This is so much better than any other boyband dance routine that I’ve ever watched (=∀=);

28 03 2012

Honto ni, honto ni.

*coughs* Johnny K *coughs* *chokes*…

Here is the new UNO Fog Bar CM!

No more field trips to London, no more The Beatles-esque costumes, no more di-gue-ding-dings, but still, it’s <333333333 to the absolute MAX.

I want to say though, Buki, you can grow all the facial hair you want but you can not conceal that babyface!

And, ARGH(!), (semi)Breaking News(!!) Shunny-kunny-kun-kun-kun… when the crap did you get married? I thought you were the more “attainable” one..! TTT___TTT

But now… *looks at Fog Bar boys’ relationship statuses* … this is how it is..?


LOL. Just joking (also, gomensai, couldn’t help myself with the graphics^^;) I KNOW WHO IS STILL ON THE MARKET ( *locks Sato kun away in Neverland dungeon* *cues Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer tune* ♫ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ “Noona, dear, is coming to town..!” ♫ ♪ ♩ MUAHAHAHAHA xDDDDDD) 

Anyways, please watch the making of  the CM. It’s possibly more enjoyable than the actual CM itself:

*dies@the 17sec mark* (Can the boy get any cuter???)

I want to work for Shiseido Japan.

26 02 2012

When you click onto the Shiseido UNO facebook fan page, this is the image that fills your computer screen… >>>


…I seriously think I almost died (and by now I have no shame >_>;) The poster is so metrosexually delicious that as a squeeling fangirl woman, I want to purchase this men’s UNO Skincare Tank range. For myself (you never know, maybe I’ll become as pretty as them.) Like, look into each of their eyes (one at a time~~) and just feel what they are trying to say to YOU. Just feeeeel.

*closes eyes* *soul wonders off into nether universe* *drooling*


Baby Miura: Noona, I know I am younger but that doesn’t mean I am inexperienced. I’m a man. You’re a woman. Please believe me, I know how to use my UNO products.

Eita san: I will not let anything stand in our way— no matter the size, no matter the texture, no matter how long it lasts, no matter the amount of hair… nothing. Nothing will stop us from having UNOfabulous hair together.

Shuny kun: Oh baybay. I can see it in your face. Let’s do it. You want me. You want me to do it right now. Here, let me show you how to use these UNO products.

Buki: Oh doozy san, this is my first time. Please lead the way… show me how to use these UNO products? Onegaishimasu ? (Shout out to doozygomen, couldn’t help but entwining you into this^^)


*soul returns to body* *opens eyes (to reality)*

Ah, there may be a chance I’ve misinterpreted their feelings but you know, sometimes the hormones get a little, ahem, foggy (feel free btw to share what you guys sense the boys are really trying to say.)

New CMs and another appearance on Oshareism would be more than ideal. In the meantime, a big thank you to Ellély for feeding me the news on these four boys’ latest fogtastic adventures in the first place ;) And I shall leave you with a few more piccies from the Shiseido Japan website (click for full size image. Last pic actually taken from non-stop crusade‘s tumblr. I want to say also the  boys all have nice ankles. Domo, domo.)




EitaOguri ShunTsumabuki SatoshiMiura Haruma. Together. Look good. Good. Very, very good-O :DD

Kick-starting Twenty Eleven :D

1 01 2011

Greetings! And…

Photobucket(^Whipped together by moi ;O Photo scanned in from Oct2010 issue of Men’s Non-no. Airmail+stamp graphic things credit to Apple Min @flickr)

^_^ Just wanted to do a quick post (using one of my favourite pictures of 2010) and send everyone my best regards for a super year ahead. May the dorama world be bigger and better than ever, may all your goals and dreams come to fruition and may everyone have a good hair day every day xDDDDDD As doozy put it, let us all have a ShuShuing New Year!! *raises Fog Bar spray*


Oh, & by the way, you know how in my previous post I was begging requesting piccies of other specific Santa boys? Well well well… I accidentally (lol yeah , sure, as if >U<;) found this >>>


^Seriously, this puts a whole different spin on the “I wanna sit on Santa’s lap!!!” scenario for me… er, no freaking way I just said that  ><;;;;;; *punches self in face*

*clears throat* Caption at your own pleasure (-_-;!)


One last “Oh & by the way” *flashes pearlers*- I was doing my standard surf around Dramabeans and…


I think I submitted this banner of Bi and Lee Na Young about one month ago (amongst a few others) and honestly thought I’d completely flunked it~~; (which wouldn’t be too shocking since there is so much talent happening over there^^) …but ’twas a nice surprise indeed seeing it fronting their page :))


Anyways, Happy HAPPY 2011! <3

I like my Shun silent & brooding, not dumb & tripping.

21 11 2010


Someone please gimme a hug & a Miura Haruma‘s number one sister”Oguri Shun‘s number one fan” medal- I made it through all nine episodes of Binbo Danshi *yanks cord tipping giant golden bucket of rainbow confetti*

Maybe I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be entertained by the over-exaggerated faces of His (Usually) Walking Hotness Oguri Shun but never in a million trillion gazillion years did I EVER guess I would say what I am about to say…

I found him annoying *smacks mouth* *punches self in face*

I’m hearing you & the little voices inside my head cry- believe me, it physically hurts finally coming to terms with that acknowledgment *slaps bandaid on left side of chest* But, if it makes anyone feel any better, it wasn’t entirely the man’s fault.


Binbo Danshi essentially tries to tell a story of the weight of money in society VS the weight of the human heart. At least that’s what I think the writers were underlyingly trying to get at. The plot follows a college student, Koyama Kazumi (played by Oguri Shun) who accumulates an astronomical debt because he keeps withdrawing from this apparently oh-so-generous money machine so he can help all the people around him. He soon realises that this ain’t a free lunch situation. It is, in fact, *DUH-DUH-DUUUHHHNN* a loan machine!


I’m all for open, honest, no-frills, pure-hearted innocence but Koyami Kazumi is just too naive (that’s to put it nicely. Stupidly moronic would be the more accurate term >_>…) With such a poorly written main character, really, this series never stood a freaking chance. I’m sure they wanted us to bask in his super glowing good nature & (I guess) his courage to help out & urge on the people around him, but the premises on which he took upon his & their debts did not make sense, much less win me over at all.

I don’t always need a story that is believable in every facet but I do need a character who I can relate to or want to relate to. If Kazumi was a superhero or something (I dunno, have him come from another planet or era?? A travel through time scenario perhaps? ) maybe the story would’ve worked. His strange antics & disconnect from what real human nature is like would not have appeared so foolish. But as a regular human being… seriously, if there is someone like Kazumi on this planet, heaven help them NOW.


They did explain the reason why Kazumi was always such a happy chappy, flashing us back midway through the series to his childhood times when he watched his elder brother fall ill & pass away. Little Kazumi blamed himself for not making it to the hospital in time with his money box but his mother, shaking her head, said something along the lines of;

“No Kazumi, that is not the reason. Your brother doesn’t need your money, all he needs is your smile. So don’t cry again because he needs your smile. Your smile will heal his heart.”

And so ever since then, Kazumi just smiles. And smiles. That’s all fine & well but dude, there is a line. And don’t get deranged-weepy on me every single time someone makes a remotely nice gesture. It ain’t cool.

To make matters more frustrating, I love Oguri Shun. I freaking love Oguri Shun. I love Oguri Shun & all his freaking farking beautifuless… but… *wails at top of lungs* I appreciate the trying-to-branch-out-of-the-silent-deep-mysterious-second-lover kinda role but Oh My Dearest Shun, I so was not a fan of the over-cooked faces, baby (not to mention the frizzahair (°ω°;) And the crazy-coloured puffa vests…) Unfortunately, I think this style of comedy is either a born-with-it OR NOT thing. While I know Shun does have some very decent comedic sense in him (think Tokyo Dogs, Hana Kimi, Stand Up!,) his OTT expressions in Binbo Danshi appeared exactly that- too “put on.” I couldn’t bear watching Shun try so hard to be a Kazumi because clearly, that sort of overly simple-minded, brazenly naive adult-of-a-character is not him. Comedy-wise, I think things are more of a success when he is looking & being all cool & kakkoi & then makes a goofy blunder- at least that’s how he gets me chuckling.


I found Yusuke Santamaria kinda likeable as the self-important OmuOmu-san aka The Loan Master/Debt Collector who was too conceited to remember anyone’s names & I can’t help but wonder if they had elaborated on his story more, perhaps the series could’ve been… less of a joke a more meaningful one. They did briefly mention a past family trauma that made him into the selfish way that he is but it would have been nice to see more of a funny sappy side to him throughout the entire series. You know, make us understand why he is such a self-centered weirdo- make us feel for “the bad guy.” There were also one or two short (semi) emotional exchanges between him & Kazumi where I felt like they could’ve taken a step further to clock up our intrigue & concern for them a bit more but meh, they didn’t. Which is a shame, because, after all, these two were kinda alike in that they had both been shaken in the past, it’s just that they were dealing with it now in their adulthood in opposite ways.


Yashima Norito & Yamada Yu were both relatively charming, relatively amusing, albeit their roles were kinda… forgettable. I would talk more about them but ah, there really isn’t much to tell ya… >>… oh, that’s right, their ending… hmm. Hmm! What-the?-How-the?-I-did-not-see-that-coming(!!!) is all I’ve got to say.

But the series wasn’t all bad. Luckily there was this little boy, er, young man with eyelashes longer than the girl sitting next to you, doing his thang in this series. Of course I am talking about Miura Haruma *bolts from Child Protection Service Officers* (-_-;) Boy, you sure did every cougar this side of Johnny’s Wonderland proud in this series! Okay, fine, he wasn’t Academy-worthy knock-your-socks-off-fantastic in the series, but hey, this was no Academy-worthy series either. He did for the most part make the most of what he was given to work with & was everything a lovable high-school-aged boy should be (the love-letter-writing-to-his-secret-crush thing included *index finger to cheek, looks up & ponders*)

Miura plays the role of Shiraishi Ryo, a 17yr old who has been left with the debt of his parents who ran away to escape their loan collectors, abandoning their son & leaving him with no choice but to quit school & start working. Shiraishi could easily sell the house to pay off the debt but he hasn’t done so because he lives with the hope one day his parents will return. He’s mad-peeved at them yet still, more than anything, he wants to some day live in that house with his parents again. Yupyupyup everybody together now: *giant group hug*


The only thing that somewhat kept me going with this series (apart from Miura‘s… youthful loveliness^^;;;;;;) was the bromance (sometimes I really did wonder xDD) relationship between Kazumi & Shiraishi. Favourite moment was in episode six when Shiraishi full-on lashes out at Kazumi for being… well, Kazumi. After bumping into Shiraishi‘s Dad by chance, Kazumi tries to reunite them & says very lightly, “He just has to return the money!”

Shiraishi, “Please say that again?”
Kazumi, “Hm… Shiraishi-chan?”
Shiraishi, “Please say that again… why? How can you say such a thing? Do you know how much it hurts me?”
Kazumi, “Well, no… but don’t think too seriously about it… “
Shiraishi, Kazumi-san, you don’t understand at all how painful debts are. Kazumi-san, you don’t understand at all how much money changed my life. I lost my parents, I gave up my house, my friends. I quit school… the memories I have- do you know how much I’ve gone through? Don’t say ‘You just have to return it” so easily.”

Shiraishi is raging but he gets all… *hurls box of tissues at the boy*


And it’s because he’s been so rocked by Kazumi‘s unwavering optimistic outlook on life. You know, how can this dude always be grinning? How can there be someone that good of a person in real life? Kazumi on the other hand, gets a slap in the face (metaphorically that is.) During this moment at least, I get the feeling that he does have another level (that is “normal” lol) It’s almost as if he finally realises that his constant excitement & encouragement can sometimes be too smothering- & mebbe not everyone can take it so straight-on.

But wait, there’s more. If you thought that would bring a cease to all the Kazumi madness, then you are wrong. After this incident, Kazumi finally clears his own debt, but then voluntarily chooses to take on Shiraishi‘s debt of… ¥100million. Ah no, that ain’t a typo. You read it right- that was indeed ¥100million. Like, seriously, I wouldn’t even do that for my family (lol j/ks, of course I would ~~…) Shirashi‘s world has been completely moved by this crazy, forever-bubbly fella who always, always thinks for everyone around him. Kazumi really cares for Shiraishi & Shiriashi feels this.

From this point onwards, it’s all just a helluvalota man-love. Like, for instance, when Shiraishi uses his new laptop to access online resources to help Kazumi with his bartering business…


^^For a moment there I actually wanted to be a Kazumi gahaha (Oh dear ( ̄□ ̄;))

Those Fog Bar boys on Oshareism again

15 10 2010

[[[ Related post: I still heart my Fog Bar <<<—Last year’s show^^ ]]]

Man, I have a wish. I wish for new Uno Fog Bar CMs every year. That way we can make this show an annual event. Maybe we could even turn it into a(n) (inter?)national holiday!


(photo credit: maisakura @sina china as labelled)

Tsumabuki Satoshi, Oguri Shun, Eita, Miura Haruma & Miyazaki Aoi on Oshareism 10/10/10 (what a ten outta ten date! haha):

>>> Watch it here ^_^ <<<

[ As usual, I need to make my own commentary so this time, look out for indigo bold italics~~! ]


※ The boys walk on stage with Tsumabuki Satoshi & Eita intentionally switching places because Eita wants to avoid Ueda-san [ The poor thing must’ve been scarred from his drilling one year ago! Oh the good times *fond tear* ] But as soon as go to sit down, they revert back^^ [ Under strict marketing directions from Shiseido? >_> Btw, Eita’s “Shu” in the beginning is already too much… xD ]

※ First topic of conversation is drinking. They note that Miura is now the legal age [ did you hear that??????? *rests  chin in between thumb & index finger & cackles* *pounds down straight shot of tequila* ] Before they shot the latest Uno Fog Bar CMs, Shun, Eita & Miura went out to have a few drinks together in London (Satoshi couldn’t come as something came up.) [ No wonder the CMs ended up so cracktasically hilarious lol Just joking ;O But for some reason I’m wanting to see them pull one of those lame contests to see who can get the most phone numbers in one night lol My bet? Satoshi, if he was there ;P Otherwise, my money would be on… Miura for some reason. And I don’t think he would even need to try (´ε` ) ]

※ We already know Shun turns into an emotional mess when he’s drunk but what about Eita? According to Shun, our frizzy hair master morphs into a super manly passionate, er, man when he’s downed one too many. One time when Eita was drunk, he said to Shun, “Listen, no matter what, I will always look out for you!!!!!!” The audience is like, aaawww. [ *buries head in pillow* *wails* This makes me feel so gooey inside! I know I’ve said this before but I mean it more than ever- someone fuureaking moosh these two in a dorama right now!!!!!! I am willing to give up my… Buzzer Beat DVD lololol ]

※ Apparently Satoshi drank so much once he passed out at Shun‘s place. Shun then took a secret photo of Satoshi & later sent it to him [ I must say Shun is quite noble~~ If Buki was unconscious in my house, I wouldn’t be simply taking photos that’s for sure. But I’d imagine I wouldn’t be doing anything to him that doozy would be doing either tehe ]

※ Then begins the personality tests, where the boys are probed with three questions. This time, Ueda-san joins in on the action ^_^

1. Imagine there is an old shrine deep in the mountains, and a monkey is trapped in a cage there.  Draw the facial expression of the monkey.
Meaning: This what you they’ll look like when they are older. [ lol @ Shun’s eyeless primate attempt. It looks more like a frggn lion^^; Satoshi, forever the kawaii babyface xDD LMAO @ Eita’s sketch & how the hosts keep asking him if he’s gonna be okay when he gets older if he’s going to turn out like that. But hey, at least he still has the big ears xD Shun’s laughter at Eita’s sketch is also funny as heck. And Ueda-san’s angry vampire monkey is ROFLtastic xD ]

2. You are looking for a flower, and you find the flower you were looking for at the florist, what would you say to the flower?
Their answers-
Miura: I’ve finally found you.
Satoshi: We’ve finally met each other.
Shun: It’s here.
Eita: Looks as great as I thought.

Meaning: This is what they say to pick up a woman. [ Bravo boys! Bravo! That’s what we wanted to hear! *tears stream from corners of eyes* (Except, well, Shun you may wanna work on your line a bit. Lucky you’re hawt *giant hug*) I love how the entire audience is female btw. Some of their reactions almost put me to shame lol (what’s that saying about the stove & the kettle & something about being black? xPP) ]

I’ll confess, Miura’s one-liner got my eyes glistening the most… I think how he so bashfully half-hid his face behind the writing pad as he was speaking the words made it just the more, er, likeable *throws a sisterly hug* ]

3. Your favorite food is on the table, when you look at the food, what is your facial expression?
Meaning: This is the face they show only to the one they love. [ *grins like a mad woman* Shun, you had me at THAT look *melts into one humungous gloop* Ahem. Miura’s two-hand fist pump in the air thing made me giggle. I’d cook you dins anyday sweetiepie *slaps self in face* lol@ Satoshi not being able to keep a straight face. And Eita’s? ROFL 1 million & 28 times. Gold *bangs fist repeatedly on desk* ^^;;;;;;;; LMAO @ Shun looking like he was trying not to burst into hysterics… ]

Miyazaki Aoi [ can’t help but like this girl^^ ] then joins the party & talks about working with the guys. She noted that she had worked together with Satoshi, Shun & Eita before [ well, well, wasn’t someone good in their past life? xD ] so she felt perfectly comfortable, however this was the first time she & Miura had worked together. Aoi & Shun gave known each other since their high-school years.

Aoi-chan’s nickname for Satoshi is Tsumao, & for Shun, it’s Guri.

Satoshi likes to run, 5-6kms everyday [ *hand-to-head salute* Way to go! That is amazing *drops to floor* I personally couldn’t even slow-dance that distance lol ]

Shun now has a  love for Lego, thanks to Eita who introduced it to him [ Seriously Shun, love you, but have you been living under a rock? ] He assembled the ship in one night [ Alright Shun, you, me, at the bow of the ship at 3 *puts on English accent* “I’m flying Shuuun! I’m flying!” *leaps into Atlantic & smashes head on giant iceberg* -_-; ]

Shun shows a picture of his All Night Nippon (his radio show) magazine & Ueda-san points out on the cover it says there is a section for Over-18s & questions why [ uh-oh…… ] Shun replies it’s because they talk alot of ecchi late at night[ Oh snap. For once I have nothing to say (*_   _*) ]

Shun also showed a photo of his Gantz manga collection. Apparently recommended to him by Miura. [ I’m beginning to think that these boys are terrible influences on each other… drinking to the point of intoxication, manga, video games, excessive fashion & toys accumulation… no! No! No! Muahaha of course I’m joking. Please let me play ;O ]

Eita brought in another photo of the infamous 99yen toilet brush, one year later, still exactly the same, unused. [ Gaaah!!! Eita-kun, please, let me be your housemaid!!!!! I’ll show you how to use that toilet brush properly xDD ]

※ Lastly, we had the palm reading rounds. This is what I can make of it-
Miura‘s career luck is very good. But something about being spoilt & being a baby was mentioned. [ Aaw, cut the baby some slack! He’s only 20, he’s fully allowed to… do that 53:42 tongue-in-cheek thing~~ ]
Satoshi has very strong luck overall.
Shun‘s currently at a challenge with his work but has incredible popularity.
Eita has two destiny lines which spells out to having twice the good luck!

Btw, LMAOX100 @ Eita’s card shuffle fail at the end xDD

Another brilliant barrel of laughs! Seems like these four enjoy each other’s company as much as we enjoy theirs~~ That’s for shu! xP

( Translation credits: tokyohive, Life In A Bubble,,,, with the trusty(N) ” help” of BabelFish ^^; Corrections, amendments & additional points more than welcome!!)

Yankumi, it’s over

12 10 2010

I did it. I finally watched it– Gokusen: The Movie. Yatta (!) for me.


I’d had a copy of the feature film lying around somewhere in my room for faight-o-knows-how-long but I hadn’t been able to bring myself to play it (I believe my DVD player deserves so much better lol) But the other day, I got a sudden burst of energy. I  had so much energy I determined no turd-of-a-movie could possibly be bad enough to send me to sleep… &, well, YES. I was in the mood to be entertained by some eyebrow-groomy-Johnniness. So I chucked it in (hayaku! Put me out of my misery already!)

For those of you unfamiliar, Gokusen: The Movie is the film derived from the success of the identically titled Jdorama series trilogy. It is the story of a 4th generation heir to the Ooedo Group (a Yakuza clan in Japan,) Yamaguchi Kumiko, who has one dream- to be a teacher. But time & time again, no matter what school she wanders into, she finds herself dumped with that school’s ultimate black-mark-of-a-class. In the end however, with her unwavering belief in them, she always manages to lure these so-called delinquents back onto “the right path in life” with her philosophical naggings (*gags* gomensai) teachings on family, friendship & all-round general good-human-being-ness.


Had they just stopped at Gokusen 1, then I’d probably somewhere somehow still have some form of respect for Yamaguchi sensei. The original Gokusen series was episodically repetitive (like all of them) but at least I found the students worthy of my sympathy & emotional involvement. These boys & their futures– I actually did give a (giant) rat’s ass. As for Gokusen 2… *digs out KAT-TUN uchiwa & starts flapping* (oh it hurts putting that ‘A‘ in there Y_Y gahaha) Yamaguchi was still ditzier as ever but this time, it really, really, honto-ni, reeeally got to me. From episode 2 onwards, I kept thinking to myself, “Please girl, why are you still like this?” “Be a woman already!” “Is this over yet?” (& also, “JinnyJinJin, you have an anorexic dramaography as it is, why make it harder for me to enjoy you as an actor by churning out something like this?” *hops on first plane to L.A.*) But as much as I thought S1 was far classier than S2, I did enjoy watching Kame & Jinny act like they were friends lololol

And er, Gokusen 3, you ask? LMAOOOOOOO. Come on guys, don’t joke with me. I’m telling you straight right now, I haven’t watched nor have I even thought about touching it, not even with a ten foot pole. No amount of Miura Haruma alpha-male attitude+kawaiiness could make me voluntarily sit through eleven more episodes of Yamaguchi sensei‘s “You are my precious students!” droning preaching (much less the preaching at random strangers.) Unless dear little Miura personally asked me to watch it, nah-uh. No way. I more than paid my dues with the first two seasons.

And now also with the darn movie.

I figured to myself, how much more harm can they possibly do in 118min?

Quite a bit actually.


Gokusen: The Movie opens at the scene of Narita International Airport where a trio of hijackers is holding up a flight. But these three dudes, decked out head-to-toe in camouflage military gear & armed with enough firepower to crack those lens off from a certain piggy-tailed sensei‘s face, have clearly chosen to attack the wrong flight. Sucks to be you guys because this is…… *drumroll*…………. Yankumi‘s flight!!!!!!! (btw, one is Asian, one is Caucasion & one is African-American- the significance & reasoning behind this I can’t even be bothered deciphering >_>)

So of course, she ends up convincing the hijackers to surrender (we don’t get to see the negotiation process but you’d assume there were a million & one of her over-used phrases thrown around coupled with some butt-kicking action, you know, just the norm.) Now seriously guys, you had the chance to make this final Yamaguchi experience a short & sweet encounter for us all but you folded like a bunch of bleached-haired, ripped-school-blazered Johnny-boys *shakes head* Meanwhile, everything is being televised live on national TV. Oh Yankumi, you’ve done it again *claps hands & regurgitates* Excuse me, there are how many lives on this plane that you exposed to even more danger by challenging these three armed men? I know the plot isn’t supposed to be realistic but the least we can try to do is maintain a degree of respectability for the main protagonist. Maybe if she hadn’t looked so deer-in-the-headlight oblivious as she stepped off the plane into the sea of police authorities & media cameras I would’ve been a bit more forgiving. But alas, she gave us the classic “I am the clueless & naive Yankumi!” sudden bright-eyed look *rolls eyes a million times* This schizophrenic thing about her has never worked for me.


The film then moves away from this somewhat grand cinematic opening & back into the Gokusen drama formula that we have all become accustomed to over the past 7 years (that’s right, it’s been 7 years since Nakama Yukie first enacted the role of the tough-fighting, loving-spirited, clutzy but coordinated-when-it-counts female sensei everyone has grown to affectionately call Yankumi… well, count me out on the affection part. To be fair though, I like the actress, it’s the character I have a problem with.) It’s a new year at Akado High School (class 3-D from S3 have apparently just recently graduated) but that doesn’t mean fresh new innocent children. Oh no. As long as Yamaguchi sensei exists, there will always be a band of delinquents for her to warm the hearts of. It’s just a matter of trying to pinpoint the class leader as quick as you can- get him on your side & the rest is all gravy. And in this case, the main man boy is Reita Takasugi (played by Tamamori Yuta of Johnny Jr‘s fame >_>… & in my opinion, off-topic, totally looks like a mini Calvin Chen [from Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit ^_^]) But this time, she’s not alone. She will have the aid of an assistant teacher. It’s Odagiri Ryu (played by Kamenashi Kazuya) from S2. Much to his former teacher’s pride, he is back by his darling Yankumi‘s side, with a clean-cut hairdo (still not black though ;O) & suiting attire. And it’s all ironed (the hair included lol.) He is there, mature, inspired & ready to stand by Yamaguchi sensei‘s teachings in changing these students for the better.

I honestly couldn’t care less in the first half of the movie with the whole evolution-of-the-new-students scenario because nothing new was brought to the table. Not even one new single joke or one new single catchphrase. And in the part where Reita goes to face the motorcycle gang, Black Skull, alone– I couldn’t help but LOL at this scrawny little kid (albeit kinda cute… there. I said it. But there are definitely no unchaste feelings there. I promise. Calvin however… xDDDDD) Reita-kun, even if those man-dudes played you fair & square in a one-on-one situation, nobody in their right mind would’ve backed you, boy!


I did appreciate the comic-y visuals however (e.g. when Yamaguchi had visions of herself heading the Oeda Group in her kimino, or when the kach!ng sheen flashes across the lens of Yamaguchi‘s specs on the plane, or also the part the new kids say “Ohayo!” to her for the first time, they show her face daydream amongst a field of blooming flowers.) I also liked the sound effects they’d implement to exaggerate, say, a head-turn or a blink or something. I really wish they had just taken this anime-esque quality over & beyond for the entire movie & really, really thrust the comedy factor in our faces. But the fun disappeared for a very long stretch in the second half of the film & the story got a little ambiguous in its direction for me- are you trying to be a drama, a thriller-action flickie or what? Wait, wasn’t this a comedy just a second ago?


The major plot that unfolds in the latter half of  the film involves Kazama Ren (played by Miura Haruma) from S3, who, after graduating from high school, has found himself a job as a courier (btw, I’m trying to imagine opening up my door to someone like him with a special delivery package… er, a parcel in his hands. It’s jail time baby -_-;) But money is tough (he has a sister to support too^^) & seduced by the thought of quick money, he impulsively accepts a dodgy sounding job not really knowing what it entails & ends up twisted into a drug dealing scheme. What follows is the usual Yankumi I-will-stand-by-you-no-matter-what action. Ren disappears, Yamaguchi searches & finds him then takes him back under her wings, she drops her entire life to find the true culprit, the students (both former & current) help because they see how devoted their ditzy sensei is to them, Voila (!) BAM (!), thankyou ma’am (!), case solved. Bad guys go home (or to prison rather.) Yamaguchi sensei & students are proven to be the pride of each other again. I would elaborate on details but quite frankly, it’s a waste of everyone’s time- if you’ve seen even just a single episode of any of the series, I assure you, you’ve seen it all before.


Can I say though, I hated the final Yankumi VS Politician! showdown… okay, so a teacher from primary school told me “hate” is a strong word. And to this day, it sticks in my head. Fine. Maybe I didn’t “hate” it per se, but it certainly made me… nauseous ><; I’m not sure if it was because I’d already decided I was going to hate not like it before it even rolled around, but as I was watching it, all I kept thinking to myself was, here we go, Yamaguchi sensei is making herself the centre of attention yet again. I don’t doubt her heart & her courage, but I think to bring someone down in front of all his supporters, all his colleagues & the entire freaking media… I don’t know, Yamaguchi‘s style is just too brash & too in-your-face for me. I prefer senseis (& people in general for that matter) who do things under the radar. Ones who help their beloveds without having the whole freaking world know about it.


Now for the Johnny boy of the hour, Mr Turtle Boy himself, Kamenashi Kazuya– I don’t actually get all the flak he copped for this project. I don’t feel like his screen-time in the movie really warranted the “This is all just one big stage to help boost Kame‘s career” conspiracy, I mean, to me, it was still Ze Yankumi Show more than anything else. And yeah Kamenashi Kazuya in Gokusen: The Movie wasn’t anything breathtakingly special in terms of acting performance, but then again, given what they were working with, who really was? The movie to me was never going to help boost anyone‘s career anyways; in fact, anyone involved in the film should seriously be counting their own blessings if they managed to walk away from this not having tainted their career, period^^;;;;;;


I sometimes wonder also, would Gokusen have ever worked had the students not been male? Would a bunch of adolescent catty girls been able to put up & come to like a Yankumi? Would the series have been as great of a success had they not used Johnny boy + ikemen power? I know the latter was what hung me in there. I guess I don’t blame them (in fact, somehow I’m thanking them) since my favourite thing by far in the movie was definitely the cameos. I silently squealed when Yamaguchi sensei bumped into Hyuuga Kosuke on the streets & learned that he was now a mechanic (Koide Keisuke is looking reeeaally good these days I must say. He definitely can service my car any any day >>; ) And oh yeah, Takeda Keita (played by Koike Teppei) was somewhere next to him as well. Also, at the politician dude’s national public conference, we had a robot sighting! I mean, sorry, that was Tsuchiya Hikaru (from S2, played by Hayamo Mokomichi,) who has become an assistant cameraman & was at the scene to help televise the event. Then near the end, we had some S1 love, when Minami Yoichi (played by Ishigaki Yuma!) & Noda Takeshi (played by Narimiya Hiroki… who was cooler-than-cool here. Like, rock gawd cool xD) swung by a dazed & confused (what’s new) but equally thrilled Yamaguchi sensei.


But this moment was when I fully squealed… —>>>


It’s Shun baby!!!!!!! (^^Although, as you may sense, I ain’t approving of the cute finger to her cheek, almost lip, thing~~)


Well, okay, it was really his character Haruhiko Uchiyama, but the crazy peroxide dreads were gone (or at least concealed) & the voice had definitely deepened. Heck, even the walk had been streamlined to ultimate suave kakkoi extreme! *bats eyelids* *drops to knees* *faints*……

After the cameos wound up, I did experience a lingering void. A feeling of being unsatisfied. I realised I needed a shot of Sawada Shin (& maybe even an Eeemrcanaised Hayato-kun -_-;) Not to say that I think Matsumoto Jun is a better actor than Kamenashi Kazuya (I actually believe Kame is the better overall actor) but Jun as Shin was the main attraction in my short-lived liking for Gokusen– that horrid streak of blonde hair, the semi mono-brow thing going on, the “Is there something going on between him & the class teacher?” vibe… Sawada Shin was & still is the ultimate Gokusen man-boy in my eyes. And his main men were probably the coolest of them all, too.

And with that realisation, the following thought came into my head- what if the plot had been centralised around the star students from S1 & S2 (& S3 of course)?? What if Yamaguchi‘s prominence had been scaled down completely, the story now focused on these students post-grad & we saw with our own eyes how their nutty gangster sensei had changed them & their futures for good? Sensei could’ve gotten into her own trouble for being such a bubblehead! Perhaps the students could then flex their biceps, team their efforts to physically save her this time instead & show us all they had become real men (& not just storming into the building at the climatic moment &, voice breaking & all, screaming out “Yankumi!!!!!!” to delay the baddies crushing her limbs, thus allowing the woman to stand back up & kick some more solo ass whilst the students just stand around, watching, chilling, looking cool.)

I know, I know, manga says it like this… but… what if?


[ Credit to for the main “WANTED” poster graphic above. A few changes added by me to make it relevant to my post of course ;O Other pics capped by me, some of which I may have added my own annotations to *giant grin* ]

Shu! Shu! Shuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

27 08 2010

They’re here! They’re  here! The new Shiseido Uno Fog Bar CMs are here! I kid you not, you will be in tears :)))))


Shu-shu-shu, shu-shu-shu (translation: Watch them now, watch them here. lol x)) >>>

[ edit: Click HERE to the Shiseido website to view the 60s version of the Run CM for now. It’s the 4th clip along the first row. BELIEVE me, you need to! Waiting for file, but as soon as I can do it, I will amend the embed & update the 30s one to the full version. Thankyou for your understanding ^_^ ]

(^^Love to YeSeul over @youtube for upping these!)

^^^Seriously laughed to the point of crying from start to finish in all 3 of them (TOT;;;)


In the Run CM (60s ver.):
Miura Haruma almost not making the gondola… hayaku! Hayaku! You’re gonna be eaten aliiiiive!!!!! xDDDDDDD
※ The choir boys chasing down the Fog Bar boys (the key change in the singing is pure gold xD)
Eita finding time to spray his hair amidst all the chaos lololol
※ The boys’ reaction to the Minotaur… fuuureaking priceless^^;;;;;;
※ The Minotaur joining in on the Fog Bar action *sheds tear*


In the Barber CM:
Eita, Shun & Satoshi‘s admiring, “Why can’t it be me?” faces at how Miura gets to have his hair done by the pretty blonde (btw, Miura‘s “Shhuuu” there OMG, kill me now gaaaaahhh *slaps self in face*)
Eita‘s face at his Chopper-esque looking hairstylist (!) *bangs fist repeatedly on desk* ^^;
※ When the vanity mirrors drop down & the four boys lean in to check themselves out (sucks to be so cute, ne? xDD)


In the Women CM (Yes that is Miyazaki Aoi. She has joined in on the Shu! Shu! forces. Lucky, lucky gal -_-;):
※ The boys’ reaction at the Chopper-dude’s toothless twin *wipes sweat from forehead*


*takes deep breath* They looked like they had waaaaayy too much fun filming all this!!! xDD I didn’t think they could top themselves from their last batch but these CMs had me in stitches even more than what, say, Yamapi‘s Engrish speaking stint in the Kurosagi movie did (click here.) Pure advertising brilliance.

A few more pics hey for the love of it. ‘Tis the perfect way to round out our working week <3


Shu-shu-shu-shuu, I so want these four boys in a dorama now (I will settle for a movie if need be) :))))))