I still heart my Fog Bar

18 08 2010

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Uh oh, Mother of crap.


(picture credit: 石栗子 @baidu)

Looks like we have ourselves a new product in the Shiseido Uno Fog Bar range. It’s a navy blue bottle! Something to do w/ wax? And it appears that perm waves are in?? (Dear goodness, Pi was so ahead of time!)

Surely this means a new CM is on its way, but man, heaven help us all if  they are going to try & outclass their original series of CMs <3 I mean, anyone else remember all the rather adorkable Shu! Shu! Shu!-ing & Michel Legrand‘s Di-Gue-Ding-Ding trancing in the background? I don’t think I stopped humming the Diguedingding-ding-ding for weeks. And I can’t even watch Heston Blumenthal‘s cooking show because as soon as they start playing the theme song, instead of drooling over cool British food, I just think of four Japanese guys dressed like The Beatles joozhing their hair & being silly all over London xDDDDDD

But alas, if they do decide to make a new CM or CMs, well, I will be there to embrace them lololol

In the meantime, I want to share a six-part clip! I came across this Oshareism Ikemen Daishugo Special the other week where the four Fog Bar boys came on to do a bit of promotion work (I think it was late last year, ’round the time when the first Fog Bar CMs premiered.) Funniest show ever (& I didn’t even have to understand them word for word ^O^)

Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6

Here are some key points that I managed to excavate from other pages around the place (note: khaki bold italics = my thoughts/narrative… because I just have to ><;)-

※ All four of them are scared of bugs (lol .) Eita– some six-legged insect (didn’t get the name,) Oguri Shun– centipedes, Tsumabuki Satoshi– cicadas, Miura Haruma– praying mantis. The host asked them to reenact a scene where this insect lands itself onto a girl who asks them to help her get rid of it (seriously charming xD And who wishes they were ze girl?? *shoots hand up in the air* ) During Shun‘s turn, he said that even though it would freak him out a little,  he would still act as he’s totally fine & try to shoo the creepy crawly away from her (I personally would be using my Fog Bar can to spray these bugs outta there- nothing like showing off a product being used in more ways than one! )

Miura Haruma loves to play the game Monster Hunter. One day he went over to Shun‘s place & all excitedly taught him how to play. When Shun‘s character was dying he got all anxious and cried “Your character’s going to die!!” (Feed them Green Mushrooms!!! Or is that another game?? ) Shun said that Haruma stayed at his place playing until the bright & early morning.

※ After they’d finished filming their CM(s), everyone returned at first to Japan except Eita, who decided to stay in London by himself & do a bit of sightseeing. He made reference to the communication barrier. There was a moment where he strolled into Starbucks to get a beverage (high five bro!) & this was how it went down-

Eita: “May I have an iced latte?” (in Engrish lol English)
Waiter @ counter:HAR ???”
(LMAO x 100. Well, I am more than available for English lessons- over an iced mocha xDDDDDDD )

Satoshi calls Shun “Ogurin,” Haruma calls him “Shun-san” & Eita calls him “Oguri-san.”

Satoshi & Shun are good friends from working in Tenchijin together.

※ Someone revealed that Shun often cries when he’s completely hammered (lol. I am trying to imagine a drunk Oguri Shun & what many of us people would want to do to him xD)

※ Another said that Shun gets all serious and kakkoi while singing but the truth is, he can’t sing to save his life (actually, I do remember hahahaing @ the scene in HanaKimi where he is singing Love Me Tender *loves on Sano Izumi* )

Shun has around 50 pairs of Nike shoes and many Mickey Mouse toys because he loves Mickey. He also owns a 1.5m tall Gundam toy (fully raiding his house now…)

Shun did a monomane (mimic) of Mickey Mouse while Miura Haruma did Beat Takeshi.

Eita brought a photo of this 99yen toilet brush he bought but never used (I seriously almost wet my pants during this part. Eita is so much funnier than what you’d prolly imagine… I think it comes from him not really intentionally trying to be funny. He seems to say things in such a normal, dry tone & it just makes him so much funnier. Plus, the host tends to drill him a bit xD )

Miura Haruma ran after a giant flying squirrel once- naked– while at a hot spring (for some reason, I find myself grinning. And I don’t really know if that’s entirely a good thing -_-;;; )

※ There is one part when Shun is trying to answer a question but Eita‘s stomach suddenly starts growling (I want these two in a series together right now! )

Satoshi owns over a 100 pairs of jeans (*trumped* & my family complains I have too many clothes…)

※ At the end of the episode, they all participate in a mini psychological quiz:
1. Out of 100 flowers, how many would you pick out to dry?
2. Draw a picture of an octopus.

1. The number written represents what you think of your looks. The higher the  number, the better  looking you think you are. (Seriously guys, really? We love you even more! And lol, Eita, you need to stop ^^;;;;; )
2. The longer the tentacles, the more dissatisfied you are (lmao @ Miura & Eita’s octopuses, lol @ Satoshi’s reaction to Miura’s sketch. Shun, nice octopus impersonation *hearts* )

^^See their responses & have a little chuckle yourself ^_^

(Episode translations credit/source: Queenbee @GaulBox Community via smapxorenji @shun’sLJ; kiramethyst @A little girl lost, a little girl found LJ; MusicJapanPlus.)