I liked dreamcatchers before they were K-drama certified cool.

1 04 2014

I finished watching The Heirs (2013, SBS) around a week ago and started a full-blown review on the series, but 2629 words in, I realised, all I actually wanted to talk about was Choi Young Do. So, give me a few more days (this, in my terms, could possibly mean about a year, lol) and I will be back in hardcore second male lead syndrome gushing galore.

In the meantime, I would like to share a few wallpapers I made up, plus five quick and general thoughts on the idolicious series. No, it wasn’t perfection, many wasted opportunities actually, but I got what I needed out of it— a new lover in Choi Young Do, and many gloriously sweet, smile-inducing moments ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Enjoy, lah, and feel free to let me know what you think. X


 photo wallpaper-heirs-01.jpg  photo wallpaper-heirs-02.jpg  photo wallpaper-heirs-03.jpg


[ SPOILERMETER: A few major moments discussed. Though some are prretty predictable, it may still probably best to go watch the series before making your return for the complete enjoyment effect. I say this to you because I am that type <3 ]

Thought Number One: Show Me Da Bromance.
 photo TH05.jpg
I wanted more bromance. Quite frankly, there can never be an overdose on this. I loved the bickering and banter between Kim Tan and Choi Young Do— if there is ever a way to do love/hate relationships, THIS right here is it. They were hilarious as fudge, for example in the scene in episode 12 when Tan boots Young Do into the swimming pool, then quite expressionlessly says, “Sorry, my foot slipped “— golden to the power of all the brothers in this Universe. It’s very reminiscent of a scene in the manga/anime Slam Dunk actually, where Rukawa “accidentally” punches Sakuragi in the face and says pretty much the exact same thing (and we all know those two boys secretly loved each other X))

Above all, what I loved most was that I felt like I became a better person watching Tan and Young Do work out their differences. The moment when Young Do sprints his lungs out to make sure Tan would see his biological mother before she fled from the city towards the end of the series was freaking farking perfection. It was forgiveness in its purest form without having to express it in words. Gah, their story was so much more moving than that between our main couple.

I also would’ve liked to have seen more of the relationship between Tan and his dear hyung, Kim Won. Heck, more of Kim Won in general would’ve been more than welcome. His story seemed the most relevant to the Korean title of the series— bearing the weight of the crown and all the sacrifices that come along with it. I’d defs hug him.

Thought Number Two: Whose 엄마s In The House?
The relationship between Tan and Eun Sang‘s mothers was actually rather unexpected for me, but I 100% shipped them through and through! It just goes to show that friendships can develop in the most unlikely scenarios, yet at the same time, their bond really did make sense. At the end of the day, both women were mothers who weren’t able to proudly voice to the world who they were. In a world where tall, good-looking, hot-blooded young men distract us left, right and centre, Han Ki Ae and Park Hee Nam‘s individual and collaborative stories truly called for a spot in everybody’s hearts.
 photo TH01.jpg

Thought Number Three: Thank gawd for Park Shin Hye.
Did anyone else struggle to understand and accept just why all the guys were so gripped and entranced by Cha Eun Sung, especially Kim Tan? Like, from start to finish? Was he simply sick of all the Cali beach babes? It can’t just be Eun Sang‘s beautifully silky, soft, shiny tresses that flowed oh-so-graciously in the Californian wind, right? I love Park Shin Hye (and kudos to her and her natural, relatable, girl-next-door wholesomeness for actually keeping the character out of the I-Loathe-You! basket), however, from where I was sitting, Eun Sang never really did anything to prove she was willing to sacrifice and fight for their love as much as Tan did. To me, it seemed like she had a major case of “Poor me! Poor me!” syndrome, and pretty much just kept running away whenever any adversity showed up— even if it was the tiniest of all hiccups. Maybe it’s a lack of cultural comprehension on my part, or I missed something somewhere, but when Kim Tan‘s father “forces” her to go to another country (Buenos Aires? YES PLEASE FOR ME!), I kept thinking to myself, Eun Sang dear, you do realise you don’t have to go. It’s not like he was making life-endangering threats to you or your loved ones, all he was really doing was verbally attacking your character. Be strong enough to show him you are THE woman who will make his son a better man— and that certainly does not equate to disintegrating into non-existence (and causing our Young Do to lose so much sleep over you T_T). Please, go out there and find your OWN dream.

 photo TH03.jpg

I also screamed viciously when she watched fellow welfare student Moon Joon Young get bullied and humiliated AND NOT do anything about it. At all. From memory she momentarily tried early on, but then Kim Tan aggressively pulled her away and dished out an illicit warning. And she pretty much just left it at that. And she didn’t even say goodbye to him when he left the school! *shakes head* Poor form. I know, I know, in real life it probably is best to keep yourself away from certain exposures… but you’re supposed to be a drama heroine— in my books, you gotta work for that title.

Thought Number Four: Who said K-Pop stars were terrible actors? 
Yoon Chan Young and Lee Bo Na. Loved them. Times a hundred million. That is all. ❥ ❥ ❥
 photo TH04.jpg

Thought Number Five: I may heart Lee Min Ho.
I officially don’t hate Lee Min Ho. Okay, fine, I’m going to say it— I was actually LOVING Lee Min Ho in this series. His eyebrows, his hair, his voice, his gaze. Everything. Even the fugly sweaters. I was liking him so much that I thought about cremating my status as Arashi‘s most illogical fangirl this side of the equator— it was so intense I practically felt like I was cheating on Matsumoto Jun. You see, my dislike for Min Ho shi came solely— and probably somewhat defensively— from the whole Boys Over Flowers situation. You can read all about it here. While I stand by the Korean version being far below the perfection that was Hana Yori Dango (and Meteor Garden ), I do think a lot of my residual refusal to give Lee Min Ho another chance was simply to validate my support for my toyboy Arashi‘s youngest (and IMO the most beautiful) member as the best portrayal of The Arrogant Leader With The Bad Perm character ever. But time does indeed heal, and well, the Californian sunshine does make everyone look better.

 photo TH02.jpg

I loved that as the male lead, Kim Tan wasn’t an arrogant prick to begin with who spoke to people with zero respect and made life hell for the girl (and every other human being) for no apparent reason. He was gentle, calmly spoken, and had a sense of loneliness and empathy that you more often associate with a second male lead. Yes, he was the totally cuddleable, non-prickly softie. I was really feeling him. Really, really wanting to feel feeling him. Though upon his return to Kimchi land, he did seem to become a little bit aggressive and possessive— weren’t like 99% of his pashing services physically forced upon Eun Sang? So wouldn’t work on me. I would be kneecapping him in the nether regions for sure… before running to Young Do (with some sort of aegyo action possibly :D) and asking him to further kick Kim Tan‘s ass for me.

Unfortunately as well, compared to Young Do at least, Tan really didn’t show enough transitional maturity. Who he was in the beginning, was more or less who he was in the end. Though I think he was actually sweeter in the first few episodes— as in, I would a thousand trillion per cent date American Tan, but would definitely have some reservations towards Korean Tan (sad to say that the leading male and female characters showed the least amount of growth in this series— in fact, all the subplots were more exciting than their love story… m(_ _)m). I still love him though. For all the sh*t his family put him through, and for all the emotional baggage he carries, he definitely had a clear pass to be the jackass of the century. But I’m glad he wasn’t. Overall a nice male lead but…

 photo TH14.gif

…Just not as nice as Choi Young Do :D

Aaaahh can’t wait to dedicate an entire post to the guy.

 Additional thought: Min Ho and Woo Bin wore slightly too much makeup in this series. I think it was to the point where I would actually move my face away if they lent in for a kiss… nah, I would still so totally go for it, lol.

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I wish A.N.JELL were a real band so I could totally fangirl spazz over them

21 02 2010

Well, I’ma totally spazzing it out as it is anyways.

I’ve been randomly chanting out various A.N.JELL anthems at work (♪♩♫ I will promise you du nune neoman damgo salagalgg ♫♪♫ ^^;;) (!!), which, considering 99.99999999% of my colleagues are white people, can make the situation a little awkward.

But meh. What the heck. I will confess I will be ordering my Hwang Tae Kyung chibi phone charm in as I complete processing this entry xDD

I also made some wallpapers using the images from their High Cut photoshoot in which I think they all look as sophisticated as they are cool. Uber cool.

You're Beautiful,A.N.JELL,Jang Geun Suk,Park Shin Hye,Lee Hong Ki,Jung Yong Hwa You're Beautiful,A.N.JELL,Jang Geun Suk,Park Shin Hye,Lee Hong Ki,Jung Yong Hwa You're Beautiful,A.N.JELL,Jang Geun Suk,Park Shin Hye,Lee Hong Ki,Jung Yong Hwa
(friendly reminder, pls do not hotlink & kindly credit if re-sharing, thankyou :])

So if you haven’t hopped on the A.N.JELL bandwagon yet in You’re Beautiful, then get on it! The series is everything a Hana Yori Dango cross Hana Kimi cross KPop obsesser would love. That I am & that I did.

Will spazz more about them in a few days.


P.S. I do have new Arashi, Mika Nakashima & Nodame Cantabile magazine images to share but my scanner carked it. Shopping around for a new one but did you know scanners aren’t cheap these days??