Quote It: Noda Naoko

6 05 2010


“You may say that it’s nothing serious but your heart naturally experiences it.”

Noda Naoko (Anego, ep03)

Quick word: My apologises for laziness in updating! I’ve been distracted by-

[1] The NBA playoffs
[2] Survivor & the final season of LOST
[3] Dramas, dramas, dramas
[4] Hotel City on Facebook *palms face in shame*
[5] People- apparently I still have a social life lol

And it just clicked w/ me that my last post was a good fortnight ago so… since a certain series to do w/ moons & lovers is airing in a few days (breathe girls, now breathe (‘o’).。。。。OOO) I’d thought I’d dig up a quote from Anego (I would’ve selected a Kimura Takuya line but I actually think Shinohara Ryoko is the hotter thing going by the CM previews thus far ^^;;)

BTW, Jin in the above pic = xDDDDDD

Is this the prettiest cast ever?

10 04 2010

Please vote YES, NO or MAYBE lol I think I’m going crazy w/ all this drama goodness xD

Well, I didn’t think it would be fair to keep raving on & on about Eita & Ueno Juri‘s upcoming Twitter dorama *swoons yet again* & not drop a mention about a certain Dorama King’s forthcoming piece of work *cough*Kimura Takuya*cough*

Tsuki no Koibito (i.e. Moon Lovers) will be airing on May 10. Oh yes. My eyes are liking what they are seeing already. And hooray for shorter hairdos! Kimura looks way younger, way more polished & my, thank goodness Shota-kun has shed his Liar Game II mane off. I’m gonna say, so far, Tsuki ni Koibito scores 1 point for hot hair; Sunao ni Karenakute, zilch (but I still love them all xDD) Anyways, here’s the latest Tsuki ni Koibito CM:

It’s gonna be a great Spring season (well, Autumn for me -_-; Move me to the Northern Hemisphere already.)

Aah, one last thing! Abe Tsuyoshi is in the series, too, which means we have ourselves a mini F2 reunion! d(^_^)b