrong (but er, don’t misconstrue me or anything, I do like Leon. Alot. He’s such a charitable man. And his acting is pretty good nowadays, it’s just that he’s not often known to carry a movie with his acting, that’s all O_o…)…

Alright, so a genuine recommendation? I would say… go watch her in Someone Special. It’s not your top-notch rom-com by any means but Na Young is perfectoPLUS in this. Why she liked Jung Jae Young‘s character so much in the film I will never fully understand because based on her face alone, I’m pretty sure she could go out and get any other guy who is (A) richer, (B) (classically) better looking, (C) has a more rippling body, (D) has more personality, (E) has a brighter future, or, (F) all of the above lol. But the movie totally epitomises everything I love about Lee Na Young– the wittiness, the “plaining down my beauty so much I end up looking even more beautiful,” and… the weirdoness (^_^)V (!!!)

P.S. She was also pretty much amazing as Jun Kyung in the series Ruler Of Your Own World– definitely an underrated series in my opinion.

^^So I am happiest when I see her with this dude!: Kang Dong Won. I decided this immediately after watching Maundy Thursday (which Lee Na Young was- yet again– the bomb in; as for Dong Won, mmm, good for the most part, maybe one or two questionable crying scenes for me (・_・;) ) but I don’t even necessarily want them to get together (I guess I want him for myself xDD,) my eyes just respond jubilantly to seeing them together. I’m thinking it’s something to due with their statuesque, manga-like proportions (pin head+long neck+super long limbs=ichiban! ;) )


[02] Ueno JuriThe Kooky Girl-Next-Door

Who is she?: A Japanese actress who, in my opinion, only has the sky as her limit.

Have you seen her in?: Nodame Cantabile. And Last Friends. You know what, watch them back to back and then take a moment to think about Juri-chan’s ability as an actress. And may I dare say, I don’t even think she has reached her prime.

While I heart the wonderfully weird wackiness of the piano genius that is Nodame, Juri‘s role as Ruka in Last Friends was what sucked me right in. Hardcore. Ruka was the one who ignited my inner girl crush crusher. Something about the being tomboyish but not being butch, something about the fragility, something about the complex spectacle of emotions. Ruka is so my homegirl! I even forked out something like $39 for her mug. I know, I hear you say, 39 big ones?? For a mug??? (´・_・`) Yep. I couldn’t help it. But I feel like it’s worth my every dime.

Might I add how bemused I was that Juri-chan was winning awards as the Best Supporting Actress because, well, come on, who seriously was watching Last Friends for Nagasawa Masami..?

^^So I am happiest when I see her with this dude!: If you’ve been putting up with my fangirltastic-gag-a-liciousness, this will be a no-brainer: Eita (duh.)


[01] Mika Nakashima The Voice

Who is she?: A Japanese singer with vocals as silky and as sweet as… the silk and candy store (???)

Have you seen her in?: The manga turned live-action movie Nana– get on it xDD If you can get around how thin the girl is in this film that is. Seriously, looking at Mika wearing those super body-hugging singlets, you get to see just how tiny her frame is… and then you wonder just how the girl manages to belt out all those amazing notes. And it all makes me want to sing louder into my hairbrush!

And while every part of my soul believes Mika was born to play Nana, and every piece of my senses loved rocking along to Glamorous Sky and all the other Black Stones beats, I don’t think I would be alone in saying this: Mika is best when her voice is the main instrument i.e. give the woman a good ballad and let her do the rest.

Btw, if you haven’t noticed, for some reason, I don’t address Mika in the traditional Japanese form (as in surname before given name) because for some reason, it just doesn’t feel right. It’s like, if someone tried to get Mika to sing live not barefoot xDD

^^So I am happiest when I see her with this dude!: Mmm… well, honestly… I am happiest seeing her with a microphone (I know, how freaking sappy of me right? (_ _) .)  So you can imagine my reaction when I came across the latest piece of news that Mika is making her official comeback after taking an extended hiatus to treat an aural condition… I really think I may have slightly peed in my pants xDDDDDD

April 27th, new single Dear– Can.Not.Wait.(!!!!!!)

In the meantime, here is one of my favourite lives ever from the woman:



And there you go! The ten girls who make me go a little more gaga than the average Johnny boy (but maybe not the cream of the crop ones lololol)

I rate this scene: Hero (2002, Zhang Yi Mou)

29 11 2010

For the record, Tony Leung is my favourite actor in the entire farking universe. No amount of Kimuraness & other fellow Johnny Kness could budge me the slightest mommacrappin bit. Even if all the actors on the planet & Yamashita Tomohisa combined their powers (oh PiPi, you know I have nothing but love for yaaa ;O), I would still rate this man greater. In my eyes, Tony Leung is that brilliant.

And Maggie Cheung… *girl drool* There are alot of actresses in this world but this woman is, put simply, A Movie Star. She has this aura that is reminiscent of a beauty from another era yet the charisma of the hippest contemporary woman- I think she is just so flippin’ cool. Very few today can match the modern grace she embodies.

So in a nutshell, I love them both.

And whenever you put them together, it’s all kindsa fabulous. And frickin’ faaabulous they were both in the 2002 Chinese film by Zhang Yi Mou, Hero.

[ !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! Get out now if you’ve never seen the film but plan on doing so (btw, I would very highly recommend you do indeed see it.) ]

I realised it’s not very often that I ramble on talk about cinema, so, under the influence (of the non-alcoholic variety) of some Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon discussion over at zooey‘s blog, I was feeling my wuxia & could not resist in revisiting Hero, gasping, relishing & weeping once again at their final epically romantic, heart-breaking, soul-shaking scene.

Their characters, Broken Sword (Tony) & Flying Snow (Maggie,) both assassins working with Nameless (character played by martial arts superstar Jet Li) to take down the Emperor during the Warring States Period in China, are here in the ending stages of the story, dueling against each other. For their plan to succeed, one of them must die.

You should all know by now, in such a scenario, the man always sacrifices himself. ALWAYS. If you happen to come across a movie that doesn’t follow this formula, then, well, sorry to burst ya bubble but lemme tell ya now- the man there really ain’t a man. Nor does he really love the woman.


I gasped at the moment Broken Sword let his sword drop from his hand, allowing Flying Snow to pierce him.

I wept at the moment Flying Snow asked a lifeless Broken Sword, “Why didn’t you defend yourself? Why didn’t you?”

I f**king wailed when Flying Snow wailed.

But by the time she spoke her last words, although I was still crying like a lil innocent boy who had just been shown Takki‘s ero ero dance for the first time (>O>;) I was feeling completely at peace.

“No more drifting, no more roaming.
I’m taking you home now.
Our home.”

I could let go because I knew that they were together. Together, under the one sky, for the rest of time (meanwhile, Zhang Zi Yi‘s character, Moon, is running & tripping over in the background towards the ill-fated couple but, meh, we don’t need to care too much about her, okies? xP)

I know there were several gloriously choreographed fight scenes throughout the movie but this scene here sealed the deal for me.

In my eyes, this is true poetic beauty. 

Watch it here >>>

Tony+Maggie = Pure Cinematic Magic <3

(^^Just had to get that last line off mah chest ;O)