I see Buzzer Beat; I see Long Vacation

6 12 2009

Before you read any further, please keep these 2 points in mind:

1. I did enjoy Buzzer Beat.

2. Long Vacation is my favourite J-dorama of all-time (& is pretty much responsible for making Kimura Takuya my favourite actor of all-time, alongside the fan-freaking-tastic awesomeness that is Tony Leung.)

Okay. So I mentioned in my last post that Buzzer Beat totally reminded me of Long Vacation. Don’t believe me? Let’s bring out the evidence!

Exhibit A

The frequent looking out of the window from a high-rise apartment situation. And the drapey white curtains. And the bricky wall. Now you’re probably thinking, hmm, that’s nothing really that noteworthy, but relax (or not.) We are only just warming up xD

Exhibit B

The apartment layout is looking far too similar, is it not ?? ^^;;;;;;

Exhibit C

Main protagonists (finally) chasing their musical dream & duh, succeeding! (For the record, I prefer piano but Keiko-chan was pretty much perfect as a violinist.)

Exhibit D

Sensitive main guy’s sweet first love falls for rugged, “Don’t give an eff because I’m so cool” attitude moustache man. BTW, Takenouchi Yutaka <333333 (To be fair though, I do not blame Aibu Saki‘s character completely. You have to admit that Naoki didn’t show a great deal of passion towards his long-time girlfriend at all. Remember that scene when Natsuki asks Naoki to give her a kiss before sending her off home? Seriously, come on Pi!)

Exhibit E

Bonding on the basketball court. Sena & Minami would meet alot at the court near their apartment. 13 years later, Naoki & Riko come along & do the same.

Exhibit F

Professional, more mature man proposes to main girl. Sugisaki-san the photographer couldn’t win the heart of Minami likewise Kawasaki-san the coach couldn’t win the heart of Riko. Sena & Naoki beat you down!

Exhibit GPhotobucket

The billboard effect- Don’t Worry Be Happy VS Love Makes Me Strong. Inspirational, right? Hang on, let’s zoom in a little >>>

Undeniable ! At this point, I actually dramawikied LV & BB & realised the director is the same for both series. Now we know but still, one last piece to share…

Exhibit H

^^As if you still can’t see it.

My conclusion? Buzzer Beat is the new millenium version of Long Vacation. Or should I say, it tried to be.

You take your pick, but for me, it’s most definitely Long Vacation all the freaking way <3

Buzzer Beat VS Orthros no Inu

5 12 2009

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Good morning!

I’ve been wanting to log this post for a while now so finally, here comes my take on these 2 Summer dramas just past.

My favourite of the 2? Orthros no Inu.

I love don’t mind  山P dramas (I somehow always end up watching them.) I also love basketball. Which I suppose is one reason why Buzzer Beat didn’t quite stack up for me. As great as all the sublime locker room eye candy was, I don’t feel like Pi really convinced me as an A-class baller. That said, if we are talking about basketball-themed dramas, the actual showcasing of the sport was alot more realistic & more well done than that in (epic fail) Hot Shot.

I also felt like the finale episode was a too rushed. Yeah it was great that Naoki hit the last shot but seriously, that final play was over before it even started (!) It would have been much more dramatic had they focused on the buzzer beater even for just a moment longer (play it in slow-mo or something.) As it stands, Naoki‘s game-winner barely leaves an impression on me at all, which I think defeats the whole purpose of naming the series what it is ( ><“)

But *SIGH* At least Naoki & Riko got together (by the way, prettiest couple ever xDD) <3

One last thing about Buzzer Beat that kinda made me less impressed w/ it than what I could’ve been- it reminded me of Long Vacation far too much, only unfortunately w/o the same class (more on that comparison in my next post xD) Hey, it sounds like I’m hating on BB lol Let me clarify, I actually did enjoy Buzzer Beat for what it was, fanservice more than anything (did I mention the locker room already?? xD) It was a v. watchable fluffy romantic drama. You won’t feel like you gained a whole lot but it is definitely worth your time ^^

Okay, let’s have an interim. Here are some Buzzer Beat wallpapers I made, pls enjoy ^___^

buzzer beat,buzzer beat wallpaper,yamashita tomohisa,yamapi,山���,kamiya naoki buzzer beat,buzzer beat wallpaper,yamashita tomohisa,山���,kamiya naoki,yamapi

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Now for my Orthos love!

I know the series didn’t really deliver what it probably set out to achieve but I appreciated the attempt. When it comes down to it, I have a thing for deeply troubled souls who on the surface appear to be cold & heartless but deep down they are the most loving, most loyal, most beautiful-minded & beautiful-spirited human beings ever. I also love boys who have helplessly soulful eyes but also have a smile as innocent as a child. And it helps that they are just so freaking good-looking (^^;;)

So w/ all that said, Ryuzaki Shinji & Aoi Ryosuke FTW!

Admittedly, the acting in the beginning was a little rocky, esp on Takki‘s part but it is far from long before he completely grows on you. You could feel that his character had so much love but because of his circumstances he could only isolate himself into painful loneliness. OMG. I wanted to save him (& his cheekbones)!!

One of my favourite parts in the series was when Ryuzaki offered to heal Hasebe-san’s little girl but she said she would much rather her friend to be healed. Then basically all the kids say they prefer someone else to be healed before themselves. So simple but touching <3 I think this scene shows us that as adults, we shouldn’t forget the purity of childhood. It is easy to overlook what is most important & neglect our loved ones in this murky, calculated & often corrupt world (didn’t mean to get all preachy ( ̄□ ̄;))

I also loved loved LOVED the brother relationship btwn Ryuzaki & Aoi-san. I know the ending may have let some people down but for me, it couldn’t really have finished any other way. It also helps that I love Mizukawa Asami as well… although I must say as much as I do love her, I don’t think she was all that as a police-woman in terms of what I’d imagine the physical expectations of the job would require. Nevertheless, she’s still great xD

Overall, I love my rom-coms but a good, dark drama will always capture my heart. Orthros no Inu > Buzzer Beat for sure.

orthros no inu,orthros no inu wallpaper,takizawa hideaki,nishikido ryo,johnny's entertainment,jdorama orthros no inu,orthros no inu wallpaper,takizawa hideaki,nishikido ryo,johnny's entertainment,jdorama

I guess two Johnny’s boys are always better than one xDD