This is so much better than any other boyband dance routine that I’ve ever watched (=∀=);

28 03 2012

Honto ni, honto ni.

*coughs* Johnny K *coughs* *chokes*…

Here is the new UNO Fog Bar CM!

No more field trips to London, no more The Beatles-esque costumes, no more di-gue-ding-dings, but still, it’s <333333333 to the absolute MAX.

I want to say though, Buki, you can grow all the facial hair you want but you can not conceal that babyface!

And, ARGH(!), (semi)Breaking News(!!) Shunny-kunny-kun-kun-kun… when the crap did you get married? I thought you were the more “attainable” one..! TTT___TTT

But now… *looks at Fog Bar boys’ relationship statuses* … this is how it is..?


LOL. Just joking (also, gomensai, couldn’t help myself with the graphics^^;) I KNOW WHO IS STILL ON THE MARKET ( *locks Sato kun away in Neverland dungeon* *cues Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer tune* ♫ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ “Noona, dear, is coming to town..!” ♫ ♪ ♩ MUAHAHAHAHA xDDDDDD) 

Anyways, please watch the making of  the CM. It’s possibly more enjoyable than the actual CM itself:

*dies@the 17sec mark* (Can the boy get any cuter???)

Quote It: Kashiwagi Shuji

17 03 2012


“Human beings are creatures of regret.”

Kashiwagi Shuji ( Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta, episode 1. )


I for sure as heck didn’t regret watching Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta, not because it was a great series because it really wasn’t, but because that Haruma boy was just so gosh-darn-perfect in it… well, to look at, at least. The ending theme alone with all the crisp white and sunshine goodness is enough to warrant anybody’s ticket fare.

The series kicks off with a half naked Miura Haruma frolicking around with his vibrating… alarm clock~~ xDD That’s always a good start to any series. He plays a popular high school biology teacher (er, sensei, you can unzip my genes anyday *rapid eyebrow twitch* lololol, Kashiwagi Shuji who is pretty much set on marrying fellow teacher, Uemura Natsumi (played by Toda Erika.) Both are widely loved at their school and hey, can you really blame the students?

Anyways, it’s obvious that Kashiwagi sensei is running late for work, however for the love of Fog Bars and kawaii little toyboys, that will become the least of his concerns. Within moments, he discovers there is an equally naked female body in his bed, and mother of crap, it turns out to be one of his students. Chotto matte. Haru chan, we have a problem.

And this was where the series lost me— why the bjesus would anyone cheat on Toda Erika?

Miura‘s shows us in Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta that his acting is steadily improving but I did feel that the role was a tad premature for him. To be fair, yes, he is a young adult but come on, he was merely 3 or 4 years older (if that) than half the actors and actresses who played his students. It doesn’t matter how well someone grasps a role on a technicality basis, if you don’t look the part, it’s going to be difficult convincing the audience.

Not only that, the whole adultery / deceiving-the-whole-world-about-it stigma in the beginning didn’t complement his demeanour at all. And the fact that his character exuded so much care for Saeki (the female student who Kashiwagi sensei *air quote open* slept with *air quote close*… watch and you will understand the air quotes) was borderline creepy. Baby, she is YOUR STUDENT! STOOOOODEEENNT !!! People can go to jail for this kinda thing!!! Like how some of us are gonna be shackled away forever for breaking into your changeroom! I’m guessing you must’ve taken inspiration from your (our??) beloved Yamaguchi sensei, but boy, when you look like that, you need to be extra careful about the way you behave around members of the opposite sex. Only Yankumi can pull off that kinda shiz. Double standards, yes, but when an older male gets a little closer than the norm to a younger female, we just don’t take it quite as well.

Buuuut, saving grace, the last couple of episodes, from the moment Shuji realises Natsumi is the one for him is the moment we realise that Miura baby can most definitely take on a head-of-the-household, romantic leading role— and do it freaking well. It was Project Redemption watching the boy gaze so lovingly at Toda Erika and their own little genetic protégé (btw, this child is gonna be a total gene pool success ( ̄□ ̄;)…hmm, I’ve talked alot about genes today…~~) Let’s just hope next time they minus out the extramarital affairs and all the other shady beeswax.

Give us Miura Haruma, the boy you want your daughter to bring home.

I want to work for Shiseido Japan.

26 02 2012

When you click onto the Shiseido UNO facebook fan page, this is the image that fills your computer screen… >>>


…I seriously think I almost died (and by now I have no shame >_>;) The poster is so metrosexually delicious that as a squeeling fangirl woman, I want to purchase this men’s UNO Skincare Tank range. For myself (you never know, maybe I’ll become as pretty as them.) Like, look into each of their eyes (one at a time~~) and just feel what they are trying to say to YOU. Just feeeeel.

*closes eyes* *soul wonders off into nether universe* *drooling*


Baby Miura: Noona, I know I am younger but that doesn’t mean I am inexperienced. I’m a man. You’re a woman. Please believe me, I know how to use my UNO products.

Eita san: I will not let anything stand in our way— no matter the size, no matter the texture, no matter how long it lasts, no matter the amount of hair… nothing. Nothing will stop us from having UNOfabulous hair together.

Shuny kun: Oh baybay. I can see it in your face. Let’s do it. You want me. You want me to do it right now. Here, let me show you how to use these UNO products.

Buki: Oh doozy san, this is my first time. Please lead the way… show me how to use these UNO products? Onegaishimasu ? (Shout out to doozygomen, couldn’t help but entwining you into this^^)


*soul returns to body* *opens eyes (to reality)*

Ah, there may be a chance I’ve misinterpreted their feelings but you know, sometimes the hormones get a little, ahem, foggy (feel free btw to share what you guys sense the boys are really trying to say.)

New CMs and another appearance on Oshareism would be more than ideal. In the meantime, a big thank you to Ellély for feeding me the news on these four boys’ latest fogtastic adventures in the first place ;) And I shall leave you with a few more piccies from the Shiseido Japan website (click for full size image. Last pic actually taken from non-stop crusade‘s tumblr. I want to say also the  boys all have nice ankles. Domo, domo.)




EitaOguri ShunTsumabuki SatoshiMiura Haruma. Together. Look good. Good. Very, very good-O :DD

Blog negligence

4 07 2011

Guilty as charged. I don’t even have the face and energy to calculate the exact number of days since I last hit “Publish” ><”

Apart from the usual excuses (writer’s block, watching shows blah blah blah blah blah) I was actually on vacation for a few weeks, and will admit I didn’t even check into the blogosphere during that time because I was too busy eating, shopping, being all cultural and… searching for cheap but good quality English-subbed DVDs (I know I am a million years behind the rest of the world but hey, at long last, I am watching Coffee Prince… and diggin’ it xDDDDD) So please, accept my sincerest of apologies for this all-time low.

And I’ve also been staying up to stupid hours in the morning watching Wimbledon *heartbreak* *confused*

Anyways, I do mean what I am about to say… I have a real post coming soon(ish)!

In the meantime, let’s discuss: how good is the hair some of some of my favourite J-boys looking lately?


Jun-kun. I was at my local Japanese magazine store and maniacally pondering over which magazine to walk out with but then on the last rack, I saw this…



Miura Haruma. Have you ever wanted to bite into anything more (talking chocolate here, ladies, chokoreto ーロー~)?

*chomps* ^^;;;


Eita. As always.

^^bwahahahaha, just joking. I believe this may be a wig, in character for his upcoming series with Mitsushima Hikari, Soredemo, Ikite Yuku, beginning 7 July on FujiTV. The two are fresh off collaborating in Takashi Miike ‘s Ichimei (btw, congratulations guys on making it to Cannes with the film) so I’m thinking there has to be some nice working chemistry happening between them already.

Hells yes I’m excited.

Is this (one of) the cutest picture(s)?

1 03 2011


^^I wanna be in the middle MUAHAHHAHAHA *twitches eyebrows* xDDDDDDD

Anyways, I didn’t think I could love on Nagayama Eita san any more but after watching the dorama Unfair and the movie April Bride back to back, I actually do. Heaven help me, I do. I do! I DOOO00ooo!!

Anoooo… *clears throat* O_o… More on April Bride in an upcoming post (and by ‘upcoming’ I mean I am working on it but don’t hold your hopes up- you know the drill, lol) but Unfair, baby, Unfair! I really do love a good Whodiddit? show (hard to find these days I must say- or maybe I’m just not looking in the right areas -_-; Suggestions and recommendations welcome!)

Though I enjoyed it tremendously, it’s not to say that Unfair was the perfect police/detective story, in fact there was a handful of wobbly parts and question marks in a large chunk of the script. But where these faults existed, the performance from the cast more than made up for it. My first shout out is to child actor Mukaichi Mion, who was simply beyond loveable as darling little Mio ^_^

As for the leads, Shinohara Ryoko was hotness overload in this series, epitomising everything about herself that makes her the rocking chickadee that many of us have come to like her for. IMO, she totally carried the series. She was the ultimate kick-ass super strong female detective who never cries in front of other people. She don’t need no man to get by in life- financially, emotionally, everything-a-ly, she can take care of herself. And she’s confident enough that she can stroll around her apartment butt-naked even while there is a younger man in da house… (oh poor Eita san, how it must have been difficult for you to, er, keep yourself down, lol.)

And yes, Eita, Eiiiitaaaaaa kuuuun! Saranghanda! (oops, watching something Korean at the moment.) Daisuki desu! xDD Bar one moment (which I won’t discuss because… well, I’m not out today to spoil anyone’s day ;)),) I loved you from start to end. Especially the end. Your final speech- I was not expecting to sob in this kinda series but you did it! You achieved more of my lovin’! Omedetou gozaimasu.

And that’s all I’m gonna say because I really can’t continue on without giving anything away. I mean if I were to do it to everyone who is yet to see it, that would just be plain unfair (pardon the lame pun.)

Actually, you know what was really unfair? The total togetherness screentime between Eita and Miura Haruma in the series fizzled in at less than five minutes (okay, this is according to my senses. I didn’t physically set the timer or anything…)!!! How is that supposed to fulfill someone like me?

Then again, I have to confess it didn’t really torment me a whole lot during the series since it did take me a good 10 episodes and 42-ish minutes to actually realise Miura was in it (and it was only as they zoomed in on the photo at the top of this post that I was like, “Whaa?” *head desk*) The boy did pop up during several flashback scenes and I did kinda have a “Gosh I know this face” moment but then was thrown off. I’m thinking maybe it was the hair.

Kick-starting Twenty Eleven :D

1 01 2011

Greetings! And…

Photobucket(^Whipped together by moi ;O Photo scanned in from Oct2010 issue of Men’s Non-no. Airmail+stamp graphic things credit to Apple Min @flickr)

^_^ Just wanted to do a quick post (using one of my favourite pictures of 2010) and send everyone my best regards for a super year ahead. May the dorama world be bigger and better than ever, may all your goals and dreams come to fruition and may everyone have a good hair day every day xDDDDDD As doozy put it, let us all have a ShuShuing New Year!! *raises Fog Bar spray*


Oh, & by the way, you know how in my previous post I was begging requesting piccies of other specific Santa boys? Well well well… I accidentally (lol yeah , sure, as if >U<;) found this >>>


^Seriously, this puts a whole different spin on the “I wanna sit on Santa’s lap!!!” scenario for me… er, no freaking way I just said that  ><;;;;;; *punches self in face*

*clears throat* Caption at your own pleasure (-_-;!)


One last “Oh & by the way” *flashes pearlers*- I was doing my standard surf around Dramabeans and…


I think I submitted this banner of Bi and Lee Na Young about one month ago (amongst a few others) and honestly thought I’d completely flunked it~~; (which wouldn’t be too shocking since there is so much talent happening over there^^) …but ’twas a nice surprise indeed seeing it fronting their page :))


Anyways, Happy HAPPY 2011! <3

I like my Shun silent & brooding, not dumb & tripping.

21 11 2010


Someone please gimme a hug & a Miura Haruma‘s number one sister”Oguri Shun‘s number one fan” medal- I made it through all nine episodes of Binbo Danshi *yanks cord tipping giant golden bucket of rainbow confetti*

Maybe I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be entertained by the over-exaggerated faces of His (Usually) Walking Hotness Oguri Shun but never in a million trillion gazillion years did I EVER guess I would say what I am about to say…

I found him annoying *smacks mouth* *punches self in face*

I’m hearing you & the little voices inside my head cry- believe me, it physically hurts finally coming to terms with that acknowledgment *slaps bandaid on left side of chest* But, if it makes anyone feel any better, it wasn’t entirely the man’s fault.


Binbo Danshi essentially tries to tell a story of the weight of money in society VS the weight of the human heart. At least that’s what I think the writers were underlyingly trying to get at. The plot follows a college student, Koyama Kazumi (played by Oguri Shun) who accumulates an astronomical debt because he keeps withdrawing from this apparently oh-so-generous money machine so he can help all the people around him. He soon realises that this ain’t a free lunch situation. It is, in fact, *DUH-DUH-DUUUHHHNN* a loan machine!


I’m all for open, honest, no-frills, pure-hearted innocence but Koyami Kazumi is just too naive (that’s to put it nicely. Stupidly moronic would be the more accurate term >_>…) With such a poorly written main character, really, this series never stood a freaking chance. I’m sure they wanted us to bask in his super glowing good nature & (I guess) his courage to help out & urge on the people around him, but the premises on which he took upon his & their debts did not make sense, much less win me over at all.

I don’t always need a story that is believable in every facet but I do need a character who I can relate to or want to relate to. If Kazumi was a superhero or something (I dunno, have him come from another planet or era?? A travel through time scenario perhaps? ) maybe the story would’ve worked. His strange antics & disconnect from what real human nature is like would not have appeared so foolish. But as a regular human being… seriously, if there is someone like Kazumi on this planet, heaven help them NOW.


They did explain the reason why Kazumi was always such a happy chappy, flashing us back midway through the series to his childhood times when he watched his elder brother fall ill & pass away. Little Kazumi blamed himself for not making it to the hospital in time with his money box but his mother, shaking her head, said something along the lines of;

“No Kazumi, that is not the reason. Your brother doesn’t need your money, all he needs is your smile. So don’t cry again because he needs your smile. Your smile will heal his heart.”

And so ever since then, Kazumi just smiles. And smiles. That’s all fine & well but dude, there is a line. And don’t get deranged-weepy on me every single time someone makes a remotely nice gesture. It ain’t cool.

To make matters more frustrating, I love Oguri Shun. I freaking love Oguri Shun. I love Oguri Shun & all his freaking farking beautifuless… but… *wails at top of lungs* I appreciate the trying-to-branch-out-of-the-silent-deep-mysterious-second-lover kinda role but Oh My Dearest Shun, I so was not a fan of the over-cooked faces, baby (not to mention the frizzahair (°ω°;) And the crazy-coloured puffa vests…) Unfortunately, I think this style of comedy is either a born-with-it OR NOT thing. While I know Shun does have some very decent comedic sense in him (think Tokyo Dogs, Hana Kimi, Stand Up!,) his OTT expressions in Binbo Danshi appeared exactly that- too “put on.” I couldn’t bear watching Shun try so hard to be a Kazumi because clearly, that sort of overly simple-minded, brazenly naive adult-of-a-character is not him. Comedy-wise, I think things are more of a success when he is looking & being all cool & kakkoi & then makes a goofy blunder- at least that’s how he gets me chuckling.


I found Yusuke Santamaria kinda likeable as the self-important OmuOmu-san aka The Loan Master/Debt Collector who was too conceited to remember anyone’s names & I can’t help but wonder if they had elaborated on his story more, perhaps the series could’ve been… less of a joke a more meaningful one. They did briefly mention a past family trauma that made him into the selfish way that he is but it would have been nice to see more of a funny sappy side to him throughout the entire series. You know, make us understand why he is such a self-centered weirdo- make us feel for “the bad guy.” There were also one or two short (semi) emotional exchanges between him & Kazumi where I felt like they could’ve taken a step further to clock up our intrigue & concern for them a bit more but meh, they didn’t. Which is a shame, because, after all, these two were kinda alike in that they had both been shaken in the past, it’s just that they were dealing with it now in their adulthood in opposite ways.


Yashima Norito & Yamada Yu were both relatively charming, relatively amusing, albeit their roles were kinda… forgettable. I would talk more about them but ah, there really isn’t much to tell ya… >>… oh, that’s right, their ending… hmm. Hmm! What-the?-How-the?-I-did-not-see-that-coming(!!!) is all I’ve got to say.

But the series wasn’t all bad. Luckily there was this little boy, er, young man with eyelashes longer than the girl sitting next to you, doing his thang in this series. Of course I am talking about Miura Haruma *bolts from Child Protection Service Officers* (-_-;) Boy, you sure did every cougar this side of Johnny’s Wonderland proud in this series! Okay, fine, he wasn’t Academy-worthy knock-your-socks-off-fantastic in the series, but hey, this was no Academy-worthy series either. He did for the most part make the most of what he was given to work with & was everything a lovable high-school-aged boy should be (the love-letter-writing-to-his-secret-crush thing included *index finger to cheek, looks up & ponders*)

Miura plays the role of Shiraishi Ryo, a 17yr old who has been left with the debt of his parents who ran away to escape their loan collectors, abandoning their son & leaving him with no choice but to quit school & start working. Shiraishi could easily sell the house to pay off the debt but he hasn’t done so because he lives with the hope one day his parents will return. He’s mad-peeved at them yet still, more than anything, he wants to some day live in that house with his parents again. Yupyupyup everybody together now: *giant group hug*


The only thing that somewhat kept me going with this series (apart from Miura‘s… youthful loveliness^^;;;;;;) was the bromance (sometimes I really did wonder xDD) relationship between Kazumi & Shiraishi. Favourite moment was in episode six when Shiraishi full-on lashes out at Kazumi for being… well, Kazumi. After bumping into Shiraishi‘s Dad by chance, Kazumi tries to reunite them & says very lightly, “He just has to return the money!”

Shiraishi, “Please say that again?”
Kazumi, “Hm… Shiraishi-chan?”
Shiraishi, “Please say that again… why? How can you say such a thing? Do you know how much it hurts me?”
Kazumi, “Well, no… but don’t think too seriously about it… “
Shiraishi, Kazumi-san, you don’t understand at all how painful debts are. Kazumi-san, you don’t understand at all how much money changed my life. I lost my parents, I gave up my house, my friends. I quit school… the memories I have- do you know how much I’ve gone through? Don’t say ‘You just have to return it” so easily.”

Shiraishi is raging but he gets all… *hurls box of tissues at the boy*


And it’s because he’s been so rocked by Kazumi‘s unwavering optimistic outlook on life. You know, how can this dude always be grinning? How can there be someone that good of a person in real life? Kazumi on the other hand, gets a slap in the face (metaphorically that is.) During this moment at least, I get the feeling that he does have another level (that is “normal” lol) It’s almost as if he finally realises that his constant excitement & encouragement can sometimes be too smothering- & mebbe not everyone can take it so straight-on.

But wait, there’s more. If you thought that would bring a cease to all the Kazumi madness, then you are wrong. After this incident, Kazumi finally clears his own debt, but then voluntarily chooses to take on Shiraishi‘s debt of… ¥100million. Ah no, that ain’t a typo. You read it right- that was indeed ¥100million. Like, seriously, I wouldn’t even do that for my family (lol j/ks, of course I would ~~…) Shirashi‘s world has been completely moved by this crazy, forever-bubbly fella who always, always thinks for everyone around him. Kazumi really cares for Shiraishi & Shiriashi feels this.

From this point onwards, it’s all just a helluvalota man-love. Like, for instance, when Shiraishi uses his new laptop to access online resources to help Kazumi with his bartering business…


^^For a moment there I actually wanted to be a Kazumi gahaha (Oh dear ( ̄□ ̄;))