I rate this scene: Orange Days [episode 07]

2 09 2010

So you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a little, er, fogged up lately. And I probably didn’t give Tsumabuki Satoshi as much love in my posts as I did w/ the others *clears throat* but you need to believe me, I do think alot of him. It’s not just because he’s good-looking (although his eternally charming boyish good looks certainly works wonders *pokes fingers into dimples* xD)- I truly think v. highly of his acting. Which brings me to this– just how freaking drooltastic was he in Orange Days (!)

In the leadup to my favourite scene in the series, Sae (Shibasaki Kou) has pretty much just been played like a fool by a dude who she used to love & thought she still loved, but he was really just wanting to indignantly cash in on her talents as a hearing-impaired musician. She wanted someone to talk to & Kai (Tsumabauki Satoshi) is the first person she thinks of. She whips out her mobile phone & eMails him, “Respond to me Yuuki Kai.” And hey, whadduya know, he so promptly replies, “I have responded.” The rest of the text conversation goes like this-


Sae: I got dumped.
Kai: I see…
I was thinking, it must’ve been an illusion.
Kai: Yeah.
: After I lost my hearing, it was the first time  that anyone told me they liked me.
: Yeah. [jicks’ note: At his point, I was like, “Come on boy, do you wanna elaborate already before I smack you?”]
: I thought that I could fall in love again. I was feeling special beacuse there was someone who said they even liked someone like me. I thought that I could be that sparkling girl again.
Kai: Yeah.
Sae: That’s all you’ve been saying.
Kai: I don’t know what to say but I’m listening. [jicks’ note: At THIS point, I was like, “Sorry boy! I take my previous harsh comment back! P.S. I love you!”]
Sae: Are you really listening? Are you sure you’re not watching TV or eating cup ramen?
Kai: I’m not. I swear to God I’m not. I just turned the TV off. I just turned the TV off.
Kai (another msg): Are you cold there?
Sae: No, I’m fine [long pause] I want to see you. Can I see you?


Then… the battery in Sae‘s phone dies (it’s a dorama world after all -_-) But it’s all as sweet as pie because one of the most fangirl-melting moments in dorama history is about to adorn us (this is HOW couples should get together <3)


Sae finds her way back to their college & flips through the scribble notebook from their Orange club. Before long, the security guard kicks her out, she steps outside & somewhat shocked, she sees Kai in the distance, sprinting his heart out towards her.


Sae: What’s wrong?
Kai: What do you mean what’s wrong? You’re the one who said you wanted to see me.
Sae: How did you know I was here?
Kai: I had a feeling… although I did run around to other places, like the bookstore.
Sae (brief pause): I felt so sad. I knew it was a one-sided love but it was my only love. I treasured it inside of me. For a long time I had always treasured it. Like this. I had held it close, in my right hand… But you  know.. when I opened my palm there was nothing. Emptiness. There was nothing. It’s stupid, isn’t it?
Kai (brief, hesitant pause): Hey… try opening your left hand… Am I there? [jicks’ note: #O_o# *speechless*]
Sae (edges towards him): Hey… don’t you get embarrassed saying cheesy things like that?
Kai (soulful gaze + most endearing laugh/chuckle/smirk ever xDDDDDDD): You bet it’s embarrassing!


And then we have one big giant embrace (may I add that he looks like a really good snuggler?) I think the fact that their words were all expressed in sign made it that much more touching, that much more pristine, that much more romantic. It was dead silent but they were really listening to each other.

Seriously, if this series – this scenedoesn’t make you fall for Tsumabuki Satoshi, then I don’t know what will.

Enjoy :)))))))

(Btw, Eita & Juri-chan in Orange Days together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, they weren’t really together but I just had to mention them ;O)

Fukuyama Masaharu, you are my new old man crush

15 05 2010

(Sadly?) It’s true.

I marathoned Galileo last Sunday (the day of rest, but for me, it’s like the only day I can take full advantage of getting some dorama lovin’ action x_x.) I had to get it under my belt ASAP as TVB‘s adaption is going to air in Hong Kong on the 23rd May.

And this what I developed, I did not expect- an old man crush on Fukuyama Masaharu.

Fukuyama Masaharu the physics scientist.

Fukuyama Masaharu the professor.

Fukuyama Masaharu the squash player.

Fukuyama Masaharu the artist.

Fukuyama Masaharu the archer.

Fukuyama Masaharu the boxer.

Fukuyama Masaharu the rock climber.

Fukuyama Masaharu the chef.

Fukuyama Masaharu the cheesy detective …(=_=)

As Usher would say, OMG. OMG yes, it’s a crush. A big BIG old man crush.

But I feel terrible for using the term “old” because for one, he looks amazing for his age & two, he’s not even that old.

But ’tis the only term I can use to describe my feelings for him. It’s not like I’m pining after him the same way I do w/ a certain Shunny, a certain Junny & a certain few other Johnnys but… the man is just so… suave *SWOONS* Like, if he asked me for a dance, I would totally giggle like a stupid little school girl w/ fond, idolising, star-lit eyes (*´ー`*) before crumbling into a million pieces in utter giddiness (not dissimilar to Shibasaki Kou‘s character in the series really.)

Ahem. Anyways, shall we talk a little bit about the series?


^Firstly, I liked the mugs (^U^) I was actually waiting for some colour psychology spiel when Yukawa watched Utsumi pick up the poo brown mug after much deliberation on her side… however, it didn’t happen (poo!) Oh well. For the record, I would choose the… yellow xD

Now, if I judged it solely by the pilot episode, I would rate Galileo to da max. Great crime-disguised-as-supernatural-phenomenon fiction situation, quirky characters w/ charm, chemistry between the star couple, subtle comedy & like most Jdoramas, it used soundtrack very effectively. And, er, yeah, apparently I am showing a liking towards the main physicist dude as well ^^;;

Buuuuuut (you knew there was a “but”)! The first case was incidentally, IMO, the best case, the one that tickled the thinking caps the most. The rest of the series wasn’t much of a surprise. On the whole, it simply ended up feeling a little all too episodic. Ten episodes, & nine of them followed the same format, at pretty much the same pace:




Now that I think about it, Voice fell into the same pattern as well. Both conclusively aren’t marathon material. But heya, lucky Voice had Eita. And lucky Galileo had Fukuyama-kun xDD Good acting does go a long way.

I think Fukuyama Masaharu was the perfect choice to play the tensai physicist / henjin (i.e. weirdo) Yukawa Manabu. The believability as a professor, the corny evil plan laugh, the hand pose at the end of his possessed equation inking on random surfaces move (& not to mention, it was kinda pointless, I mean, did the equations actually correspond directly to the answers to the cases?? Likely, a big fat NO… but still, I bet I wasn’t the only one mimicking his golden hand pose ^^;;)… the man made cheesy look goooood.


And everytime I watch Shibasaki Kou, I want to be her (yes, even when she was a physco-biiiaatch in Battle Royale ><“””) Sure, in Galileo she was a little (or alot) like an undercover blonde (come on girl, I love you, but are you really a policewoman?? If so, solve those darn cases yourself!) & many may argue she was v. v. whiny but the girl is just so pretty & so lovable. Not to say that she is a bad actress, because she isn’t (although she has shown much greater displays of her talent in other roles,) but I think Shibasaki Kou is a classic example of how sometimes having natural charm (& lots of it she does have^^) can really boost &/or save your ass.

In terms of the cases: great concepts, pretty good execution, but probably all a little too straightforward for what I want in a crime drama. I certainly could’ve done w/ a twist or two. Or someone (or something) to really challenge Yukawa‘s genius. I didn’t expect (nor wanted, for that matter) anyone to outwit him, but please, we could’ve made him sweat a teeny bit at least. And I really would have like to see Utsumi‘s existence in the police force warranted a tad more ><” Apart from the fact that she never pro-actively assisted in solving a case, having her smack bang in the middle of the pickle that almost spelled half of Tokyo’s doom didn’t help her credibility as a policewoman either (& wah, your favourite colour is pinku?? Hontou? ) Utsumi Kaoru, you are lucky your sensei was there to rescue you.


Another thing- there wasn’t sufficient individual character development for my liking. I mean, WHO are these people & HOW did they get to where they are now? In all the FujiTV doramas I’ve seen, I’ve usually connected alot more w/ the characters on a one-on-one basis. But thankfully for all, the chemistry btwn the star couple here was delightful enough to keep things rolling (plus the all-star guest cast worked wonders, too.) I really indulged in seeing the understated way the relationship btwn Yukawa sensei & Utsumi developed. It felt somewhat realistic, somewhat endearing & somewhat left me wanting to see a bit more. But at the same time, I’m glad they didn’t let any of the lovey-dovey stuff take over & murk up the story.

My favourite moment btwn them is this gorgeously filmed scene in the final episode where Utsumi goes to tell Yukawa that she no longer wants to trouble him anymore. I was completely able to forgive everything involving the repetitive formulaic episode action for the previous nine episodes all because of the ravishing visual spectacle of this scene. On top of that, the delicate emotion shown by the characters here was just perfect. Put simply, this one scene more than made the entire series absolutely worthwhile for me (click on image for larger view)>>>


^^Breathtaking, indisputably. In a way, the lighting & the ambience kinda remind me of the scene in Wong Kar Wai‘s Ashes Of Time w/ the spinning cane basket situation. Both times, I could not freaking even semi-blink (O_o) Silhouette. Love. Architecture. Love. Warm fuzzy sun-dew glow. Love. Dialogue. Love. Yukawa sensei. Love. Fukuyama Masaharu… LUUURVE xDD

So would I watch the series again? Probably not, but I did enjoy it. The series isn’t going to blow your mind away but it will switch on your detective senses, warm your heart in some moments & most definitely, it will give you a good chuckle.

In the words of Yukawa sensei, it truly is omosiroii.