I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

4 04 2013

My love has returned for you, So Ji Sub shi.

^And it’s not just because you make frolicking around in the desert look so damn good.

It’s because, you are, after all these years, (*cue Shania Twain voice*) still the one (don’t worry Eita san, you’re still the one too *major eyebrow twitch*).

For those who don’t know, let me give you a bit of our relationship history.

Ji Sub and I first crossed paths with each other in Bali. That is, in What Happened In Bali. Was he a good guy, or was he a bad guy? I never quite decided at that point. While I shipped Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won all the way in that series, I definitely felt a little something for Ji Sub. Something good. Something intriguing. Something that left me wanting to know more.

Then on one gloriously sunny day, I was browsing through my local DVD store, looking for the next Korean drama to delude myself with, and my eye quickly became drawn to this:

 photo misadvd.jpg

I was like, I’m Sorry, I Love You ? That’s a pretty sweet title. Filmed in Melbourne? Hey, that’s my hometown, bay-bay! And this dude, why does he look a tad familiar? Oh! It’s Kang In Wook (Ji Sub‘s character in WHIB )! WOW he looks goooood in that bandana and hobo cardigan… and with that man-hair around his face~~ Okay, fine, sold.

I went home, read the blurb for the plot carefully again and began to second-guess my decision. So, okay, someone’s going to die again in the most melodramatic of fashion. Why do all good-hearted and good-looking citizens of South Korea always go down that path? Goshdarnit, I’ve freaking paid for this. Can not let this 17 dollars go to waste. I’ll just watch it.

Four days and a city’s dam’s worth of tears later, I was like, I am SO NOT sorry. So. Ji. Sub. *sniffles* I. Freaking. Love. You.

I can’t explain logically why I love the series so much but I guess that’s how I also know it’s true love. It has been my favourite series ever since and I have no doubt it will remain so until the end of time. Irrespective of how many times Ethan Ruan strips his shirt off in any of his series, irrespective of what The Hong Sisters attempt to round up, even irrespective of how many ridiculously perfect performances Eita or Kimura Takuya pitch in (although these two have certainly brought along series that have come very, very,VERYCLOSE). Forever and a day, I will choose to scream “saranghae!” at the top of my lungs a thousand times in a dingy subway and make and eat ramen with So Ji Sub.

 photo misa_srh_ramen.jpg

To show him just how much he meant to me following that series, I went on to watch some of his older stuff (Law Firm, Glass Shoes, We Are Dating Now ). I realised he was definitely the man. I sent him off into the army, patiently waiting for his return. I knew he knew I loved him. I knew he would return a better man. I knew this would be good for both of us. I knew I could stay faithful.

Or so I thought.

After being discharged from the military, Ji Sub seemed to gravitate uncontrollably towards the big black melodramatic hole. And he only delved deeper. His mini-drama U-Turn with Lee Yeon Hee was kinda okay, but Cain And Abel ? Oh my, does life really have to be that bleak? And Road Number One ? Far too heavy. Colossal fail. It just wasn’t what I was looking for.

 photo sjssonyalpha.jpg

His Sony Alpha CFs were amazing but I couldn’t just live on those. In an attempt to maintain the love, I picked up a few of his films (Rough Cut, Sophie’s Revenge ), I even briefly watched him as some zombie-like thing in Kitaro and the Millennium Curse. But I just didn’t get it. Apart from those rippling abs, and those long, beautiful, elegant fingers, this wasn’t the same Ji Sub I fell in love with.

I was beginning to drift away. He tried to lure me back with the wannabe tearjerker of a film Always. There were moments where I thought I could return to that place again but in the end, it just fell short. I don’t know. Intentionally aiming to make me cry just doesn’t cut it anymore. We’ve been through this before. Where I am now, I need more than that.

Feeling the emotional void, I virtually skid off the whole Korean drama radar altogether. I hid. Actually I began to explore things with a younger boy *coughs*Mario Maurer*coughs* That was light and fun (and still is >_>;;;) but something about a crime drama caught my attention once more. The Ghost. Wow, it’s finished airing already? It has received some good praise. Ji Sub has seemingly pulled himself out of all that helplessly miserable melodrama. I must give him another chance. I must watch this series.

 photo sjsghost.jpg

And I’m so glad I did. I mean, Ji Sub in a suit for, like, almost 20 episodes of the series? Glad. Glad. Glad. So glad in fact, I am actually pondering a review (though don’t put your hopes up too much, lol).

Until then, enjoy a few wallies of the man:


So Ji Sub wallpaper photo wallpaper-sjs-01.jpg So Ji Sub wallpaper photo wallpaper-sjs-02.jpg  photo wallpaper-sjs-03.jpg



He says, she says, Meri Kurisumasu!

25 12 2010

Inspired by the festivities over at E.G.s blog, I caught an out-of-nowhere urge to stalk pictures of guys in Santa suits. Sounds kinda creepy, I know, but hey, t’is the festive season after all! *leaps down 20ft chimney*



(^^photo credit: Writing for pleasure)

Bi says,
Ho! Ho! Ho! Yo! Yo! Yo! Merry Christmas to all mah fans, all mah badass fans all over da world. I promise y’all I will grow in the New Year.”

jicks says,
“Executing Plan Bi! Executing Plan Bi! Don’t run(a)way (lame-o, lol)! Oh baby, you know that I love you regardless of how tall you are! We’ve been through this already, remember? Regardless of any lacklustre sh*t you may churn out, you know- you know that I will love you until the end of time. And you know what, you were actually one of the more commendable things about Fugitive! I bet that makes you feel better :) By the way, Merry Christmas! xD”



(^^photo credit: f927 over @soompi)

Ji Hoon says,
“Merry Christmas. I will be back. I will be back as a changed man. So, please, wait for me.”

jicks says,
“A changed man? By any chance does that mean a better man (please)? Hmm. Whatevs, I still like you (alot. A fudge lot.) My dearest Prince Shin. My lost soul Oh Seung Ha. My cake-a-licious Kim Jin Hyuk. My hotness of a sister-in-law-snatcher Du Rae. My… er, darn, I’ve run out of things of yours to watch (!) Seriously, could you not have left me with a teeny tiny bit more? Guess I have no choice but to wait. Wait for you right here.” *inhales shot of Special K* (I’m talking about the cereal, guys! The cereal! Not that bad stuff, okies?) “Oh by the way, Ji Hoon, Merry Christmas <3”



(^^photo credit: Totally So Ji Sub)

Ji Sub says,
“Merry Christmas. Hey. Can someone explain to me why my dramas aren’t rating anymore?”

jicks says,
*GIANT SIGH* *headbang into nearest brick wall* “Ji Suuuuuuub!!!!!! Why, WHY do you keep falling into these colossally melodramatic stories?????? I’m sorry but I loathed Cain & Abel, & now, Road Number One… they were just too much to take in (I could not breathe!) Maybe it’s not fair that I am going by your pre-military resume, maybe I am expecting too much but your post-military work has certainly been… sucky. But I still love you. Forever have, forever will. So please, I beg of you, choose your next project carefully. Perhaps ease off on the super heavy drama stuff  for a while (just an idea.) And by the way, Merry Christmas (*´ー`*).”



(^^photo credit: dozzzier’s tumblr)

Jun says,
“Hello, my name is, MatsuJun. Meri kursumasi. Please, lemme learn to drive. And my fellow bandmates, too. Because my band is onto achieving HUGE things. ”

jicks says,
“Jun-kun, my darling lil narcissist (you know you are!)- gomen, gomen, gomenasai… I still haven’t watched your latest dorama yet (you know, the one where you play Takeuchi Yuko’s toyboy… surely I could handle being in her situation!) but I will definitely get onto it real soon (like, next year. lol) I’m also sorry for not mentioning you & your bandmates more on my blog but you have to believe me, you guys still fureaking get me smiling gaily from the bottom of my heart everytime I see your faces &/or hear your voices. So, Merry Christmas, & Arashi for Dream ^U^!”



(^^photo credit: yamapi_00’s livejournal)

Jin says,
“(Man)Ho! (Man)Ho! (Man)Ho! Meree kurisumasee to all my Eemricaan fans! Together with you guys & gals, by the year 3010, I’m going to turn this world into Yellow Gold.”

jicks says,
“It’s Christmas Morning Jin!!!!!! Sh*t Snow is falling!!!!!! Well, not where I am but is it where you are? Honestly, while I do miss seeing you on the Japanese scene & wished that you would dibble more in dorama world, I do sincerely hope you will achieve some (if not great) success as a solo artist, because musically, I do think you have something special going on. Just, er, maybe, work on the Engrish a smidgen, okay^^;? Now, Meri Kurisumasu to you! :DD”


^^And that’s all the red-suit-action I managed to come across >_>… Apparently, all my other “favourites” seem to wear normal clothes at this time of the year. How, I dunno, unfestive (?? -_-;)

Anyways, eat lots & be merry everybody!

☆☆☆ Meri Kurisumasu!! ☆☆☆

<3 jicks ^_^


[ P.S. If you do happen to find the likes of Eita, Oguri Shun, Kimura “I still believe in The Dorama King” Takuya, Miura Haruma, Kang Dong Won, Kim Jae Wook, Joe Cheng or Vic Zhou in Christmas-y attire, please share so I can, ah, drag them down with the other guys in this post ( ̄□ ̄;) (!!)]

I rate this scene: You’re Beautiful [episode 7]

23 05 2010

Since v mentioned this scene in the comments for my last post, I couldn’t stop reminiscing about it so here it is >>>


^^Hwang Tae Kyung being chased down by a wild boar xDD I LOLed to tears when I first saw it & it’s still as funny as ever. Tae Kyung‘s sudden flip from pure serene grace to frantic ahjumma-esque squealing mode along w/ his superhero galloping action had me in absolute hysterics (TUT);;;;;;

If you haven’t already, you need to watch it xDDDDDD >>>

For those of you who don’t know, the scene is a parody of my beloved So Ji Sub‘s COWON S9 CF, which I think you should check out & listen to his beautifully soothing voice right here (*´ー`*) >>>

Random FYI, I can’t wait for Ji Sub‘s upcoming series, Road Number One (June 23, baby; June 23.)

And another random FYI, just in case you’re curious, the background song for the CF is (of British X-Factor fame) Shayne Ward‘s Breathless.


Pig VS Hwang Tae Kyung = PURE WIN xD

I rate this scene: misa [episode 10]

27 12 2009

Hello. I’ve decided to create an opportunity for myself to drool in front of everyone over the scenes from drama series & movies (probably more of the first xD) that I am illustriously fangirl head-over-heels for.

First up, I would like to share what I refer to as “the crossing scene,” from midway through ep10 of I’m Sorry I Love You.


My favourite scene ever from my favourite series ever. It’s simply too perfect for words. Watch it here: